Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 180

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Chapter 180: 180

Chapter 180 Fruit

Zhou Wen was puzzled as he stared at the fruit for quite some time, but he failed to crack the puzzle .

With the passage of time, the fruit grew bigger and bigger . The originally crystalline shell also gradually became thicker and harder . It looked like an eggshell .

The fruit formed on the Dead Man Tree can’t be a Companion Egg, right? After two days, the more Zhou Wen looked at the fruit, the more it looked like a white Companion Egg . He had no idea how to describe his feelings .

If the Dead Man Tree can really produce a Companion Egg, then what’s the Companion Beast inside it? Yan Zhen? Or is it his Life Soul, Dr . Soul? Zhou Wen could only make such a guess .

Zhou Wen didn’t know when the fruit would mature . All he could do was slowly watch its growth . He spent the rest of the time grinding as usual .

It was unknown how many times he had died at the hands of the Golden Flying Ant, but Zhou Wen failed to touch the white cocoon it was protecting . This left him somewhat depressed .

From the looks of it, I have to think of a way to obtain the Sun Chasing movement technique . With absolute speed, I should have a chance of circling around the Golden Flying Ant and touch that cocoon . Zhou Wen was already able to get off the bed, so he decided to make another trip to Sunset City to check on the situation outside .

Although Yan Zhen wasn’t part of the military, he was still a coroner . He had disappeared without a trace and had a deep relationship with the military . It was impossible that no one would investigate this matter .

“Your body hasn’t recovered yet . Any more injuries will be very troublesome . Let Ziya accompany you . ” Wang Mingyuan instructed Zhong Ziya to accompany Zhou Wen to Sunset City .

Zhong Ziya was originally unhappy, but because Zhou Wen was injured, he had no choice but to pull the chain . Now, he had to accompany Zhou Wen to Sunset City . This naturally displeased him greatly .

It was unknown what Wang Mingyuan had said to Zhong Ziya before he agreed to accompany Zhou Wen .

However, Zhou Wen didn’t even consider hunting the Sun Chasing Bird the moment he saw it .

What Zhou Wen could see with his naked eye was a black dot that streaked across the sky . At that height and flying speed, it was impossible for him to catch up, even with the power of his Godfiend Life Providence .

Furthermore, the Sun Chasing Bird never landed . It was a dimensional creature that would forever fly in the sky .

This was the first time Zhou Wen had seen Sunset City . It was like an ancient city floating between a mirage and clouds . It seemed to be extremely close, but it also seemed impossible to touch .

Zhong Ziya looked at Sunset City between the clouds and said, “Because it can only be seen when the glow of sunset appears, it’s why this city is named after the sunset . The ‘sunset’ in Sunset College also points to Sunset City . The additional meanings behind ‘sunset’ were added by future generations . ”

“Has anyone entered Sunset City yet?” Zhou Wen asked curiously .

“How do we get in?” Zhong Ziya curled his lips and said, “Did you see those Sun Chasing Birds? They have been chasing after Sunset City all their lives, never landing on the ground . However, none of them have been able to fly in . Who do you think will be able to enter Sunset City?”

“By the way, why do you want to kill a Sun Chasing Bird? The difficulty of killing one is probably even harder than killing the typical Epic creature because you might not be able to catch up to it,” Zhong Ziya added .

“I need a movement technique that’s faster than Dragon Gate Fairy Skill . That’s why I want to kill a Sun Chasing Bird,” Zhou Wen said .

“If that’s the case, there’s no need for you to kill the Sun Chasing Bird . Do you know the Lotus Flower Cave in Dragon Gate Grotto? There’s an Epic dimensional creature known as the Fairy there . If you kill a Fairy, you might be able to have the Dragon Gate Flying Immortal Skill . It’s the upgraded version of the Dragon Gate Fairy Skill . It’s faster, more potent, and more agile . It’s much faster than the pure speed that Sun Chasing Skill provides,” Zhong Ziya said .

Zhou Wen said with a bitter smile, “I do want to do so, but I’m no match for Fairies . I’m only capable of killing a Fairy Monkey . ”

Zhou Wen was speaking the truth . Back when he went to the Lotus Flower Cave, he had encountered a Fairy and ended up being instantly killed . Although he was much stronger now, it wasn’t easy to kill a Fairy .

Upon hearing Zhou Wen’s words, Zhong Ziya immediately laughed . “Isn’t there a simple solution? As long as you are sincere enough, get Hui Haifeng and Jiang Yan . With the three of us helping you, there’s no need to worry about not being able to kill a Fairy . ”

“It won’t be nice troubling everyone, right?” Zhou Wen asked hesitantly .

“There’s no trouble at all . I believe that those two fellows are bored staying in the lab all day . They’ll definitely be willing to accompany you to Lotus Flower Cave . ” Zhong Ziya thought for a moment before saying, “But that Fairy is an Epic creature after all . We’ll have to plan before taking action . We’ll discuss it later when we get back . ”

Zhong Ziya continued speaking, blatantly ignoring if Zhou Wen was really asking for his help . They then rode an electric scooter back to the lab .

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After meeting Hui Haifeng and Jiang Yan, Zhong Ziya told them about helping Zhou Wen hunt a Fairy . Hui Haifeng and Jiang Yan agreed readily without any conditions .

“That’s settled then . I’ll first head to the Lotus Flower Cave to test the strength of Fairies . Once Zhou Wen recovers from his injuries, we’ll kill her together,” Zhong Ziya said as he left the lab, giving Zhou Wen no chance to stop him .

“Will it be dangerous for him to go?” Zhou Wen asked worriedly .

He was a person who didn’t like to owe others favors . If Zhong Ziya were to die in Lotus Flower Cave, Zhou Wen really didn’t know how he should repay the favor .

To his surprise, Hui Haifeng pursed his lips and said, “Don’t worry, even a more powerful Epic creature wouldn’t be able to kill that fellow, much less a Fairy . He will at most suffer a little pain . ”

Zhou Wen was somewhat puzzled, unsure why Hui Haifeng was so certain .

Jiang Yan said, “Zhong Ziya is a tough cookie . He has nine lives like a cat . He won’t die . ”

Seeing how confident they were, Zhou Wen didn’t say anything else, but he was still a little worried .

When it was night time, Zhong Ziya returned . His clothes were tattered and torn, and he looked like he had been through a fierce battle . However, there was no blood on his body at all . Beneath his tattered clothes was flawless skin .

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Zhong Ziya slept the moment he returned, without saying a word . This prevented Zhou Wen from asking him what had happened .

When Zhou Wen woke up every morning, Zhong Ziya was nowhere to be seen . At night, he would see Zhong Ziya return in tattered clothes . This continued for several days until Zhong Ziya returned with his clothes intact on the fourth day .

“Alright . After Zhou Wen recovers from his injuries, we’ll go hunt a Fairy,” Zhong Ziya said languidly after returning instead of collapsing in bed .

Zhou Wen originally thought they were just joking, but he never expected them to be that bold . In a few days, when Zhou Wen’s injuries were more or less healed, they actually dragged him to Lotus Flower Cave .

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