Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 177

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Chapter 177: 177

Chapter 177 Terrifying Life Providence

The scalpel’s blade was already clinging to the skin on Zhou Wen’s head and was just about to cut in, but at that moment, Yan Zhen’s pupils constricted .

The scalpel’s light flickered, but it could no longer move an inch forward . It was as if it was being held by an invisible force . No matter how much strength Yan Zhen exerted, he couldn’t move an inch .

“You do have secrets on you!” Yan Zhen was delighted instead of being alarmed . His eyes burned with frenzy as terrifying power erupted from his body, transforming into streams of light that gathered onto the scalpel, causing the light on it to become even more terrifying, one that was as resplendent as the sun .

Behind Zhou Wen, Dr . Soul also released terrifying power simultaneously . He also held a surgical blade condensed from a beam of light and slashed it at the back of Zhou Wen’s head .

Even though Zhou Wen’s body didn’t move, Yan Zhen and Dr . Soul appeared to be grabbed by a huge, invisible hand . They suddenly lost their balance and floated in front of Zhou Wen .

Yan Zhen’s face was filled with shock as he struggled with all his might . The blood-red glow in

the eyes of Dr . Soul’s eyes kept flickering, but it was completely useless .

It was as if they were being controlled by an invisible hand, unable to move or make a sound . As the hand tightened, their bodies were being squeezed thinner and thinner .

Flesh deformed as bones warped and his eyes protruded out .

“No… Impossible… How can a student at the Legendary stage… have such great power…” Yan Zhen was overcome with fear . Despite using all his strength, he was unable to resist that terrifying power .


With a violent roar, Yan Zhen and the Dr . Soul were crushed by that invisible force and ended up dying .

Zhou Wen watched as Yan Zhen was squashed, but he didn’t have it any better .

The awakening of the Sigh of the King’s brought unimaginable power . After Zhou Wen’s body recovered thanks to the force, his bones emitted a creaking sound as though they would snap at any moment . His flesh and organs were under immense pressure .

All the blood vessels in his body protruded, and many of the more fragile fine capillaries had ruptured . His organs felt like they had been crushed to smithereens .

It wasn’t only Yan Zhen who couldn’t move, even Zhou Wen was unable to move thanks to the terrifying force . It was as though he was carrying a mountain on his back .

Unlike Yan Zhen, Zhou Wen could see a shadow appear over his body . It was this figure that had squeezed Yan Zhen and Dr . Soul to their deaths .


Zhou Wen couldn’t withstand the terrifying power from his body as he collapsed to the ground with one knee propping him up . Blood spewed out of his mouth as the power that descended on him became more terrifying . It exceeded the limits of what his body could withstand . His organs looked like they were about to split apart .

Just as Zhou Wen believed that he would be the first person in history to be crushed by his Life Providence, the force receded like the tide and shrank back into his body .

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He suddenly relaxed as the pressure abruptly vanished and he felt his vision go dark as he fell to the ground and fainted .


When Zhou Wen woke up, he realized that he was actually lying in Wang Mingyuan’s lab . He was sleeping on the only bed in the laboratory—Wang Mingyuan’s resting spot . The students usually slept on the floor .

He couldn’t see Wang Mingyuan, Hui Haifeng, or Zhong Ziya . Only Jiang Yan was reading quietly in front of the oil lamp .

“Why am I here?” Zhou Wen moved and felt his body ache terribly . He didn’t have any strength and his body was as soft as a newborn .

“It’s best you don’t move around . Your bones are fractured and your organs are damaged . Although Counselor has already used his Life Soul to heal your body, you still need to recuperate for a period of time . Otherwise, those injuries will easily relapse,” Jiang Yan said casually .

“How did I end up here?” Zhou Wen asked again in puzzlement .

Logically speaking, Yan Zhen had died on the spot and, being seriously injured, he had fallen unconscious by the side . Even if the police didn’t believe that he had really killed Yan Zhen, they would still have taken him back to investigate . Therefore, it only made sense if he was in the police station’s hospital right now .

“When Hui Haifeng went out to buy some stuff, he heard a scream . When he went over, he found you fainted on the ground with serious injuries, he immediately got Counselor over to treat your injuries and bring you back . ” Jiang Yan put down the book in his hand and looked at Zhou Wen . “You suffered such serious injuries in Dragon Gate Grotto? Who injured you?”

“I don’t know who injured me . Was there anyone else nearby?” Zhou Wen was filled with puzzlement .

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It was fine if Dr . Soul had been crushed . After all, it was only a pure energy body, so it didn’t leave any traces . Yan Zhen was a living person, and Zhou Wen had watched him explode . Blood had splattered everywhere, so it was impossible for him not to leave a trace .

However, Jiang Yan’s recount made it seem like no one had seen Yan Zhen’s corpse .

“There were many people, but they were just bystanders . We didn’t discover anyone who had injured you,” Jiang Yan replied with certainty .

With that said, Jiang Yan got up and walked to the side . He picked up a bowl and walked in front of Zhou Wen . “This is the medicine prepared by Counselor before he left . He told me to feed you when you woke up . Not one drop can be left behind . This is one of my missions today . ”

With that said, Jiang Yan picked up a spoon and scooped a spoonful of medicine and moved it to Zhou Wen’s mouth .

“I’ll do it myself…” Zhou Wen struggled to sit up, but his body was aching so terribly that he felt limp and without any strength .

“Didn’t I tell you just now that Counselor has just treated your injuries and your body needs to recover? Don’t move around or hinder me from completing my mission . ” Jiang Yan said as he took the spoon to Zhou Wen’s mouth .

Zhou Wen knew that his body couldn’t muster any strength, so he could only open his mouth and drink the mouthful of medicine . He found it extremely bitter, and he had no idea what it tasted like .

“What medicine is this?” Zhou Wen couldn’t help but frown .

“Medicine personally created by Counselor . It should be useful,” Jiang Yan said indifferently .

Jiang Yan fed Zhou Wen spoonful by spoonful until the entire bowl of medicine was finished ten minutes later . The medicine was so bitter that it made Zhou Wen’s mouth and intestines turn bitter . He almost couldn’t sense any other flavor .

“Rest well, don’t move around . Counselor said that you can only get off the bed in two days . If you don’t want to be treated again, then lie down obediently,” Jiang Yan said .

Although Zhou Wen was weak, he could still move his limbs, albeit lacking the strength for any strenuous activities .

When he pulled away the blanket to take a look, he realized that he was only wearing his underwear . He was shocked and was just about to ask Jiang Yan if he had seen his phone when he turned his head and saw that his clothes were neatly placed by the bed . There were two phones and some miscellaneous items on them . The bracelet was there too .

Zhou Wen immediately heaved a sigh of relief as he reached out for the mysterious phone .

There was no problem with turning it on . Zhou Wen unlocked the phone and was instantly taken aback . The other apps on the cell phone’s home screen were normal, but there was an additional number, “1,” on the Dead Man Tree icon .

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