Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 165

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Chapter 165: 165

Chapter 165 Dead Man Tree

An Jing huddled into a ball and leaned against the corner of the wall, enduring the pain that was like a knife being twisted inside her .

Why don’t people who can cultivate the Sun Strafe Art cherish it? I have to ensure such pain just to cultivate it . Why is Heaven so unfair to me? An Jing thought of Zhou Wen amidst the pain as she clenched her teeth, seemingly reducing the pain she felt .

She had a congenital disease, so she couldn’t cultivate Sun Strafe Art, a Primordial Energy Art which was highly yang in nature . However, if she failed to master the Sun Strafe Art, she would not be able to obtain the special physique she needed .

In the Holy Land, there were several special physiques . The special physiques that everyone could obtain were different, but they had to have the corresponding strength attributes to obtain the corresponding special physiques .

The special physique that An Jing wanted was the Sun God Body . If she could master the Sun Strafe Art, she would have an 80% chance of obtaining the Sun God Body if she stood out .

However, the Sun Strafe Art didn’t match her body’s attributes . When she cultivated the Sun Strafe Art, it would trigger her congenital illness . Every time she cultivated, she would feel like dying due to the excruciating pain .

An Jing didn’t give up because of this . Even though Ouyang Lan had forbidden her from cultivating the Sun Strafe Art, she still secretly endured it .

Even Ouyang Lan believed that An Jing had advanced to the Legendary stage by using another Primordial Energy Art . She never expected An Jing to endure extreme pain to advance to the Legendary stage with the Sun Strafe Art .

However, this matter was something An Jing had never told anyone . Even An Tianzuo wasn’t aware of it .

After completing the Sun Strafe Art’s cultivation, the pain in An Jing’s body gradually disappeared, making her complexion turn for the better .

After taking a shower and changing into a clean set of clothes, An Jing walked out of her dorm and arrived in front of her neighbor’s door . After a moment of hesitation, her eyes turned resolute as she pressed the doorbell of Zhou Wen’s dorm .

“What’s the matter?” Zhou Wen opened the door and asked curiously when he saw An Jing standing outside .

“Do you still remember our three-month contract?” she asked calmly .

“I don’t remember . ” Zhou Wen shook his head . It was only a one-sided statement by An Jing . He had never agreed to a three-month contract .

“It doesn’t matter whether you remember it or not . Although it’s not three months yet, since you’ve already advanced to the Legendary stage and have so many powerful pets, it will be a fair battle between us now . It’s time for us to end things,” An Jing said .

“I’m not interested in that special physique nomination . If you want it that much, I can accompany you to meet Sis Lan . Let me convince her to return the nomination to you,” Zhou Wen said .

An Jing looked at Zhou Wen and suddenly felt extremely aggrieved . She had risked her life to obtain the nomination, but it was nothing of importance to Zhou Wen .

Suddenly, An Jing’s fighting spirit vanished without a trace .

So what if I defeat Zhou Wen? So what if I prove that I’m more outstanding than him? I still can’t go to the Holy Land to get the Sun God Body . An Jing felt like everything was meaningless .

Without looking at Zhou Wen again, An Jing turned and left, looking somewhat lost .

Strange person . Zhou Wen found it odd when he saw An Jing leave just like that .

However, since An Jing had automatically given up antagonizing him, it was naturally best for Zhou Wen .

“Zhou Wen, bad news . ” Just as Zhou Wen was about to close the door and return to his room to continue gaming, he saw Li Xuan running over, panting

“What’s wrong?” Zhou Wen asked with a frown .

“Something happened . Something big has happened . ” Li Xuan gasped for breath as he said, “Someone died in our college . A few students died . ”

“Did they die in the dimensional zones?” Zhou Wen asked .

“No, they died in school . Furthermore, the people who died were people who joined us on our trip to Restriction City yesterday . Furthermore, all of them had entered Death City as well . That includes Wang Lu,” Li Xuan said with an odd expression .

“Wang Lu is dead? How did they die?” Zhou Wen was alarmed when he heard that .

“I don’t know . ” Li Xuan shook his head .

“How do you not know?” Zhou Wen frowned slightly .

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“I heard from the school’s management that they have yet to find out the cause of their deaths, nor do they know how they died . A few of them were walking when they suddenly collapsed to the ground and died . They were not breathing and their heart had stopped beating . The cause of death hasn’t been found either . Wang Lu was roughly the same . She was reading in the library when she suddenly fell to the ground . There wasn’t any warning . The people from the school and the military are investigating, but there hasn’t been an answer yet . ”

With that said, fear appeared on Li Xuan’s face . “What’s more frightening is that they died at the same time . Furthermore…”

“Furthermore what?” Zhou Wen knew that Li Xuan had definitely discovered something important .

“Further, if I remember correctly, those people who died had touched that black tree . Coincidentally, when they touched the black tree, the black tree turned red . ” Li Xuan swallowed his saliva and continued, “I don’t know if this has anything to do with their deaths, but it’s too much of a coincidence . ”

“Did you tell the counselors about this?” Zhou Wen had an ominous feeling .

“I told them . The college has already sent people to Restriction City and found that bronze building . However, after entering, there was no sight of that black tree . There was nothing inside, not even a leaf . It’s as if there was never a tree there . ” When Li Xuan said that, his body trembled slightly . Clearly, he was feeling a little horrified .

“Let’s go . Take me to their corpses,” Zhou Wen said through gritted teeth .

“The military has already taken over this matter and the corpses are in the military’s hands . I’m afraid it will be difficult for us to enter,” Li Xuan said .

“Take me there now . ” As Zhou Wen spoke, he switched on the mysterious phone and opened the Dead Man Tree icon .

After he loaded the game, Zhou Wen immediately felt his heart turn cold when he saw the dead tree . He saw that the originally pitch-black dead tree was now completely red, like it was carved out of a ruby . It emitted a strange red glow .

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The deaths of Wang Lu and company are indeed related to this Dead Man Tree . Now that the tree has turned red, Wang Lu and company have died . Then, if the tree becomes another color, will those students who share the same color after touching the tree also die? Zhou Wen’s ominous feeling intensified .

Now, all he wanted to do was quickly see their corpses and see how their deaths were related to the Dead Man Tree . He wanted to know if there was still a chance of them being revived .

An Jing overheard their conversation and subconsciously followed them .

Under Li Xuan’s lead, the trio quickly arrived at the school’s military base .

“Their corpses are inside, but it’s not just us; even if a counselor comes, they will definitely not be able to enter without the military’s permission,” Li Xuan said as he pointed at the door manned by guards .

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