Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 176

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Chapter 176: 176

Chapter 176 Madman

“You are a coroner . Don’t you know that this is against the law?” Zhou Wen kept using all sorts of powers at his disposal in an attempt to break the force that restrained him physically .

However, it was completely useless . With Dr . Soul staring at him from behind, with its left eye flashing with a sanguine light, he felt as though his soul had been sealed .

Zhou Wen was unable to use his Primordial Energy Skills, nor was he able to circulate the Primordial Energy Arts or summon a Companion Beast . Even the Lost Immortal Sutra that automatically circulated seemed to freeze .

However, this didn’t throw Zhou Wen into despair . This was because, in such an extreme environment, there was a strange and familiar power growing within him .

“The law is created by Man . If I’m strong enough, then I can set the law . It’s not a problem,” Yan Zhen said calmly, but the fervor in his eyes grew stronger .

“But you aren’t strong enough to ignore the law . If you kill me, do you think you can escape punishment from the law?” Zhou Wen asked .

“That’s why I get Dr . Soul to do it . Otherwise, a Legendary student like you wouldn’t need me to use my Life Soul . ” Yan Zhen approached Zhou Wen and used his fingers to open his eyelids . As he leaned in to carefully study Zhou Wen’s eyes, he said, “Even if I dissected you here, no one would know that I was here, much less know that I dissected you here . Therefore, it’s best you answer my question obediently . What did you do? How did you affect the souls of those students?”

“I told you, I have no idea what you’re talking about . I could only sense the aura of the black tree on their bodies . I don’t know anything else, nor did I do anything,” Zhou Wen said .

“It’s fine . It’s fine if you don’t wish to tell me . All I need is a tiny surgery to know everything about you,” Yan Zhen said as he swished his scalpel above Zhou Wen’s head with the scalpel . He said indifferently, “I’ll cut open your skull and extract your brain to read the memories inside . This isn’t difficult for Dr . Soul . ”

“Why are you doing this? What do you gain by doing it?” Zhou Wen asked through clenched teeth . He knew Yan Zhen wasn’t joking .

“What do I gain?” Yan Zhen said slowly . “All this time, science and medicine have never been able to resolve the question of the origins of life . The so-called explanations are full of loopholes . Life is not a machine, and human consciousness is not purely an intelligent program . How did their consciousness come about? What kind of relationship does it have with the body? Can consciousness exist independently away from the body? All these questions are very interesting . ”

“Does that mean you can kill your own kind without a qualm just to figure out these questions?” Zhou Wen looked at Yan Zhen as though he was looking at a lunatic .

“Life is short, so it’s only a matter of time before one dies . But my research is eternal . If my research succeeds, I can extract the consciousness of humans, or perhaps should I say the soul . Then, all humans will be able to gain eternal life . When that happens, I will be the savior of humans, and all humans will be grateful to me for I will be the one who made them gain eternal life . In this period of time, sacrifices are inevitable for research purposes . It’s an undeniable outcome for human advancement . ” Yan Zhen seemed to be talking about something very ordinary .

“You really are mad . ” Zhou Wen was dumbfounded .

“Mad? That’s right . This is an era of madness . Who in the past would believe that there are dimensional creatures in this world? Who would have imagined that there would be companion Beasts and magical powers? Who knows if true gods might exist in those dimensional zones? And what I’m doing now is to become a god of humanity, allowing human life to truly belong to themselves, without being controlled by any other power . Aging, ailment, death, and disability will all become history and no longer be a problem that troubles humanity . ”

The more Yan Zhen spoke, the more excited he became . “If my research succeeds, all humans can let their souls leave their weak bodies and enter high-level bodies at will . For example, you can use a tank as your body . You can also use powerful dimensional creatures as your body . As long as you are willing, you can have everything, and not have a weak, regrettable body as we have now . ”

Zhou Wen didn’t know if he should call Yan Zhen a genius or a lunatic . All he knew was that he was truly crazy, and he wasn’t willing to become the necessary sacrifice he mentioned

“Perhaps what you said makes sense, but unfortunately, there’s nothing special about my body . I also have no idea about the matter you were talking about . Are you sure you want to dissect me?” Zhou Wen calmed down .

In his body, that familiar yet unfamiliar power was brewing, like an ancient beast hidden under the calm sea .

Zhou Wen knew that the power was his Life Providence . It was the Sigh of the King that was produced by the combination of the Lost Immortal Sutra and his talent .

Ever since he advanced to the Legendary stage, Zhou Wen had been able to sense the existence of the Sigh of the King . It was like a part of his body, as though he had an additional body organ, an existence that resembled limbs .

But before this, Zhou Wen had no idea how to use the new organ in his body . He could sense its existence and knew that it possessed immense power, but he was unable to use it .

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Only moments ago did Zhou Wen finally sense the Sigh of the King and how he could use it when his body was restrained by Dr . Soul .

Humans were peculiar animals . Most of the time, they would only use the organs they needed . Many organs that they didn’t need would degenerate due to prolonged periods of idleness, to the point of forgetting how to use them .

A typical human’s Life Providence was a passive ability . There was no need for one to take the initiative to use it, but Zhou Wen’s Sigh of the King was clearly different .

When he truly sensed that the Sigh of the King could be used by him, the force had already begun to spread within his body like an ancient beast occupying his body .

“Scientific research has many uncertain factors to begin with, so it’s inevitable to take a wrong path . After all, this is a study for becoming a god . No matter how many failures there are, they can be forgiven . ” Yan Zhen’s expression turned colder . The scalpel in his left hand had already reached Zhou Wen’s forehead . His voice said without any emotion, “Don’t worry . I won’t let you suffer too much pain . I’ll start with your skull and expose your pineal gland . Then it will be your left brain, followed by your right . When your brain is completely dissected, Dr . Soul will be able to use his powers to read the information within…”

As Yan Zhen spoke, the scalpel’s blade shimmered with some crystalline light . Under his slender fingers, he was about to cut through Zhou Wen’s skull .


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At the instant, Yan Zhen’s fingers moved, the force which resembled an ancient beast within Zhou Wen’s body erupted .

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