Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 163

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Chapter 163: 163

Chapter 163 Death City

“What did you discover?” Wang Lu jumped up and sized up the building beneath her .

“This building is a little odd . There aren’t any entrances or windows around it . Furthermore, it doesn’t seem to use ordinary bricks . It seems to be made from a special type of bronze,” Zhou Wen said .

“It’s indeed a little odd . ” Wang Lu crouched down to touch it and nodded . “Its metal . It’s indeed a little strange . ”

Their actions attracted Li Xuan and the company . Wang Lu explained the situation and everyone agreed that the building was strange .

“All of you, move aside . Let me try and see if I can smash it open . ” A stout boy from the Ocean Club struck down at the metal wall with a huge hammer .

The boy was at the Legendary stage, and he was a Strength-type . He had also used his metal hammer that had Primordial Gold mixed in, combined with his Primordial Energy Skill, to strike the wall . Even if the wall was made of metal bricks, he should have been able to smash open a crack .

However, not only did he fail to blast through the metal wall, he even fell to the ground from the recoil . The hammer in his hand flew out of his hand, and his hands were dripping with blood . The area between his thumb and index finger had torn .

“It’s so hard!” Everyone was shocked . The boy was famous for his Strength in school, but due to his poor Speed, he was unable to enter the top ten .

In terms of strength alone, he would probably be ranked in the top three . For the Full-Strength strike from such a person to fail to scratch the surface of the metal wall made it clear that it was truly extraordinary .

This only intrigued everyone further . They tried a variety of methods, but unfortunately, they failed to succeed in seeing what was inside .

Even Zhou Wen used Truth Listener’s powers . He wanted to hear what was inside, but the interior of the building seemed to be a chunk of solid mass . There wasn’t any movement at all . Zhou Wen couldn’t hear a thing from the dead silence .

“That’s Death City . ” A voice suddenly sounded .

Zhou Wen looked in the direction of the voice and saw that the person speaking was a long-haired boy . His looks were ordinary, but he looked refined . He had a scholarly air to him .

Zhou Wen hadn’t noticed him in the beginning perhaps because of his reticent temperament that didn’t attract much attention among the students .

“Jiang Yan, this strange building is called Death City? Do you know its origins?” Wei Ge asked him .

Jiang Yan was a member of the student council, but he didn’t look like one of the key members . He was probably just an ordinary member, so no one had noticed him before .

“In the Zhou dynasty, while humans were still confined to the borders of undeveloped barbaric behavior, many people believed in ghosts and gods, and it was very common for them to carry out rituals to worship the heavens . The funeral rituals were also very particular, especially the members of the royal family back then . In the later years of the Eastern Zhou dynasty, King Zhou became afraid of death . He built Death City and placed his bones and blood in it, hoping that by indicating his passing, he could hide from the heavens and escape death . Unfortunately, heaven’s will couldn’t be violated . He ultimately died . ” Jiang Yan’s eyes flashed a look of mockery .

After a pause, Jiang Yan continued, “According to the few historical records, Death City is made of bronze, with no doors or windows…”

Hearing Jiang Yan’s words, everyone was increasingly convinced that this strange bronze building was the legendary Death City .

“I thought it was something good, but it turns out it’s just a fake grave . It only spells bad luck,” a boy said .

“That might not be the case,” said Jiang Yan indifferently . “In order to fool the ghosts and gods, King Zhou didn’t only put his bones and blood in Dead City; he also buried his personal items and treasures with him . There were even some brutal kings who would even bury their beloved concubines alive . In order to fool the ghosts and gods, he had put in much effort . ”

“Does that mean that there might be treasures inside?” Many students’ eyes lit up when they heard that .

“If the history books are right, there will definitely be burial items inside . However, now that this place has turned into a dimensional zone, there might be some abnormal changes in it . It wouldn’t be surprising if it had dimensional creatures inside,” said Jiang Yan .

“Jiang Yan, do you know how to open Death City?” Wei Ge asked Jiang Yan .

It was his first time realizing that Jiang Yan had such a side to him, as though it was somewhat different from the person he knew before .

“Dig into the area beneath the south wall of Death City . If this is really East Zhou’s Death City, there should be an entrance there,” Jiang Yan said .

Wei Ge arranged for people to dig according to Jiang Yan’s instructions . After a hole seven to eight feet deep was dug, they saw a hole appear on the metal wall .

After digging further down, a circular hole appeared . It was a tunnel that went all the way into Death City, but it was winding, making it impossible to see what was going on inside .

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“Which one of us is willing to go in first and take a look?” Wei Ge said .

“I don’t know about others, but I’m definitely entering to take a look . However, I don’t want to be the first to enter,” Li Xuan said .

After a short discussion, Hui Haifeng was the first to enter . The four clubs sent a few people in .

Zhou Wen originally didn’t wish to enter, but Li Xuan pulled him inside . Soon, they heard Hui Haifeng’s voice from ahead . “Everyone, come on in . There’s no danger inside . ”

By the time Zhou Wen and Li Xuan climbed in, Wei Ge, Hui Haifeng, Feng Qiuyan, Li Weiyang, and the company were already standing in Death City .

Zhou Wen originally imagined that he would see skeletons and coffins, but after entering, he realized that there was nothing of that sort . There was only a tree in the city .

The tree was about two meters tall . The branches and leaves were all black, but there were many thin white lines on them . It looked like a painting drawn in black and white .

“Jiang Yan, what’s going on? Didn’t you say that this Death City has King Zhou’s bones and burial items? Why is there only this tree?” Wei Ge questioned Jiang Yan .

Jiang Yan said indifferently, “I’ve already said that those are records in the history books . After the dimensional storms, it’s normal to have abnormal changes inside . ”

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“Then do you know what tree this is?” someone asked .

“I don’t know,” Jiang Yan replied straightforwardly .

Everyone was somewhat disappointed . Even though they didn’t really have any hopes of digging up any treasures, learning that there was only one tree in there wiped away their curiosity instantly . They were somewhat disappointed .

“What crappy tree is this? It caused us to waste so much time . ” A member of the Ocean Club kicked the tree trunk unhappily .

With this kick, the pitch-black tree swayed and turned a bright white color . In the blink of an eye, the black tree had turned completely white .

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