Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 181

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Chapter 181: 181

Chapter 181 Fairy

“Are you confident in killing a Fairy?” Zhou Wen followed behind the group as they walked towards Lotus Flower Cave .

“No,” Hui Haifeng answered .

Although Jiang Yan and Zhong Ziya didn’t answer, their faces implied that they weren’t confident either .

“Aren’t you taking too much of a risk when you don’t have the confidence in killing a Fairy?” Zhou Wen looked at the trio speechlessly .

Hui Haifeng smiled and said, “If it’s something that can definitely be done, what’s the fun in doing so? It’s only interesting if you aren’t confident . ”

“What theory is that?” Zhou Wen was rendered even more speechless . He didn’t agree that risking one’s life for fun was something interesting .

Zhong Ziya pursed his lips and said, “Hui Haifeng might not be entirely right, but there’s nothing wrong with it . If it’s something others can do, why should we do it?”

“What about you?” Zhou Wen looked at Jiang Yan .

“Counselor got me to watch you all . Since all of you are going, I can only follow,” Jiang Yan said indifferently .

Zhou Wen looked at the trio and was momentarily at a loss for words . He increasingly felt that none of Wang Mingyuan’s students were normal .

He had originally found Hui Haifeng was rather normal, but from what he saw today, he was wrong . Apart from Zhou Wen, no one else was in any way normal .

Why would a gentle person like Teacher, teach such a bunch of strange and eccentric fellows? Zhou Wen originally wanted to say that he wasn’t going, but the trio had already gone far .

“Whatever . ” Zhou Wen sighed and shook his head before following .

Zhou Wen wasn’t completely lacking in confidence . He wasn’t a Fairy’s match in the past, but he was much stronger now . Although he wasn’t enough to fight an Epic Fairy, he still had some confidence in staying alive .

When he grinded in Lotus Flower Cave, he would occasionally encounter a Fairy . It wasn’t difficult for him to escape .

Soon, the four arrived at Lotus Flower Cave . Not long after they entered the cave, they met a Fairy Monkey .

Before Jiang Yan and Zhong Ziya could make a move, Hui Haifeng nudged Zhou Wen forward . “You’ve been recuperating for so long, let’s warm up your muscles first so that you won’t have a cramp when you encounter a Fairy . ”

I’ll be the last one cramping between the two of us, Zhou Wen cursed inwardly, but he had no choice but to approach the Fairy Monkey .

He had lost count of the number of Fairy Monkeys he had killed in-game, but he knew every action of theirs . When he saw the Fairy Monkey flap its wings and fly down, its claws shimmering with a terrifying light, he unhurriedly took a huge step forward and leaped up, causing the Fairy Monkey to barely miss him .


Zhou Wen struck the back of the Fairy Monkey’s head with his palm . The Fairy Monkey didn’t even have the chance to scream as it fell from the sky . It convulsed twice without any sound .

“Beautiful!” Hui Haifeng couldn’t help but praise .

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Jiang Yan was also slightly surprised, but Zhong Ziya pursed his lips and said, “Passable . All that training in palm techniques didn’t go to waste after all . You didn’t embarrass Teacher . ”

They encountered several Fairy Monkeys in a row, but no one was willing to take action . Zhou Wen had no choice but to head up and hunt them, treating it as an opportunity to practice his Seven Distribution Palm .

Zhong Ziya led the way, passing through more than ten caves when they suddenly saw a fairy-like creature rushing towards them with its clothes fluttering .

Zhou Wen recognized it at a glance . It was a Fairy-an Epic dimensional creature inside Lotus Flower Cave .

But upon careful inspection, Zhou Wen’s expression changed drastically . He had seen quite a number of Fairies, but they were all dressed in colorful clothes with ribbons wrapped around their bodies .

However, this Fairy was different . She was dressed in black and the ribbons fluttering in her body were pure white in color . She was very different from the Fairies that Zhou Wen had previously seen .

“Oh no, it’s a Mutated Fairy . ” Zhong Ziya was also surprised, but he had no intention of retreating . He took out a gun and aimed it at the Fairy, shooting three consecutive shots .

The bullets instantly appeared in front of the Fairy, but she didn’t move at all . The pure white ribbons danced around her body as though they had a life of their own, repelling the three bullets .

The bullets made of Primordial Gold failed to deal any damage .

“Run!” Seeing that the three bullets were useless, Zhong Ziya immediately turned around and ran . His actions were swift and without any hesitation .

Zhou Wen had just started when he saw Jiang Yan and Hui Haifeng running, each faster than the other . They had run virtually at the same moment with Zhong Ziya, and Zhou Wen was the slowest .

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However, even Zhong Ziya, who was running right ahead, was unable to rush out of the cave . Just as he was about to enter the neighboring cave, he saw the surroundings suddenly turn pitch black . He could no longer see anything

Zhong Ziya leaped up in a bid to rush out of the cave in the darkness .

However, with that jump, he slammed into what appeared like a steel plate . With a loud bang, Zhong Ziya’s face was flattened from the impact . He fell back as his nose bled .

Zhou Wen didn’t know if Hui Haifeng and Jiang Yan could see, but he could see everything clearly with Truth Listener’s powers .

As for the Fairy in the air, a black sun suddenly appeared behind her . It emitted black light which enveloped the entire cave, forming a dark space .

Is that the Life Soul of a Fairy? Zhou Wen had also seen a few Fairies, but he had never seen them use their Life Souls . It was unknown if the typical Fairy’s Life Soul was the same as a Mutated Fairy’s .

Zhou Wen was just about to warn Jiang Yan and Hui Haifeng to be careful when the ribbon on the Mutated Fairy flew over like a jade wyrm tearing through the air . It was targeting Zhou Wen .

Just as he was about to fight, he saw Jiang Yan’s figure flash and help him block . A slender sword had appeared in his hand in the process .

The sword’s width was at most one finger wide, even thinner than paper, so thin that it was almost transparent .

The sword in Jiang Yan’s hand drew out a purple beam and accurately hit the ribbon . It failed to slice through it but instead wrapped around the sword .

With a tug of the Fairy’s milky-white hand, the pure white ribbon tightened and the sword in Jiang Yan’s hand snapped loudly into several pieces .

Jiang Yan retreated in time, avoiding being sliced by the ribbon .

Zhong Ziya leaped up from the ground, a gun in each hand . He fired ceaselessly at the Mutated Fairy, but unfortunately, all the bullets were blocked by the spinning ribbons . The Fairy wasn’t injured at all .


Why are we so unlucky? Zhou Wen knew that if he didn’t kill this Mutated Fairy, they would probably die . Without any hesitation, he took the opportunity to summon the Great Yin Fan while the Fairy was blocking the bullets . He leaped into the air and charged at the Mutated Fairy .

Meanwhile, Hui Haifeng and Jiang Yan seemed to act as though their minds were connected by telepathy . They charged at the Mutated Fairy, clearly having the same thoughts .

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