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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 175

Published at 22nd of April 2020 05:25:07 PM

Chapter 175: 175

Chapter 175 Dr . Soul

Zhou Wen found it impossible to snatch the treasure from the terrifying dragon-like creature’s proverbial jaws .

With just a casual roar, the fellow instantly killed the blood-colored avatar despite the two to three hundred meters . This was probably a top existence among Epic creatures, or even a Mythical creature .

In contrast, Zhou Wen felt that the Golden Flying Ant was much easier to deal with .

From the looks of it, I should think of a way to finish off the Golden Flying Ant and see what’s inside the cocoon . Zhou Wen was extremely curious .

However, Zhou Wen was still lacking to date . Even if he continuously used the Grand Yin Wind, he was still no match for the Golden Flying Ant .

It’s a little difficult to kill the Golden Flying Ant . Is there any way to obtain the cocoon without killing it? The more Zhou Wen thought about it, the more he found it feasible .

Before that, I need to have sufficient Speed . The Dragon Gate Fairy Skill nimbleness is sufficient, but its thrust and absolute speed aren’t its strength . Zhou Wen frowned as he thought . He wondered what Primordial Energy Skill could make him faster .

“Zhou Wen, why are you frowning? Did you encounter some difficult problem?” Wang Mingyuan happened to walk over and asked when he saw Zhou Wen frowning in thought .

“Teacher,” Zhou Wen subconsciously called out . He found it easier to address him as “teacher” like Zhong Ziya, so he began following Zhong Ziya .

“What problem did you encounter? Why don’t you tell me?” Wang Mingyuan said with interest .

He didn’t seem to have the airs of a teacher, evident from how he often cooked for Zhou Wen, Jiang Yan, and the rest whenever he had nothing to do . If one didn’t know his identity as a counselor, one would completely treat him as an older brother next door .

“Teacher, I’ve learned the Dragon Gate Fairy Skill, but I feel that it isn’t fast enough . Are there any faster Primordial Energy Skills that imbue alacrity at the Legendary stage?” Zhou Wen asked Wang Mingyuan the question that happened to be on his mind .

Wang Mingyuan thought for a moment and said, “The Dragon Gate Fairy Skill is considered one of the best alacrity-type Primordial Energy Skills at the Legendary stage . There are even faster Primordial Energy Skills and our Sunset College does have such a Primordial Energy Skill, but it’s not easy to obtain it . ”

“What’s that Primordial Energy Skill? Which zone has it?” Zhou Wen was delighted when he heard that .

“Outside Sunset City, there’s a strange dimensional creature known as the Sun Chasing Bird . It has a type of Primordial Energy Skill called Sun Chasing, allowing people to possess a speed faster than Dragon Gate Fairy Skill . In addition, the speed-up isn’t just twice as fast,” said Wang Mingyuan .

Zhou Wen was taken aback when he heard that . The reason Sunset College had that name was largely due to Sunset City . No human had ever been able to enter the dimensional zone known as Sunset City; it was even more terrifying than Tiger Cage Pass .

To hunt dimensional creatures there—ones that could fly and with unparalleled speed-type Primordial Energy Skills—was extremely difficult for humans .

Although Sun Chasing Birds were only at the Legendary stage, Zhou Wen believed that the difficulty of killing one wasn’t lower than killing a Golden Flying Ant . After all, it wasn’t an easy task to catch up to it in the sky .

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There’s always a chance no matter what . I’ll visit the exterior of Sunset City to take a look . If I can download Sunset City as a game dungeon, it’s not like I have no chance of killing the Sun Chasing Birds . Zhou Wen applied for a leave of absence with Wang Mingyuan and planned on searching the area outside Sunset City for the tiny palm symbol

Since Wang Mingyuan didn’t restrict their freedom and it wasn’t the time to pull up the chain, he approved of Zhou Wen’s departure .

Zhou Wen left Old Dragon Cave and, while walking up the steps of Dragon Gate Grotto, he began wondering how he could obtain the cocoon if he couldn’t kill the Sun Chasing Birds .

Suddenly, Zhou Wen felt his heart palpitate as though something ominous was about to happen . It made his cold sweat flow down his back .

He was alarmed as he immediately observed the area ahead of him . He saw a man walking towards him on the same flight of stairs . He wasn’t ugly, but he looked a little cold .

“Yan Zhen?” Zhou Wen recognized the person as the unease and palpitations in his heart intensified .

When he first met Yan Zhen, he felt that this person was a little sinister .

“We finally meet again . I’ve been waiting so long for you,” Yan Zhen said as he walked over, staring at Zhou Wen . Clearly, he was here for him .

Zhou Wen turned around in a bid to leave, but he was dumbfounded when he turned around . He saw a figure wearing a white coat standing not far behind him, nearly sticking to his back Yet, he hadn’t realized it .

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The shadow looked like a human, but its feet didn’t touch the ground . Instead, it was floating above the stone steps .

“That’s my Life Soul . His name is Dr . Soul . ” Yan Zhen’s voice came from behind .

Zhou Wen’s expression changed as he summoned his wings, hoping to combine it with his Godfiend Life Providence to fly up .

However, Dr . Soul’s left eye seemed to flash like a camera . The flash in his eye contained a strange red color . The moment he was illuminated by the red light . Zhou Wen’s body, which was about to soar into the sky, instantly froze . He was unable to move an inch .

Zhou Wen felt his muscles stiffen and he couldn’t move his body . He couldn’t even summon his Companion Beasts .

Yan Zhen came in front of Zhou Wen and sized him up before saying with interest, “I’ve investigated all the students who entered Death City . Only three of them didn’t touch the black tree you mentioned, including you . But why did you say that you touched that tree? Why did you lie?” .

Zhou Wen was trapped by some kind of power and couldn’t even speak .

Yan Zhen snapped his fingers as the red light in Dr . Soul’s eye flashed . Zhou Wen immediately felt his mouth regain its function, but the rest of his body remained motionless .

“You are only a coroner, not a policeman . What right do you have to treat me like this?” Zhou Wen asked .

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“It’s fine if you don’t wish to say it . I can speak for you . After you came to the morgue, Wang Lu and the other students came back from the dead . As for the other students who touched the black tree, they also experienced a temporary fainting spell, but quickly returned to normal . This is clearly very abnormal . Tell me, what did you do?” Yan Zhen asked as he stared at Zhou Wen .

“I don’t understand what you’re getting at . Release me immediately or I’ll shout for help,” Zhou Wen said with a frown .

“It’s useless . Everyone’s brain waves or souls will be affected or controlled within a certain range by Dr . Soul’s powers . Unless permission is granted by me, no one can see us or hear our voices . Even if I were to kill you here, no one would have any reaction,” Yan Zhen said indifferently .

Zhou Wen shouted out in disbelief a few times . Indeed, the cultivators that came and went in Dragon Gate Grotto nearby didn’t seem to hear a thing or see them .

“Answer my question, or let me dissect your body and find the answer myself . ” Yan Zhen’s eyes were burning with zeal . He was like a lunatic as he held a small and exquisite scalpel in his hand that emitted a chilling cold light .

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