Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 178

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Chapter 178: 178

Chapter 178 Demonized General With Three Skills

Zhou Wen was puzzled as he clicked on the Dead Man Tree icon . Soon, the image of the Dead Man Tree appeared onscreen .

However, at that moment, the Dead Man Tree had already turned white . Between the white leaves, there was a white flower bud .

How did this happen? Zhou Wen was alarmed . He looked at it for quite some time but failed to notice anything . The flower bud was still young, so there was nothing special about it .

However, the bud’s appearance made Zhou Wen recall Yan Zhen’s corpse . Yan Zhen was indeed dead, but no one had discovered his corpse . Now that there was another flower bud on the dead tree, it was very difficult to not make any connections .

No way? Could it be that the Dead Man Tree in-game can suck dead people from reality? Zhou Wen couldn’t help but frown when he thought of this .

If the Dead Man Tree in-game still had an influence on reality, wouldn’t it be very dangerous for him to carry it with him all day?

No one knew how great the effects of the Dead Man Tree were . It would only spell greater trouble if the people around him ended up being affected by the dead tree .

Zhou Wen recalled his Life Providence and felt his head ache even more . He had never heard of anyone not being able to withstand their Life Providence’s power .

In theory, this was an impossible situation . This was because the Life Providence had been born out of Zhou Wen’s body . Therefore, its power couldn’t exceed Zhou Wen’s own limits; otherwise, it would be impossible for him to produce it . Yet, Zhou Wen’s Life Providence had exceeded his own limits .

It nearly crushed my body with just one use of my Life Providence . I’m probably the only person in history . Zhou Wen mocked himself .

However, Zhou Wen had a nagging feeling that his Life Providence was abnormal . It was very likely related to the Lost Immortal Sutra . When he advanced to the Legendary stage, he had seen an illusion that vaguely looked like a woman . And the woman’s voice was similar to the devil-like whispers he heard when suffering sleep paralysis .

When he used Sigh of the King, Zhou Wen felt the shadow around him seem to resemble a woman .

However, he wasn’t sure because he had only seen a blurry shadow . Furthermore, he had only seen a portion of it . Without a mirror, he couldn’t see his entire body, so he naturally couldn’t see a complete shadow .

Jiang Yan fed him the medicine three times a day, making Zhou Wen grimace in pain, to the point of feeling like he had transformed into a bitter gourd . It was as if his flesh and blood were emitting a bitter taste .

Only in the evening did Wang Mingyuan and Zhong Ziya crawl out of Dragon’s Well . He had no idea what they were studying down below .

Hui Haifeng left the laboratory for some matters and didn’t return that day . Wang Mingyuan checked Zhou Wen’s body again before saying, “Your injuries are no longer serious . You can get out of bed in two days, but you still can’t do any vigorous exercise . It will take at least half a month before you can begin practicing your palm techniques again . ”

To Zhou Wen’s surprise, Wang Mingyuan didn’t ask him how he was injured . It made the excuse he had prepared useless .

As he couldn’t get out of bed, Zhou Wen could only play games on the bed . Thankfully, his injuries didn’t affect the blood-colored avatar, so it wasn’t a problem to grind in-game .

“I say, Zhou Wen, I really couldn’t tell . You look so quiet usually, but you were so ruthless when you fought . ” Zhong Ziyuan placed Wang Mingyuan’s bowl of porridge on a chair beside Zhou Wen’s bed . He grinned as he continued, “Tell me, who beat you up? As your senior, I’ll avenge you . ”

“I really don’t know who that person is . I was ambushed while walking . I fainted without seeing anyone . ” Zhou Wen felt weak all over and it was difficult for him to even sit up . So all he could do was roll around and lay on the bed to eat the porridge .

“Alright, there’s no need to go through so much effort . ” Zhong Ziya picked up the congee again and fed Zhou Wen with a spoon . “You’re really useless . You didn’t even manage to see who your enemy was . It’s embarrassing for us . Don’t tell others that you are Teacher’s disciple . ”

Knowing Zhong Ziya’s personality, Zhou Wen knew he was only joking, so he didn’t take it to heart . Instead, he changed the topic . “I heard that Teacher has another disciple . What’s the senior’s name? How is he now?”

“That senior, well… his name is Liu Yun . You should have heard of his name, right? Like you, he entered Sunset College from Guide High School,” Zhong Ziya said with a strange expression .

“Senior Liu Yun?” Zhou Wen was slightly taken aback .

Zhou Wen had heard of this name . Before Zhou Wen, there had been a few geniuses produced by Guide High School . One of them was a student named Liu Yun . It was said that he had received similar treatment to Zhou Wen in the past . He was the pride of Guide High School, and he was also the top scholar in the city’s college entrance examination .

However, Liu Yun was a few classes higher than Zhou Wen . Back when Zhou Wen was in high school, Liu Yun had long graduated, so they never met .

He never expected Liu Yun to be Wang Mingyuan’s disciple . Unfortunately, Zhou Wen arrived too late and again, Liu Yun had graduated a year ago .

Zhong Ziya didn’t seem willing to chat with Zhou Wen about Liu Yun . After feeding him, he yawned and returned to his bed .

Zhou Wen was rather bored lying there, so he could only continue gaming .

When he arrived at Tiger Cage Pass, he encountered a Paper Demonized General once again . He was no longer as excited when he saw Paper Demonized Generals . He had met many before, but none of them dropped a Companion Egg .

Zhou Wen originally imagined that he would end up with nothing, but after he killed the Paper Demonized General, he saw a Companion Egg mixed with red and black colors drop .

He found it unbelievable that a Paper Demonized General Companion Egg dropped . After a momentary pause, he got the blood-colored avatar to pick it up .

The attributes of the Paper Demonized General were similar to the two Demonized Generals from before and they had identical Life Providences . However, the only difference in skills was Astral Suction Palm .

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After taking a look at the compatibility between the Paper Demonized General and the Mutated Demonized General, he realized that the compatibility wasn’t as high as the previous two Demonized Generals . It was only about 54%, which was equivalent to a fifty-fifty chance .

The probability wasn’t high, so Zhou Wen hesitated for a moment before choosing the fusion .

He had plenty of opportunities to have a Mutated Demonized General drop in the future . Even if he failed this time, he would still have a chance .

With Zhou Wen’s choice, the Companion Egg transformed into a flash of light and infused itself into the mutated Demonized General’s body . Then, the sparkling glow on the mutated Demonized General’s body filled the entire image of the cell phone .

‘Fusion successful . Obtained Mutated Demonized General . ’

As the light dissipated, the Mutated Demonized General’s figure appeared onscreen . It had a red horse and red armor, with a red crown on its head . It held a strange blood-colored spear, but its body emitted a strange black aura .

Mutated Demonized General: Legendary

Legendary Life Providence: Malignant General

Strength: 19

Speed: 19

Constitution: 19

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Primordial Energy: 19

Talent Skill: Astral Slash Blade, Astral Fist, Astral Suction Palm, Demon Flame Spear, Demon Rider Summon

Having succeeded in fusing a Mutated Demonized General, the attributes were comparable to Rebellious Knight’s . Furthermore, it had five skills that exceeded the limit . Amongst Legendaries, it was considered the strongest existence other than the mythical pets .

The reason Zhou Wen hadn’t hatched the Rebellious Knight Companion Egg all this time was that he had some concerns .

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