Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 185

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Chapter 185: 185

Chapter 185 Rejection

The blood-colored avatar exploded to death as the game screen turned black .

Zhou Wen dripped another drop of blood and was reborn . When he entered the game again, he saw a Doctor Darkness appear in his Companion Beast window .

He realized that Doctor Darkness had already fallen to the Legendary stage when he took a look at his stats .

Doctor Darkness: Legendary (Youngling)

Life Providence: Golden Left Hand

Speed: 18

Strength: 12

Constitution: 13

Primordial Energy: 18

Talent Skill: Scalpel, Fight Poison With

Companion Form: None

He was considered quite a good Companion Beast at the Legendary stage, but that was all . After he evolved into a mature form, he might be able to return to the Epic stage . However, it required a large amount of time to feed him .

Zhou Wen glanced at Doctor Darkness’s image in-game and thought he looked very similar to Yan Zhen, but he realized that Doctor Darkness wasn’t Yan Zhen .

Doctor Darkness was wearing a white doctor’s robe, but he wasn’t a person, but a human-shaped puppet . He wasn’t of real flesh and blood .

Zhou Wen heaved a sigh of relief . He really couldn’t accept it if Doctor Darkness really had looked like Yan Zhen .

After testing the Doctor Darkness’s skills in-game, he realized that he was actually a support-type pet . He was rather formidable when it came to tasks related to surgery, but his true combat power was not even comparable to the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior of the same level .

However, if he was used for surgery, Doctor Darkness was definitely a top-notch Companion Beast . If a doctor had him as a Companion Beast, it was very likely that he could become a famous doctor .

The Scalpel technique allowed precise incisions with an error as small as three decimal places .

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Fight Poison With Poison was to use poison to stimulate one’s body, allowing one’s vitality to erupt, to tide through the most dangerous point in surgery . It could even suppress some viruses .

Light of Penetration could be used to see through a patient’s body, far better than X-ray or MRI .

However, Zhou Wen didn’t know medicine . It was a waste giving him such an impressive medical Companion Beast . He didn’t know how to use it at all .

Don’t tell me I need to study medicine now? Zhou Wen was somewhat depressed, but on second thought, it wasn’t completely useless .

If he had to deal with some external injuries on the battlefield urgently, Doctor Darkness was still useful . When he returned to the Epic stage in the future, his Dr . Soul Life Soul would be of great help to him in battles .

If I can make the Doctor Darkness return to the Epic stage, it would be much easier for me to kill an Epic creature . However, I wonder how long it will take before I can do this . Zhou Wen kept a happy-go-lucky attitude as he went to Ant City to obtain a few Companion Eggs to feed Doctor Darkness .

Days passed and Ouyang Lan got Ah Sheng to pick him up once again . She said that she had something important to discuss with Zhou Wen .

“Little Wen, have you thought it through? Do you want to participate in the competition for the special physiques?” Ouyang Lan paused before saying, “The competition is about to begin . If you want to participate, you can head to the League’s Holy Land over the next two days . ”

“Sis Lan, I don’t wish to go . Can you give the spot to someone else?” Zhou Wen didn’t wish to vie for a special physique . With the Lost Immortal Sutra, even if he didn’t have a special physique, he could still master the Primordial Energy Art of various styles .

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“There’s only one chance to change every nomination . I had already used up this opportunity when I changed the nomination to you . There’s no way to change it now . If you don’t go, this nomination would be considered null and void . Little Jing wouldn’t be able to go either,” Ouyang Lan explained as though she had seen through Zhou Wen’s thoughts .

“Sis Lan, I’m really not interested in that nomination . You should think of some other solution if it’s possible . ” Zhou Wen felt that going to the Holy Land to vie for those special physiques was a waste of time for him .

Ouyang Lan sighed and said, “Since you don’t wish to go, I won’t force you either . Let’s forget about this matter . It’s fine if the nomination is voided . Since it’s useless to us, we’ll just leave it voided . ”

Although Zhou Wen felt somewhat embarrassed, the nomination wasn’t what he wanted in the first place . It wasn’t his fault for having it voided because of his rejection .

Ouyang Lan didn’t mention the matter again . She ordered a few dishes and the two chatted about family matters and school . After the meal, she got Ah Sheng to take Zhou Wen back .

Ah Sheng wasn’t a conversationalist . He didn’t say anything the entire journey until he got Zhou Wen to the entrance of the school . Just as Zhou Wen was about to alight, Ah Sheng suddenly said, “Why didn’t you accept that nomination? Having that nomination isn’t a bad thing for you . Many members of the League’s large families yearn for this spot . ”

“I just want to live peacefully . I have no interest in special physiques,” Zhou Wen said .

Ah Sheng shook his head and said, “Young Master Wen, perhaps you still don’t know that the League isn’t as peaceful as it seems . In fact, many of the other dimensional zones in the League have had cases of break-outs . Powerful dimensional creatures have rushed out of the dimensional zones and entered the human cities, creating terrifying massacres . Many people have died . ”

After a pause, Ah Sheng continued, “Perhaps in a few years, all the dimensional zones will vanish . When that happens, large numbers of dimensional creatures would rush into the human cities . If one doesn’t have the necessary strength, they might not even be family . ”

“Is the situation very bad?” Zhou Wen knew that Ah Sheng wasn’t lying . In his dorm, there was a dimensional creature that had broken out and refused to leave . It ate like a lord every day .

“It’s worse than most people can imagine . Not long ago, a military base at Chess Mountain was wiped out, including an Epic-stage commander . Now, Chess Mountain is only temporarily suppressed, and the creatures inside can rush out at any time . When that happens, the dimensional creatures that come out might be even more powerful . Once the military is unable to stop those break-out creatures, the human world will immediately plunge into a disaster . ”

Ah Sheng looked into Zhou Wen’s eyes through the rearview mirror and said, “It’s not for anyone . It’s only for your survival in this chaotic world . You should also make a trip to the Holy Land . The things that can be given to you there might allow you to survive in a world of chaos that isn’t too far away . ”

“Thank you for telling me this . However, I really do not wish to have anything to do with the An family or take anything from them,” Zhou Wen spoke the heartfelt truth .

affinity that made Zhou Wen believe that he could say what he couldn’t tell others .

Ah Sheng fell silent . After a long while, he sighed and said, “Madam is right . Although your surname isn’t An and you don’t have any blood relations with Overseer An, your temperaments are too similar . ”

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