Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 183

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Chapter 183: 183

Chapter 183 Stat Requirements

It wasn’t solely because of Zhou Wen’s speed and agility that he managed to dodge the beams . It had to do with the Mutated Fairy’s fingers drastically slowing down . The mark that Hui Haifeng’s strike left on her hand continued to do its magic, slowing down her hands with time .

Furthermore, Zhou Wen didn’t know if he was mistaken, but he felt that the Mutated Fairy’s strength had weakened significantly . The intensity of the beam had clearly decreased .

By the time the Mutated Fairy attacked Zhou Wen, she was in a panic . Hui Haifeng took the opportunity to leap up and strike her back, bombarding her with his two fists . This produced about four marks on her back .

The Mutated Fairy turned around in an attempt to kill him, but her body suddenly stopped in midair . Jiang Yan had already landed on the ground at some point in time . He held onto the long whip with both hands and forcefully pulled back the Mutated Fairy’s body, preventing her from continuing her flight .

Zhou Wen saw Jiang Yan’s body sparkling with purple light like a demonic spirit . The whip was also glowing with purple light, as though it was a blood-sucking demon that was constantly trembling and swallowing .

“Die!” Zhong Ziya repeatedly slashed with his sword, both hands gripped tightly on it . Streaks of blood-red sword beams slashed at the Mutated Fairy that Jiang Yan had put to a halt . They actually split apart her robe, leaving behind streaks of blood .

Although the sword marks weren’t deep, it was the first time Zhou Wen and company had truly injured the Mutated Fairy .

The Mutated Fairy was clearly a spent force . Her movements became slower and slower, as though she had a mountain suppressing her . Furthermore, her strength was weakening, and Jiang Yan was becoming stronger .


Like a demon god, Jiang Yan pulled the whip in his hand, forcefully throwing the mutated Fairy’s figure out and slamming her into the stone wall . This left a huge hole in the wall as the Mutated Fairy’s mouth was covered in blood .

Zhong Ziya slashed down with his sword as well . The blood-red sword beam slashed at the head of the mutated Fairy, and the sword plunged into the skull .

A fierce glint flashed in the Mutated Fairy’s eyes as she abruptly stood up and hugged Zhong Ziya . A terrifying power erupted from her body .

“No good… She’s going to self-destruct…” Hui Haifeng shouted loudly .

Zhong Ziya struggled with all his might, but he was unable to break free . Despite Jiang Yan yanking his long whip, he could only pull the Mutated Fairy and Zhong Ziya over . He couldn’t separate them .

Zhou Wen wasn’t far from Zhong Ziya as he was right behind him . A thought suddenly came to his mind as he charged at Zhong Ziya and struck him on the back .

Zhou Wen used all his strength to slam his Ashen Palm at Zhong Ziya’s back .


Zhong Ziya’s body was fine, but the Mutated Fairy in front of him seemed to suffer a heavy blow to her chest . Blood spurted out of her mouth as her embracing of Zhong Ziya weakened significantly .

Zhong Ziya struggled with all his might, got out of her embrace, and kicked her hard .


As she flew in the air, the Mutated Fairy’s body exploded . A terrifying black aura sent Zhou Wen, Zhong Ziya, Hui Haifeng, and Jiang Yan flying . Instantly, the entire cave trembled and the ground quaked . Dust rose up as gravel flew .

“Are all of you alright?” Hui Haifeng crawled out of the rubble, his body covered in blood and dust . He wore an ashen look as though he had just crawled out of a tomb .

“I’m fine . ” Jiang Yan also stood up from his spot elsewhere . Apart from his body being a little dirty, he was fine .

“I’m not . ” Zhong Ziya was slumped at the feet of a stone statue . His back was covered in bloody flesh, and his injuries were indeed serious .

Zhou Wen’s injuries weren’t light either, he was about as injured as Hui Haifeng .

“Not being dead is good,” Jiang Yan said with a smile after checking Zhong Ziya’s injuries .

Clearly, Zhong Ziya’s life was not in danger, but his injuries were more serious .

“Is that how a person speaks?” Zhong Ziya said weakly, “Don’t talk so much . Hurry up and look around and see if anything dropped from the Mutated Fairy . If nothing dropped, our injuries will have been for nothing . ”

Jiang Yan’s condition was the best . He rummaged through the rubble and soon, they heard him say happily, “There’s something . It’s a Primordial Energy Skill Crystal . I wonder if it’s the Flying Immortal Skill . ”

“As long as there’s something . It doesn’t matter what it is,” Zhong Ziya said .

Jiang Yan threw a crystal at Zhou Wen . “I don’t know if it’s the Flying Immortal Skill . Go back and give it a try . However, be careful . Taking in an Epic Primordial Energy Skill at the Legendary stage is extremely dangerous . If you aren’t confident, it’s best you consult Counselor . ”

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“Give me your accounts . I’ll transfer your shares to you later,” Zhou Wen said without standing on ceremony as he grabbed the Primordial Energy Skill Crystal .

“There’s no need for money . You will be part of my team when I wish to kill some dimensional creature in the future,” Hui Haifeng said .

“Can we talk about money later? Can you take me back to Teacher to treat my injuries first?” Zhong Ziya groaned .

Jiang Yan carried Zhong Ziya on his back while Zhou Wen and Hui Haifeng helped each other out of Lotus Flower Cave . Soon, they returned to the laboratory in Old Dragon Cave .

When Wang Mingyuan saw the four of them, Zhou Wen and company were like old, weak soldiers who had just been defeated . They were all covered in dirt and blood .

However, Wang Mingyuan didn’t ask about their escapades . He only summoned his soul and used the power of his Life Soul to treat their wounds .

This was the first time Zhou Wen had seen Wang Mingyuan’s Life Soul . He had been unconscious back when Wang Mingyuan treated his wounds .

Wang Mingyuan’s Life Soul was a bottle with a thin neck . Although it wasn’t gorgeous, it had some beauty . A stream of light flowed out of the bottle like water and when it touched a wound, Zhou Wen immediately felt a refreshing feeling as the pain of the wound was alleviated .

As the aqueous light flowed into the wound, the wounds healed at a discernible pace . Even his bones recovered rapidly .

After treating the quartet’s injuries, Wang Mingyuan smiled and said to them, “It’s rare that the four of you were injured together . Let’s have a feast to celebrate tonight . ”

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Zhou Wen recovered very quickly . Even without Wang Mingyuan’s treatment, as long as he switched to the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra, his recuperation ability would be much better than the average person’s .

Hence, while Zhong Ziya and Hui Haifeng were still lying in the bed, Zhou Wen and Jiang Yan joined Wang Mingyuan for a celebratory feast .

While resting in the evening, Zhou Wen took out the Mutated Fairy’s crystal . It was about the size of a chicken egg . It was crystalline, and inside it was a Mutated Fairy’s shadow .

Using the phone’s camera function to check the crystal’s attributes, Zhou Wen couldn’t help but be dumbfounded .

‘Mutated Fairy Crystal: Epic stage . Merging requires a Speed of more than 21 points and a Buddha-elemental Primordial Energy Art . ’

This was the first time Zhou Wen had seen a Primordial Energy Skill that had a stat requirement other than Primordial Energy points . Furthermore, there were requirements on the Primordial Energy Art . This was something he had never learned in school .

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