Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 162

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Chapter 162: 162

Chapter 162 Restriction City Activity

Li Xuan organized another event for the Xuanwen Club . Zhou Wen originally thought that not many people would turn up . If Gu Dian didn’t come, there would at most be four people, but when he arrived, he realized that there were more people than he imagined .

Fang Ruoxi and Tian Xiangdong were there as well . Gu Dian had also come . Apart from the original five people from the Xuanwen Club, there were also Feng Qiuyan, Wang Lu, Li Weiyang, and Hui Haifeng .

Li Xuan chuckled and said, “The club’s event is a joint activity between our Xuanwen Club, Weiyang Club, and the Ocean Club . Furthermore, our Xuanwen Club has added two more formal members . They are Feng Qiuyan and Wang Lu . ”

Zhou Wen was slightly taken aback . He had been gaming permanently for the past few days and had not paid any attention to the situation regarding the Xuanwen Club . Only then did he realize that Feng Qiuyan and Wang Lu had been roped into the Xuanwen Club by Li Xuan .

Li Xuan had set his sights on Restriction City . The group headed for the city with great fanfare .

The Weiyang Club consisted of only girls while the Ocean Club was mainly boys . Furthermore, they were all infamous problematic students in school . With Li Xuan and Zhou Wen’s Xuanwen Club having some odd ones out, this group quickly attracted the attention of the school .

The first person to receive the news was Wei Ge . As the president of Sunset College’s student council, he acutely believed that this matter was somewhat unusual . Perhaps it represented future trends of the students of Sunset College .

Hui Haifeng and his gang are actually so close to Zhou Wen and Li Xuan . Wang Lu and Feng Qiuyan from the special class all have large families backing them, so they haven’t joined any clubs . Now, they have joined the Xuanwen Club and that strange Gu Dian has joined them too . Will the Xuanwen Club become the second Ocean Club in the future? No, I have to see what those people are up to . Wei Ge quickly gathered student councilors and joined the Xuanwen Club’s activities in the name of maintaining order and keeping the students safe . Together, they entered Restriction City with Li Xuan and company .

Due to the addition of the student council, the group once again grew bigger—there were already more than 50 people . After the group entered Restriction City, they directly stormed the area . The ordinary bronze beasts and bronze birds couldn’t withstand the slaughtering of so many students .

Surprisingly, Feng Qiuyan, who loved to use his saber, didn’t take action this time . He was gaming on his phone just like Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen saw that the game Feng Qiuyan was playing was a mini-game called “Last 20 Seconds If You Are A Man . ” The game was very simple, but it wasn’t easy to maintain 20 seconds in the game without dying .

When Zhou Wen saw Feng Qiuyan gaming, the latter had already lasted more than a minute . However, he still failed to escape the fate of death .

As there were so many students, and many of them were extremely powerful seniors, the originally dangerous Restriction City seemed to become a tourist attraction . Even the Bronze Luck Beasts were quickly cleared .

Wang Lu had even used Zhou Wen’s strategy to kill one . Indeed, she had easily improved her results to less than a minute .

“Zhou Wen, I think highly of you . If you join the student council now, there’s a high chance of becoming the president of the student council . Think about it,” Wei Ge said to Zhou Wen when they were alone .

“I’m fine as is . Besides, I only like gaming . I can’t be president,” Zhou Wen said .

“No one was born to be one . Just take your time to learn . You don’t have to be in a hurry to answer me . Think about it first,” Wei Ge said with a smile .

Seeing Hui Haifeng walk over, Wei Ge didn’t wish to meet him . He bade Zhou Wen farewell and left .

“Did Wei Ge tell you that he thinks highly of you and wants you to join the student council to work with him? And when he leaves in the future, you will be the president of the student council?” Hui Haifeng walked to Zhou Wen’s side and said with a smile .

Zhou Wen was slightly taken aback . Although his words were somewhat different, they had the same meaning .

Hui Haifeng smiled and said, “There’s no need to be surprised . That punk is like that . He has said those words to almost every single member of the Ocean Club . ”

“I see . ” Zhou Wen was enlightened as he finally understood why Hui Haifeng had guessed Wei Ge’s words so accurately .

“I’ve read your Bronze Luck Beast strategy . It’s truly impressive . It has nothing to do with your combat strength . It’s the kind of planning ability that can calculate such shortcuts in chaotic environments that can avoid the sacrifice of many soldiers when exploring new dimensional zones,” Hui Haifeng said .

“You plan on joining the army in the future?” Zhou Wen asked Hui Haifeng .

Hui Haifeng nodded . “If there’s a chance, I’ll join the army . If there’s no chance, I’ll work on something related . If a man can’t do something jaw-dropping his entire life, I feel like life would have been lived in vain . ”

“I wish you success . ” Although Zhou Wen didn’t share the same views, it didn’t stop him from appreciating such a person . At the very least, he had a good impression of Hui Haifeng .

Everyone kept storming into Restriction City as all sorts of bronze beasts were killed . Unfortunately, the drop rates of the bronze beasts were too low . It would only produce a single dimensional crystal occasionally . Furthermore, their attributes were generally not high .

As he walked forward, Zhou Wen suddenly felt the mysterious phone in his pocket vibrate . It left him somewhat taken aback .

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He had already found the tiny palm print of Restriction City and had downloaded it into his phone . Why was the mysterious phone still vibrating?

Seeing that no one was paying attention to him, Zhou Wen deliberately stayed at the back . He took out the mysterious phone, wanting to know why it was vibrating .

As soon as he took out the phone, the camera was automatically activated .

Zhou Wen raised his phone and looked around the city . When a scene appeared on his screen, the camera app automatically locked onto it . A green frame appeared that enclosed something on the screen .

It was an old and worn wall . At a glance, it seemed as though there was nothing different about it . There was nothing different about it from the brick walls beside it .

However, when Zhou Wen walked to the side of the brick wall and touched it with his hand, he realized that the brick wall wasn’t made of ordinary brick, but some kind of metal .

The mysterious phone’s camera function was only locked onto the metal wall, but it didn’t automatically take pictures or lock onto any patterns . Zhou Wen was momentarily unsure of what was so special about the metal wall .

It was a part of a particular building, but the structure was somewhat odd . It was squarish, like a miniature ancient city .

The four walls of the city were only about ten meters tall . Zhou Wen circled the building but didn’t find any doors or windows .

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Using his ability to fly thanks to the Godfiend Life Providence, he flew to the top of the building and discovered that the roof was sealed as well . The entire building didn’t seem to have an entrance .

Can it be that the item that causes the mysterious phone to vibrate is inside the building and not the metal wall itself? Zhou Wen wondered .

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