Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 172

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Chapter 172: 172

Chapter 172 Dragon Fishing

Zhou Wen found the chain bone-chilling . It was colder than holding an ice block, as though the frost would drill into his bones .

Hui Haifeng laughed and said, “There’s no need to be afraid . The coldness in the chains can’t hurt your Legendary body . ”

“Why is this chain so cold?” Zhou Wen once again held the chain, feeling as though he had reached his hand into liquid nitrogen .

Of course, this was only Zhou Wen’s feeling . He had never attempted to put his hand into the liquid nitrogen .

Hui Haifeng said, “This hollow’s name is Dragon’s Well, but there’s no water underneath . Instead, there’s a very thick white fog . The white fog is extremely cold, and there are some places where the temperature is even lower than liquid nitrogen . This chain extends all the way into it and is affected by the white fog, causing it to turn extremely cold . If an ordinary person were to hold the chain, they would probably freeze their fingers in no time . However, with the body at the Legendary stage, the effects won’t be too severe . ”

“What’s this chain for?” Zhou Wen asked as he pulled up the chain .

“Do you know how to fish?” Hui Haifeng asked without answering Zhou Wen’s question .

“I tried when I was young . It was just for fun, nothing serious,” Zhou Wen answered .

“Then you have to study hard . This chain is used to fish something, it’s not fish, but a dragon,” Hui Haifeng said sternly .

“Dragon fishing?” Zhou Wen looked at Hui Haifeng in surprise, hoping that he could make things clear .

Hui Haifeng explained, “This chain was created by Counselor Mingyuan in order to fish up the dragon in Dragon’s Well . ”

“There’s a dragon down there? What kind of dragon is it?” Zhou Wen was even more intrigued .

In this era, any kind of mythical creature could appear . However, dragons were a legend after all . It was probably something that only those at the Mythical stage could see . The average person had no chance of encountering one .

“I don’t know . It’s something Counselor Mingyuan deduced . We have never seen it before, but this Dragon’s Well does emit a dragon’s roar rather frequently . Occasionally, we can see a strange light shining out from Dragon’s Well,” Hui Haifeng said .

At that moment, a languid voice suddenly interjected, “No one has ever heard the voice of a dragon before, so how do you know that it’s a dragon’s roar? I think that even if there’s anything down there, it’s just a type of dimensional creature . It has nothing to do with dragons spoken in myths . ”

Apart from Zhou Wen, there were three students in the laboratory . The person who spoke was the third person other than Hui Haifeng and Jiang Yan .

He put his hands behind his head languidly and slumped back on a chair . His legs were casually placed on the table, in a desultory fashion .

“His name is Zhong Ziya, another student of Counsellor Wang,” Hui Haifeng briefly introduced him .

Zhong Ziya leaned against the chair and casually greeted Zhou Wen . “Junior, you came at the right time . I’ve had to pull up that crappy chain in the past . Now that you’re here, I’m finally free . I have to thank you for that . ”

“It’s only right . ” Zhou Wen didn’t think much of it as he continued pulling the chain upwards . It was unknown how long the chain was, but Zhou Wen didn’t find its end despite pulling up more than ten meters .

Furthermore, the areas he gripped turned colder as the chain was pulled up . It was something that Zhou Wen was unable to withstand despite his potent body . All he could do was circulate his Lotus Flower Buddha Body Primordial Energy Skill to protect his hands to withstand the terrifying cold .

“Junior, you can’t use any Primordial Energy Skills when you pull the chains . This is a rule set by Teacher,” Zhong Ziya said languidly . Among the three of them, he was the only one who called Wang Mingyuan “teacher” instead of the usual “counselor . ”

“Is there such a rule?” Zhou Wen looked at Hui Haifeng and Jiang Yan .

Jiang Yan sat by the side reading quietly, as if he hadn’t heard Zhou Wen’s words . He felt oblivious to whatever was happening, only focused on reading .

Hui Haifeng, on the other hand, was using some equipment to train his body . As he trained, he said, “Counselor Mingyuan has indeed set this rule . We can’t do anything about it . Just bear with it for a while . Thankfully, the cold really won’t hurt you . It just makes you feel a little uncomfortable . ”

“What a strange counselor . ” Zhou Wen had no choice but to stop using his Lotus Flower Buddha Body . All he could do was rely on his flesh and blood to resist the coldness from the chain .

The more Zhou Wen pulled, the colder his hand became . His fingers were so numb that they couldn’t even bend . However, Zhou Wen didn’t seem to have any intention of stopping as he continued pulling the chain .

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Hui Haifeng, Jiang Yan, and Zhong Ziya looked at Zhou Wen either intentionally or unintentionally as though they were watching something interesting .

He kept pulling until all ten fingers turned numb from the cold . With a slip of his hand, the metal chain that he had pulled up by nearly a hundred meters slid down again .

Hui Haifeng and company only watched . None of them said a word, nor did they have any intention of helping him .

Zhou Wen looked at the falling chain and didn’t feel discouraged . He sat by the side and rested for a while . After the coldness in his hands dissipated and his fingers returned to normal, he got up to pull the chain again .

This time, Zhou Wen did better than the last time . When he reached a little more than a hundred meters, he couldn’t stand the cold again, causing the chains to fall again .

Zhou Wen waited for his hands to recover before picking up the chain again . This time, he pulled out more than a hundred and ten meters, but he ultimately failed to withstand the coldness on the chains, causing it to slide down once more .

After repeatedly pulling for seven to eight hours, Zhou Wen still failed to pull out the entire chain .

Just as he was about to continue pulling the chain, he saw someone crawl out of Dragon’s Well .

The man was wearing an arctic suit and had a helmet on his head . When he climbed up, he took off his helmet, revealing a mature man’s gentle face . He looked rather young and had long hair . A few strands of white hair made him look more mature and masculine . He looked like a superstar in movies .

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Zhou Wen originally thought it was a senior, but ended up hearing Hui Haifeng say, “Counselor, you’re back?”

This is Wang Mingyuan? Zhou Wen looked at the man in front of him in surprise, momentarily unable to accept it .

He heard from Wang Fei that Wang Mingyuan was about to retire and thought that he was probably an old counselor with a head full of white hair . He never expected Wang Mingyuan to look like that .

“Are your hands alright?” Wang Mingyuan nodded at Hui Haifeng and company before naturally pulling Zhou Wen’s hands over . A warm energy flowed into Zhou Wen’s hands and instantly dispersed the coldness .

“Thank you, Counselor . I’m fine,” Zhou Wen hurriedly thanked him .

Wang Mingyuan released Zhou Wen’s hand and asked with a smile, “How many times did you pull the chain?”

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