Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 166

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Chapter 166: 166

Chapter 166 Dissection

“An Jing, can you take us in?” Zhou Wen cast his gaze at An Jing . At that moment, he couldn’t be bothered about their differences anymore .

Now, Zhou Wen was afraid that the military would dissect their corpses, spelling doom to everything

“Sure, but I have one condition,” An Jing said after some thought .

“I promise to fight you . Take me in immediately,” Zhou Wen said straight away .

“I didn’t say I wanted to fight you,” An Jing said, surprising Zhou Wen .

“Then what do you want?” Zhou Wen asked with a frown .

“I haven’t thought about it yet . Just treat it as if you owe me one . I’ll tell you after I’ve thought it through . ” After An Jing said that, she didn’t wait for Zhou Wen to rush her as she walked straight to the door .

“Hello, please show some identification . ” The two soldiers who were guarding the door clearly recognized An Jing . However, after saluting her, they still kept her outside and did not let her in immediately .

An Jing seemed to have known this would happen, so she didn’t react in any special manner . She took out an identification card from her pocket before the soldiers allowed her to take Zhou Wen and Li Xuan into the encampment .

After asking where the morgue was, they went straight to it . She was no stranger to the military encampment here .

Zhou Wen was somewhat glad that An Jing was here . Otherwise, with the encampment so huge, it wouldn’t be easy for him and Li Xuan to come in and find the morgue .

Zhou Wen looked at his phone as he walked, only to see five flower buds appear on the glowing red Dead Man Tree .

The flower buds also looked like they were carved out of ruby . It was even more dazzling, but they exuded an evil aura . Through the ruby-like flower petals, he could vaguely see something inside, as if it were a beating heart .

“How many dead classmates are there?” Zhou Wen asked .

“Five . ” Li Xuan thought for a moment before replying .

Zhou Wen was almost certain that Wang Lu and company’s deaths had something to do with the five flowers on the Dead Man Tree . However, he didn’t know what the five flowers meant, nor did he know what to do . He could only wait until he saw the corpses before deciding:

In the morgue, Deputy Inspector Qin Wufu and a few Epic experts stationed at Sunset College were listening to the forensics report .

“There are no obvious wounds or symptoms on the outside . We didn’t find anything through X-ray either . We can only perform an autopsy now before we decide the outcome,” said Coroner Yan Zhen .

“No, we can’t dissect them . ” An Epic expert immediately rejected Yan Zhen’s words with a firm tone .

“If we don’t do an autopsy, it will be difficult to find the true reason for the deaths,” Yan Zhen said slowly .

“The daughter of the Wang family died here for no reason . If we were to dissect her body, how are we going to explain it to the Wang family when they arrive?” the Epic expert from before said .

“Since Wang Lu’s corpse cannot be dissected, we can first dissect the corpses of the other four,” said Yan Zhen .

“That would work . ” the Epic expert’s tone softened significantly .

“You can’t dissect them . ” However, Qin Wufu vetoed Yan Zhen’s suggestion .

“Why can’t we dissect them?” Yan Zhen asked as he looked at Qin Wufu .

“Although their bodily functions have stopped, they still have a tiny bit of life on them . They might not be truly dead yet . You can’t dissect them and kill them!” Qin Wufu said .

Yan Zhen laughed after hearing that . “Deputy Inspector, if we don’t dissect them now, we won’t be able to find the reason why they are in such a state . Then, what’s the difference between them and the dead? Now, all we need to do is dissect the other four students, and we might be able to find out the reason . Who knows, we might be able to save Wang Lu . This is the best choice we have right now, isn’t it?”

A few Epic officers also felt that this was a pretty viable plan . If Wang Lu could be saved, their problems would be greatly reduced .

“If Wang Lu can be saved, the others should be saved as well,” Qin Wufu said as he stared at Yan Zhen .

“Please forgive me for my inadequacies,” Yan Zhen said .

“All of you may leave . I’ll chat with Dr . Yan alone . ” Qin Wufu waved his hand and dismissed everyone . They left the morgue, leaving only Yan Zhen and Qin Wufu behind .

At this moment, Qin Wufu stared at Yan Zhen and said coldly, “Yan Zhen, I know that you can save them . You want to dissect them only because you want to know what kind of power has turned them into this . ”

“Deputy Inspector, aren’t you thinking too highly of me? I’m just a doctor, not a god . I don’t even know what kind of injuries they have suffered, so how can I save them?” Yan Zhen nudged his glasses and said with an unperturbed expression .

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“Speak . What condition do you want to save them?” Qin Wufu frowned .

“There’s no condition . Dissect four corpses and save one,” Yan Zhen said indifferently, licking his lips as he stared at the five corpses .

“They are living people, not your experimental subjects . ” A furious expression appeared on Qin Wufu’s face .

“They’re real people if I save them . If not, they are just dead people . Using the dead as experimental subjects wasn’t even a big deal back in times of peace . ” Yan Zhen’s tone sounded like he was saying something that was only right .

Qin Wufu was so angry that his face turned livid . If he didn’t know Yan Zhen well enough, he would probably have drawn his gun and killed this despicable fellow .

But now, he couldn’t do that . The only person who could save these five students was Yan Zhen .

Suppressing the anger in his heart, Qin Wufu said coldly, “Rescue these five students . I will apply for you to use the bodies of the dead soldiers for your experiments . ”

“No, I want these four experimental subjects . ” Yan Zhen categorically rejected Qin Wufu . There was no room for negotiation .

“Haven’t you always been wanting to experiment with the corpses of dead soldiers? If you miss this chance, you definitely won’t get another one . You’re giving that up just to dissect these four students . Is it worth it?” Qin Wufu looked at Yan Zhen and said .

“It’s worth it . These five people are in a very strange state . If I dissect them, it might be of great help to my research . I want to see what kind of power is at work,” said Yan Zhen .

“I will definitely not give you this opportunity,” said Qin Wufu angrily .

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“You have no choice . If I don’t save them, Wang Lu will also die . Should I let Wang Lu die with the four of them, or let the four die while Wang Lu lives? Deputy Inspector Qin, make your choice . ” Yan Zhen looked at Qin Wufu with certainty, as though he was certain that Qin Wufu could do nothing about him .

Qin Wufu stared intently at Yan Zhen, wishing that he could slay this bastard with his saber . However, he knew that it was useless even if he killed him . Yan Zhen definitely wouldn’t yield unless he achieved his goals . Killing him made no difference .

Furthermore, killing Yan Zhen meant Wang Lu was doomed .

Just as Qin Wufu was about to compromise, he suddenly heard the door to the morgue being pushed open . He could not help but be enraged as he shouted coldly, “Get out! Who let you in?”

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