Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 168

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Chapter 168: 168

Chapter 168 Slaying Flowers

The few of them were shocked as they looked at the corpse . It was the corpse of a male student .

However, in the next second, the corpse fell back onto the bed without any movement .

Yan Zhen immediately went forward to do a checkup . Qin Wufu also walked to the bed and stared at the corpse, hoping that things would turn for the better . He was in no mood to bother with Zhou Wen and company .

The trio stopped in their tracks and watched the situation on the bed . Zhou Wen stood near the wall behind them and got the blood-colored avatar to summon Banana Fairy .

The Banana Fairy held the banana leaf and waved it at the flower bud on the tree . The Grand Yin Wind swept over, causing the leaves to shake violently . However, that was all . It failed to blow off the flower buds .

On the other hand, the corpse began to tremble again . It was an extremely harrowing sight .

When Zhou Wen saw that he couldn’t even blow off the flower bud with the Grand Yin Wind, his expression warped . He knew that it would be very difficult for him to cut off the flower bud today .

Unwilling to watch Wang Lu and company die, Zhou Wen had no choice but to summon his pets and attack the flower bud one after another . It could be considered a last-ditch effort .

“How is this happening?” The boy’s corpse shook continuously . Yan Zhen had used several methods but failed to detect anything, nor could he stop the shaking .

Noticing that Yan Zhen seemed to be at a loss, Qin Wufu couldn’t help but frown .

Yan Zhen’s medical skills were not only excellent, and the Primordial Energy Art he cultivated had something to do with his Life Providence and Life Soul, so he had an ability that was just short of reviving the dead .

Now that he couldn’t do anything about it, things were clearly turning for the worse .

Zhou Wen watched his pets attack the flower bud one by one, but it was completely ineffective . Just as he was feeling disappointed, he saw Truth Listener’s figure flash . It arrived in front of the flower bud, grabbed it with its paw, and plucked it off . Zhou Wen couldn’t help but be delighted .

The moment the flower bud was plucked, the boy, who had been trembling non-stop on the bed, suddenly sat up . His tightly shut eyes suddenly opened .

“What… what are you trying to do…” When the boy saw Yan Zhen about to stab him with a needle, he immediately shouted and jumped down from the bed .

“Yan Zhen, quickly stop . ” Qin Wufu was overjoyed . At the same time, he stopped Yan Zhen and immediately subdued the boy . He quickly checked his body and discovered that other than being a little weak, the boy was no different from a normal, healthy person .

Zhou Wen was also observing the boy . Seeing that he was indeed fine, he got Truth Listener to pluck another flower bud from the tree .

The flower buds were easily removed by Truth Listener . This time, Zhou Wen felt a lot more relaxed . He immediately saw the game’s system notification: ‘Obtained an Unripe Dead Man Flower . ’

As the flower bud was plucked off, another schoolmate was revived . This delighted Qin Wufu greatly .

Li Xuan was also overjoyed . He had also touched the dead tree and had always been very afraid that he would die just like them . Now that he saw them alive again, he immediately felt a weight lift off his chest .

Zhou Wen waited for a while and seeing that the student was fine, he got Truth Listener to pluck the other flower buds .

The flower buds were plucked off one after another . Similarly, the schoolmates revived . Wang Lu was the last to wake up as she looked around blankly, unsure of what had happened .

Everyone was overjoyed . Only Yan Zhen frowned as he sized up the five students as if he was filled with doubt .

Qin Wufu called out to the other medical personnel and asked them to give the five students a detailed examination . The results were normal, but their bodies were a little weak and were in need of nourishment .

Seeing that they were fine, Zhou Wen heaved a sigh of relief before leaving with Li Xuan .

“Yan Zhen, it looks like you’re going to be disappointed this time . ” Qin Wufu said to him in a good mood before leaving with An Jing .

However, Yan Zhen ignored Qin Wufu . He only looked at the test results of the five students and sank into deep thought .

How did this happen? Their bodies had completely stopped functioning, so why would they be able to revive without any external help? Yan Zhen carefully recalled the entire process .

The anomaly of the five corpses seemed to happen only after the three students arrived . Could it be related to the three students? Zhou Wen’s face flashed across Yan Zhen’s mind . Although there were three people, he had the deepest impression of Zhou Wen .

Perhaps it was because Zhou Wen had said that Wang Lu and company were still alive or because of Yan Zhen’s intuition, he was increasingly convinced that the matter was related to Zhou Wen as he thought about it .

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That’s interesting . Was this a subconscious act or did he do something? The corners of Yan Zhen’s mouth pulled up as though he had thought of something interesting .

Yan Zhen was more inclined to the latter as he thought to himself, They’d all come into contact with that tree . Could it be some situation that allows them to exert a mutual influence amongst themselves? It looks like there’s a need for further research .

After Zhou Wen returned to his dorm, he took out the mysterious phone and looked at the five ruby-like flower buds in Truth Listener’s hand .

Dead Man Flower: Flower of a Condensed Soul, Unripe .

After some research, Zhou Wen realized that the five flowers could neither vanish nor be absorbed . They didn’t seem to be of any use .

From the looks of it, it must have been plucked off before it matured . That’s why it turned into this . What would happen if the Dead Man Flower matured? Zhou Wen wasn’t at all sure .

Just as he was considering how to deal with the five flower buds, he saw Truth Listener gesturing, as though it had something to tell him . At the same time, Truth Listener’s conscience was sent over .

The thought was vague and Zhou Wen was unable to take in the information clearly, but he could roughly make out that Truth Listener wanted to eat the five flower buds .

Since there was no point in keeping them, Zhou Wen agreed .

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Truth Listener was overjoyed as it opened its mouth and swallowed a flower .

Zhou Wen suddenly thought of something as he hurriedly stopped Truth Listener from continuing eating the flower buds . Then, he made a phone call to confirm that the five students were fine . Only then did he relax and let Truth Listener swallow the remaining flower buds .

Although Truth Listener’s tiny body had devoured five flower buds, it still looked as though it was yearning for more .

Zhou Wen didn’t relax as he kept paying attention to the Dead Man Tree’s situation . Only after midnight did the red Dead Man Tree gradually change its color . However, it didn’t turn back to black, but golden .

Zhou Wen remembered that the Dead Man Tree had turned golden when Li Xuan touched it . He hurriedly made a call to Li Xuan . The ringtone on the other end kept ringing, but no one picked up .

On the dead tree, another few sprouts grew out

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