Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 184

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Chapter 184: 184

Chapter 184 Doctor Darkness

Zhou Wen’s current Speed was only 18—quite a distance from 21 points, so the final three points were extremely difficult for him to raise . Apart from grinding monsters to have high-valued crystals drop, Zhou Wen didn’t have any other good methods .

I can only give it a try and see if I can use the mysterious phone to obtain the Skill Crystals in-game . Perhaps I can refine them and absorb them there . Zhou Wen hid under his blanket and used the mysterious phone’s camera function to try snapping a picture of the Mutated Fairy Crystal .

A system notification popped up on the phone: ‘Yet to reach the stat requirements for the skill crystal; thus, it cannot be refined and absorbed . Do you want to continue?’

Zhou Wen hurriedly chose no . Since he couldn’t refine and absorb it, nor was there any way to store items in an inventory in-game, the crystal might end up being erased if the blood-colored avatar died after he brought it in-game . He might as well leave it in the real world .

I can’t refine and absorb it in-game if I can’t meet the stat requirements? Zhou Wen felt a little depressed .

It was nearly impossible for a 21-valued Speed Crystal to drop from a Legendary creature . Unless Zhou Wen killed an Epic creature, it was very difficult to get his hands on one .

The experience of killing the Fairy today made Zhou Wen fully realize how terrifying an Epic creature was . If any of the four of them had made a mistake today, they might have perished there and then .

And the combat power of Fairy was considered lowly among the Epic creatures .

With Zhou Wen’s strength alone, it would probably be difficult for him to succeed even with the help of a Companion Beast .

As for the Buddha-elemental Primordial Energy Art requirement, it wasn’t difficult for Zhou Wen . All he needed to do was switch his Primordial Energy Art to the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra, and he was likely to satisfy the condition .

He took a look at his blood-colored avatar’s unchanged stats again . Only Ashen Palm had changed from the Mortal stage to the Legendary stage . Furthermore, it was still at Rank 10 .

Zhou Wen didn’t find it strange that his Ashen Palm had advanced from the Mortal stage to the Legendary stage . He had already sensed it during the battle; otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to deliver the palm strike that saved Zhong Ziya .

However, he never expected Ashen Palm to remain at Rank 10 after advancing to the Legendary stage .

After some thought, Zhou Wen realized how difficult it was to obtain a Speed Crystal of 21 points from a Legendary creature . He might as well kill an Epic creature .

However, with Zhou Wen’s strength alone, it was impossible for him to kill an Epic creature in-game .

Today’s battle with Jiang Yan and company made Zhou Wen understand one thing . He was alone in-game, and that limited him . However, in the real world, there were many powerful humans like Jiang Yan, Zhong Ziya, and Hui Haifeng . As long as they had good teamwork, they could do things that he couldn’t do in-game .

Zhou Wen planned on killing an Epic creature in reality, but before that, he needed to find some powerful helpers .

People like Li Xuan, Wang Lu, and Feng Qiuyan were extremely powerful Legendaries . If he could obtain their help, they had a chance of killing low-level Epic creatureshigh-level Epic creatures were definitely impossible .

Of course, Zhou Wen wouldn’t risk his life, nor would he risk Li Xuan and company’s lives . Therefore, he began crazily challenging the instance dungeons .

The grinding this time was different from before . This time, Zhou Wen had especially sought out dungeons found in the college . Furthermore, he targeted dungeons with Epic creatures .

The most common destination was Dragon Gate Grotto . In some of the caves, there were Epic creatures that existed . Zhou Wen tried hunting them one by one .

This resulted in him naturally dying time and time again . When he encountered some powerful Epic creatures, the blood-colored avatar would be instantly killed .

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If he encountered a weaker Epic creature, he was able to last a little longer, but that was all . There was no way he could kill those Epic creatures .

The most powerful thing about an Epic creature was that they possessed a Life Soul that had all sorts of powers . Those powers didn’t have the limitations on Primordial Energy, so they could be constantly activated . A stronger Life Soul could instantly kill the blood-colored avatar and a group of his pets . Weaker Life Souls all had their own unique characteristics and possessed all sorts of magical powers .

Zhou Wen repeatedly tested in order to find an Epic creature that could possibly be killed by him . Then, he came up with a perfect plan, hoping to find a few capable helpers to kill an Epic creature without taking any risk .

Time passed as the blood-colored avatar constantly died . As he repeatedly probed things way beyond his level, he ended dying instantly most of the time . Having dripped too much blood, Zhou Wen felt that he was beginning to suffer from anemia again .

Yan Zhen’s disappearance didn’t seem to cause too much of a stir . Although the police came to the school to investigate, it was only part of their routine procedures . No one suspected that Yan Zhen had died on campus .

This made Zhou Wen heave a long sigh of relief . However, on second thought, he understood why no one suspected that Yan Zhen had died on campus .

This was because no one knew that he had come to school . Yan Zhen had come to Zhou Wen and wanted to dissect him . This was something clandestine to begin with, so he had definitely made preparations beforehand . He wouldn’t let anyone know that he had come to the school, nor would anyone know that he was here to find Zhou Wen .

Upon thinking of Yan Zhen, Zhou Wen glanced at the fruit on the Dead Man Tree . The fruit was already the size of a papaya, and its exterior was white and shiny . It looked like an egg no matter how he looked at it .

On the seventh day of the fruit’s growth, it automatically fell off the tree . Zhou Wen got the blood-colored avatar to pick it up . Indeed, it was a Companion Egg .

Doctor Darkness: Epic

Life Providence: Golden Left Hand

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Life Soul: Dr . Soul

Strength: 21

Speed: 37

Constitution: 26

Primordial Energy: 38

Talent Skill: Scalpel, Fight Poison With Poison, Light of Penetration

Companion Form: None

Upon seeing the information on the Companion Egg, Zhou Wen couldn’t help but feel odd . The Doctor Darkness was clearly a replica of Yan Zhen .

Could it be that the power of the Dead Man Tree is to make a dead person a Companion Beast? Then, does Doctor Darkness have Yan Zhen’s memory? Zhou Wen was momentarily hesitant, unsure of how to handle the Companion Egg

Hatching an Epic Companion Egg required too much Primordial Energy . According to Zhou Wen’s previous experience, he was likely able to incubate an Epic Companion Egg using a bug in the game . However, there was a high chance that the Doctor Darkness would suffer a drop in level or be incomplete .

However, if he didn’t hatch it, Zhou Wen was afraid that it would disappear on his next refresh of the game .

Also, if the Doctor Darkness had Yan Zhen’s memories, would he rebel? This was something no one could guarantee .

After some thought, Zhou Wen chose to incubate Doctor Darkness . He gritted his teeth and infused his Primordial Energy into the Companion Egg .

At the moment the Companion Egg was activated, Zhou Wen felt his Primordial Energy surge like a flood that flowed out of a dam . In a blink of an eye, all his Primordial Energy was drained .

The blood-colored avatar exploded to its death in-game . Due to the lack of Primordial Energy, the Companion Egg drained the blood-colored avatar’s vitality .

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