Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 186

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Chapter 186: 186

Chapter 186 Zhou Wen’s Plans

When Zhou Wen returned to his dorm, his heart felt heavy .

The reality was worse than he imagined . Even an Epic military officer had died in battle outside a dimensional zone, with large numbers of break-out creatures rushing into the cities . Zhou Wen couldn’t imagine how many humans would survive when that happened .

Although he knew that danger wasn’t far away, there was little he could do now . The only thing he could do was to raise his strength as much as possible .

If that day really came, perhaps he could use his own strength to save the people he wanted to save .

He glanced at the antelope sleeping on the couch . This fellow did nothing but eat and sleep all day . Ever since it left Mount Laojun, it hadn’t done anything else .

If only the dimensional creatures in the dimensional zones are the same as you . It would be great if they could just be dealt with by giving them something to eat . Zhou Wen was just musing, knowing that it was impossible .

Even if dimensional creatures didn’t cause trouble for humans, the greedy nature of humans would still plunder their treasures .

Sometimes, as a human, Zhou Wen felt that humans didn’t deserve pity .

Zhou Wen controlled the blood-colored avatar and constantly launched suicidal attacks against various Epic creatures, hoping to find a pushover among them .

His efforts were not in vain . Through the experience gained through death, Zhou Wen saw a sliver of hope .

It was an Epic creature in Dragon Gate Grotto . However, it wasn’t a Fairy, but a tiger in the Binyang Cave . It looked ordinary, so every time Zhou Wen saw it, he wrote it off as an ordinary tiger . It was at best a Mortal-stage creature .

However, when the tiger really began moving, Zhou Wen realized how ridiculously wrong he was . He didn’t put up much of a fight before he was swallowed by the tiger .

Although he had suffered a terrible defeat the first time, Zhou Wen had no choice but to make attempts on the few weaker Epic creatures . Since he had suffered an even worse defeat by other Epic creatures, this was a safer option for now .

He gradually discovered some of the tiger’s habitual weaknesses and after fighting the tiger several times, he was able to last longer .

After countless deaths and repeated experiments, Zhou Wen was certain that it wouldn’t be difficult to kill the tiger if he had two or three powerful helpers .

He already had a detailed plan . As long as he followed the plan, it wouldn’t be difficult to kill the tiger . The problem now was where to find a few powerful helpers .

Zhou Wen’s three senior brothers were very strong, but they had already helped him once, and they hadn’t received any benefits from him . He had yet to return the favor he owed, so it wasn’t appropriate for him to seek their help again .

After some thought, Zhou Wen made a phone call to Li Xuan and told him that he wanted his help in killing an Epic creature .

“F*ck, Old Zhou, nice one . You are often silent, but once you make a sound, it’s shocking . You’ve actually decided to directly aim your sights at an Epic creature? Whatever, count me in . ” Li Xuan agreed without any hesitation . This trust was not something average people had .

Zhou Wen didn’t say anything else as he got Li Xuan to meet him the next day . There was no point in saying certain things . It was better to let actions speak for themselves to not disappoint him .

After some thought, Zhou Wen made another phone call to Feng Qiuyan . Feng Qiuyan’s saber techniques were sufficiently powerful, comparable to Zhong Ziya’s sword techniques . He was also a powerful aide .

After explaining his thoughts on killing an Epic creature and telling Feng Qiuyan that he only wanted the Speed Crystals, and wouldn’t claim anything no matter what dropped, Feng Qiuyan didn’t hesitate either . Those other items could be split among themselves .

He directly said, “To be able to fight with Coach is a very good learning opportunity . I don’t need to split the spoils . Just let me participate in the battle . ”

Zhou Wen felt like crying when he heard that . What a good classmate and such a kind child . If there were more people like Feng Qiuyan in this world, would there still be things like war?

According to Zhou Wen’s plan, it should be enough to kill the Epic-stage tiger with Li Xuan and Feng Qiuyan’s help .

However, taking in the old adages “expect the unexpected” and “man proposes god disposes,” Zhou Wen decided to buy some “insurance” for his first attempt at killing an Epic creature .

Hence, Zhou Wen made another call to Huang Ji and repeated what Feng Qiuyan had said to him . He also told Huang Ji that, other than the Speed Crystal, anything that dropped would be his .

Zhou Wen knew that Huang Ji was also in need of money . As long as Huang Ji believed him, he definitely wouldn’t reject the opportunity to earn money . After all, anything dropped by an Epic creature could sell at a decent price .

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“If you had said so earlier, I would definitely have joined you . However, I’m already at the airport and am about to board the plane . I definitely won’t be able to join you,” Huang Ji said .

“Board the plane? Where are you going?” Zhou Wen asked in puzzlement .

“I have some matters to attend to at the League’s Holy Land . I’m afraid I won’t be able to return anytime soon . If you’re not in a hurry, wait about ten days for me,” said Huang Ji .

“Let’s talk when you come back . ” Zhou Wen hung up the phone and thought for a moment before calling Wang Lu to ask if she was interested in hunting an Epic creature .

“Of course I’m interested . How can such an interesting thing happen without me?” Wang Lu said with a smile . It looked like she had recovered pretty well .

Zhou Wen thought to himself, If Wang Lu were to turn into a Companion Egg by the Dead Man Tree, I wonder what kind of form it would be .

After gathering a number of people, Zhou Wen called them over the next morning to give them a detailed explanation of his plans and things to take note of .

“Old Zhou, what kind of Epic creature do you want to kill? Fairies in Lotus Flower Cave or the Golden creatures deep in the Myriad Buddha Cave?” Li Xuan asked with a grin .

“Those Epic creatures are too powerful and too dangerous . I want to kill this Epic creature—an epic tiger in Binyang Cave,” Zhou Wen said .

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Li Xuan’s expression turned odd when he heard that . “The tiger you mentioned can’t be the one with white fur, black stripes, and a strange cross pattern on its forehead, right?”

“That’s right . ” Zhou Wen looked at Li Xuan in puzzlement . From Li Xuan’s tone, there seemed to be a problem .

Li Xuan said with a bitter smile, “That tiger is indeed one of the weakest Epics, but the items it drops aren’t bad . They are even very rare and useful . Therefore, the tigers in the Binyang Cave are protected animals . You have to obtain permission to kill it . ”

“What rare items can such a weak tiger drop?” Zhou Wen found it unbelievable .

Li Xuan rolled his eyes at him and said, “Have you heard of the story of Buddha cutting his flesh to feed a tiger? It’s said that the tiger in the Binyang Cave is the descendant of that tiger . They aren’t strong, but their Life Providences are one of a kind . They are of immense use and everyone wants them . ”

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