Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 174

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Chapter 174: 174

Chapter 174 Dragon’s Well

Zhou Wen felt that Wang Mingyuan as a counselor was rather interesting . When he had questions, Wang Mingyuan would answer every question he asked . Although he didn’t speak much, he explained in detail .

Wang Mingyuan wouldn’t take the initiative to teach Zhou Wen, Jiang Yan, and the others anything either . He would only explain when they asked .

Usually, he would do all sorts of research . Zhou Wen could understand some research projects, but he couldn’t figure out the meaning behind them .

For example, if Wang Mingyuan allowed Jiang Yan to record the entire life process of an ant’s day, Zhou Wen couldn’t work out the meaning behind it . It was an ordinary ant, not a dimensional creature . It wasn’t even considered a mutated creature from Earth .

What surprised Zhou Wen was that Jiang Yan actually stared at the artificial ant nest created by transparent materials for 24 hours without moving

Anyways, Zhou Wen found these people odd . Only Hui Haifeng looked a little more normal .

Although the Seven Distribution Palm had a few moves, it wasn’t easy to learn them . One had to first master the seven palm techniques and understand their essence, so as to better understand and master the seven moves .

Zhou Wen was Zhou Wen after all . He trained with full focus, and in less than two days, he had learned the Seven Distribution Palm . All he lacked was proficiency and use in actual combat .

Wang Mingyuan didn’t manage them, so Zhong Ziya would sleep on the table every day after he was done with his work . No one would bother about him .

After Zhou Wen pulled up the chain, he took out his mysterious phone and sat in a corner to open the Dragon Gate Grotto’s dungeon and chose Old Dragon Cave .

The blood-colored avatar quickly found Dragon’s Well which Wang Mingyuan and company had named . In the game, Dragon’s Well was an underground hole with no signs of artificial excavation or the chain .

Zhou Wen knew that the bottom of Dragon’s Well was deep and extremely cold . He summoned the silver wings and switched to the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra which strengthened his physique before descending Dragon’s Well .

Dragon’s Well’s mouth was only about a meter wide in diameter, and the lower he went, the wider it became . However, when he was about fifty meters down, he saw white fog everywhere, making it difficult to see clearly .

What was even more terrifying was that the temperature in the white fog was strangely low . After Zhou Wen used the Lotus Flower Buddha Body, he still felt extremely cold when he came into contact with the white fog . The coldness drilled right into his bones and, shortly after using all his strength to descend amidst the white fog, the screen turned black as the blood-colored avatar froze to death .

Although Zhou Wen’s body was fine, he shared the same feelings as the blood-colored avatar . The feeling of freezing to death was extremely uncomfortable .

Even the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra and the Lotus Flower Buddha Body can’t withstand the white fog’s coldness . How low is the temperature? Zhou Wen was alarmed, but he wasn’t willing to give up .

After some thought, he revived the blood-colored avatar again . Zhou Wen switched the Primordial Energy Art to the Ancient Imperial Sutra before letting the blood-colored avatar descend into Dragon’s Well .

Every time Zhou Wen circulated the Ancient Imperial Sutra, he felt as though a ball of fire was burning in his body . He wanted to try and see if the heat of the Ancient Imperial Sutra could withstand the cold .

The moment he entered Dragon’s Well, Zhou Wen felt something was different . Back when he used the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra, although his resistance had increased, he could still sense the cold .

Now that he was using the Ancient Imperial Sutra, he only felt warmth throughout his body, without any cold at all .

When the blood-colored avatar entered the white fog, Zhou Wen only felt a slight chill . Soon, the heat in his body dissipated the cold .

Zhou Wen was delighted . The Ancient Imperial Sutra had a miraculous effect resisting the cold . While enduring the terrifying cold, Zhou Wen continued descending . The temperature dropped with distance, and after two hundred meters, even the Ancient Imperial Sutra’s power appeared somewhat lacking . It left Zhou Wen feeling a chill, albeit a tiny bit . It wasn’t enough to truly harm the blood-colored avatar’s body .

How deep is this Dragon’s Well? Zhou Wen’s vision was blocked . Thankfully, the Truth Listener earring had given him a powerful sense of hearing, allowing him to use his sense of hearing to replace his sense of sight . He could see dozens of meters through the white fog, and if there were sufficiently large fluctuations in the distance, Zhou Wen could hear it from afar .

He still didn’t reach the bottom after descending another hundred odd meters . However, Dragon’s Well had already expanded to a gigantic underground space . Zhou Wen’s hearing was no longer good enough to reach the surrounding stone walls .

By the time he reached a distance of nearly 500 meters, he felt like he couldn’t hold on any longer . If he continued, he might just freeze to death like the first time .

I can’t go any further down . Zhou Wen hesitated for a moment before getting the blood-colored avatar to summon a Golden Warrior Companion Beast .

This was an ordinary Golden Warrior whose attributes were pretty good . Zhou Wen had originally planned on using it for fusion when he incubated it .

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The Golden Warrior didn’t know how to fly . After being summoned, it immediately plummeted and disappeared into the white fog .

Thanks to the Golden Warrior’s falling through the white fog and creating sound and material flux, Zhou Wen was able to use Truth Listener’s hearing to see it and have an image form in his mind .

The Golden Warrior kept falling . The Golden Warrior with the Golden Body Life Providence was unable to resist the cold produced by the white fog . Frost grew on its jade-like skin as it rapidly spread throughout its body .

After falling a distance away, the Golden Warrior’s body was frozen into an ice sculpture, emitting creaking sounds . Before long, it exploded, splintering into broken ice blocks that plummeted further .

As the fragments fell, they became smaller and smaller . Almost at the point of losing “sight” of them, Zhou Wen heard a terrifying scene .

As the tiny ice fragments streaked across the white fog, Zhou Wen heard them land on something before a scene formed in his mind .

It was a creature that resembled a winding mountain range . On a huge stone pillar that resembled a mountain peak, there was an oval-shaped object, looking like an offering .

When the ripples produced by the ice fragments touched the oval object, it made Zhou Wen clearly understand what it was . The surface of the object wasn’t smooth, but rather, seemed to be wrapped by threads .

Is that a cocoon? The oval object in Ant City appeared in Zhou Wen’s mind . It looked very similar to the cocoon in both shape and size .

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Before Zhou Wen could think further, the terrifying creature that had been hit by the ice fragments suddenly opened its huge mouth and roared upwards .

It was an extremely strange sound that Zhou Wen found indescribable . It wasn’t like a beast’s roar, nor was it a bird’s screech . It was like a long hum from a musical instrument .


When the sound wave reached him, the blood-colored avatar’s body immediately exploded and the game screen went black .

Is that thing down there really a dragon? Is the thing it’s protecting the same as the cocoon protected by the Golden Flying Ant? Zhou Wen was filled with puzzlement .

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