Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 170

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Chapter 170: 170

Chapter 170 Epiphany In Battle

Typically, someone at the Legendary stage had Speed that maxed out at 18 . Now, the Speed of Feng Qiuyan’s saber techniques was probably at 28, much less 18 . It was getting faster and faster .

If one’s Speed exceeded the user’s control limit, causing their reaction to not keep up, it would easily reveal flaws .

However, Feng Qiuyan’s saber technique was as steady as a mountain . No matter how fast his saber was, he could control it freely without any signs of losing control after increasing his Speed .

Zhou Wen had to admit that Feng Qiuyan was indeed very mighty . He was practically a genius born for sabers . If Zhou Wen hadn’t fought desperately in-game to exchange for plenty of combat experience, a Legendary student with similar attributes as Zhou Wen would easily have been slain by Feng Qiuyan .

From the looks of it, combat techniques are equally important . Primordial Energy Skills also need to be upgraded to Rank 10 . Zhou Wen had already discovered his inadequacies .

He had learned quite a number of Primordial Energy Skills, but he didn’t really have many useful ones . Astral Suction Palm and Astral Slash Blade were very useful, but they drained Primordial Energy exceedingly fast, depleting him almost instantly .

Ashen Palm at the Mortal stage was already somewhat unable to keep up with his pace . The Legendary Golden Palm was only at Rank

After some thought, other than Dragon Gate Fairy Skill, Zhou Wen didn’t seem to have any useful techniques .

At the very least, when facing an expert like Feng Qiuyan, ordinary Primordial Energy Skills were useless .

Zhou Wen decided not to counterattack . Instead, he switched his Primordial Energy Art, giving himself a Dao Body . He used it to rapidly recover his Primordial Energy, constantly using Dragon Gate Fairy Skill to deal with Feng Qiuyan .

Even so, Zhou Wen still found it harder and harder . Feng Qiuyan’s saber techniques seemed to be able to increase his saber’s speed without limit, and each strike was faster than the last, as though there was no limit .

There was no limit to his saber speed, but Zhou Wen’s movement only had one speed . He was gradually unable to dodge Feng Qiuyan’s saber .

A glint flashed in Feng Qiuyan’s eyes as though he had already noticed Zhou Wen at his limit . He remained unwavering as a mountain as he slashed out with both hands .

This strike seemed to split a mountain apart as it seemed indomitable . It moved as fast as thunder as it tore through the air, ignoring all its resistance . With a whine that sliced through the air, it slashed right in front of Zhou Wen .

With Zhou Wen’s current speed, it was impossible for him to dodge the attack .

However, Zhou Wen didn’t show any signs of panic . His eyes were calm as the entire world seemed to slow down before him . He tapped his toes on the ground gently as his body rode the wind and retreated . He didn’t look as fast as before, but Feng Qiuyan’s saber aura remained three inches away from Zhou Wen’s clothes . No matter how he tried, he couldn’t get close .

The alacrity version of raising a weighted feather? Feng Qiuyan’s eyes were filled with excitement as he brandished the saber repeatedly with both hands . The saber aura was like a raging tidal wave as it swept towards Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen felt a sense of calm . In the middle of the battle, he had also gained insight into the concept of raising a weighted feather for the Dragon Gate Fairy Skill, pushing it towards Rank 10 .

Dragon Gate Fairy Skill at Rank 10 not only augmented Zhou Wen with greater Speed, but it also increased his ability to stay in midair . It also greatly reduced his Primordial Energy expenditure .

There were other miraculous aspects that couldn’t be explained in a few words .

Just speed alone was inadequate to match Feng Qiuyan . After all, the Dragon Gate Fairy Skill had its limits, but Feng Qiuyan’s saber speed seemed to lack any .

At the same realm of raising a weighted feather, Feng Qiuyan’s saber quickly caught up to Zhou Wen who was in midair .

Just as he was about to strike Zhou Wen, Feng Qiuyan was suddenly taken aback . This was because Zhou Wen’s figure suddenly became light . It was as though he was weightless . As he rapidly plummeted, it was as though he had opened a parachute, making his body feel like it was rising instead .

This change in speed made Feng Qiuyan show an error in judgment . The saber slashed the area beneath Zhou Wen’s feet, failing to touch him .

Zhou Wen danced in the air like a fairy, but in the next second, his speed suddenly increased . He grabbed the moment Feng Qiuyan made the mistake, and like a bolt of lightning, struck Feng Qiuyan’s head .

Feng Qiuyan’s saber had lost its force, but his momentum continued propelling his body forward . He was already unable to dodge Zhou Wen’s strike .

Feng Qiuyan was decisive as he threw his saber and turned to his side to dodge Zhou Wen’s strike . At the same time, he turned around and brushed past him . With a flip of his hand, he grabbed the saber in midair and slashed it at Zhou Wen . Then, using the spin he generated that boosted his waist, he slashed at Zhou Wen .

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In midair, Zhou Wen’s figure once again became lightweight, causing Feng Qiuyan to make a mistake in his judgment once more . He struck the empty air again .

This time, Feng Qiuyan didn’t pursue him as he stared at Zhou Wen with a glint in his eyes . “As expected of Coach . That was the counter version of raising a weighted feather, wasn’t it?”

Zhou Wen nodded . “Raising a weighted feather and raising a feather weight . By combining them, it’s similar to a technique that mixes truths and bluffs . It’s just a small trick . ”

“It sounds easy, but it’s very difficult in practice . Coach, you’ve taught me something new again today . I know what to do next . Till next time . ” Feng Qiuyan turned around and left without any hesitation .

This Feng Qiuyan sure is terrifying . If I hadn’t reached Rank 10 for the Dragon Gate Fairy Skill, I probably would have been defeated . Ignoring the special physiques and Primordial Energy Arts, Feng Qiuyan is much more terrifying than John . Zhou Wen was in a good mood . He had raised the Dragon Gate Fairy Skill to Rank 10, greatly strengthening his combat strength . Furthermore, he had found his weakness in today’s battle, giving him direction for improvement .

It’s important to increase my level, but my techniques and skills mustn’t fall behind . After all, no matter how powerful one is, it requires powerful skills to fully deliver one’s greatest strength . Zhou Wen pondered over what skills he should practice .

There were too many skills in the world . There were sabers, swords, staffs, spears, whips, axes, hooks, forks and all sorts of other weapons that had skills that matched them .

It was likewise with feet, fists, fingers, palms, and legs . All of them had different skills . A person’s time and energy were ultimately limited . Although Zhou Wen was talented and could master everything quickly, being adept at one type of skill was much easier to reach the sublime realm than training in everything .

Furthermore, Zhou Wen still needed to take time to raise the few Primordial Energy Skills that were more suitable for him at Rank 10 . He also needed to spend time gaming to have more high-level crystals drop . He really didn’t have that much time to master them all .

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After some thought, Zhou Wen came up with a perfect plan that killed two birds with one stone . It would be a waste of time to train in weapons while raising the rank of his Primordial Energy Skills .

Therefore, Zhou Wen decided to hone his palm skills before matching it with his Ashen Palm . With his Dao Body rapidly recovering his Primordial Energy, Zhou Wen felt that he could do both .

Since ordinary Primordial Energy Skills can be raised to Rank 10, why can’t I raise my Mortal stage Primordial Energy Skill to the Legendary stage? Zhou Wen made up his mind to practice Ashen Palm .

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