Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 187

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Chapter 187: 187

Chapter 187 Baby Tiger of Luck

“What Life Providence does that tiger have?” Zhou Wen asked .

“Its Life Providence is called the Baby Tiger of Luck . Think about it . A baby tiger that was just about to be eaten by his mother actually encountered Buddha and had Buddha sacrifice his body to feed his mother . Don’t you think it’s lucky?” Li Xuan said .

“Indeed, it’s lucky, very lucky . ” Wang Lu nodded .

“Therefore, that baby tiger’s Life Providence is one that comes with an extremely rare luck attribute . If one can obtain a baby tiger Companion Beast and use it to kill dimensional creatures, one will not only have the chances of dimensional crystals and Companion Eggs drop, but also be boosted by several percentage points, the dimensional crystal’s value and the Companion Egg’s attributes will be better than usual . Do you think this item is worth anything?” Li Xuan said .

“It will be worth a lot . It’s so valuable . Even an excellent-grade Epic Companion Beast might not be worth as much as it,” said Wang Lu firmly .

“Therefore, there are too many people who want the baby tiger . Let’s not talk about us, even those bigwigs will want this baby tiger with them . It’s also because of this that the tiger in Binyang Cave has become an endangered dimensional creature . There have been a few clashes in Binyang Cave in the past . Eventually, the military was deployed to resolve the matter . Later on, they took over the area . You can enter to kill the tiger, but you have to obtain permission from the military . My family has some say in Luoyang, but it’s impossible to get in through the back door . Old Zhou, I think you need to change your plan,” Li Xuan said .

Zhou Wen never expected the tiger he had chosen would be so famous . He couldn’t help but frown as he asked, “Then what should we do to obtain the right to kill the tiger?” .

Although Zhou Wen was very interested in a tiger with a lucky Life Providence, it wasn’t his main goal . All he needed to do was obtain the Speed Crystal .

If he had to formulate a new plan, firstly, it wasn’t easy finding weak Epic creatures and secondly, Zhou Wen and company might not be able to beat them .

“All the bigwigs in Luoyang City grit their teeth in anger when this topic is raised . In the beginning, everyone wanted to get connections to obtain the right to kill the tiger, but think about it . There are so many bigwigs in Luoyang City, so it’s not good for the military to permit and reject people . It might be because they were forced to do so, but I don’t know who came up with the idea . They set up a huge wheel of fortune . They claimed that whether you can get the lucky baby tiger will be decided by luck . Spinning the wheel each time costs 10,000 . If you hit it, you are permitted to enter for 24 hours,” Li Xuan said knowingly .

“10,000 a spin isn’t considered expensive . Those bigwigs have plenty of money . Just spend some money . What’s there to be angry about?” Wang Lu asked in puzzlement .

“If only it were that simple . The wheel of fortune the military set up is electronically controlled . Just pressing a button will automatically spin it . Furthermore, with the military’s dedicated personnel watching over it, there’s no way to interfere with it . The chances of success are what you call low . There was once a bigwig who led his men to spin the wheel of fortune . After a few hundred turns, they failed to hit it at all . In the beginning, the military earned quite a bit of money . It was practically a scam, but there was nothing that could be done about it . Blame it on the bigwigs wanting the baby tiger . It ranges from one to two hundred spins or a few hundred spins to hit it . But even if you hit it, the tiger might not drop a Companion Egg, right?” Li Xuan droned on .

“Isn’t this a scam?” Zhou Wen frowned . He had completely given up on killing the tiger . With so much money, why was he going through all the trouble? He could just buy Speed Crystals?

“It is a scam, but what can you do if you want the baby tiger? However, there are plenty of rich people and bigwigs who don’t care about money to spin that thing . I also wanted to try it in the past, but thinking about how I can’t spin too many times with my allowance, I gave up on this plan,” Li Xuan said as he spread out his hands .

“In that case, it looks like I can only give up on this plan . I’ll do more research when I get back . I’ll find another Epic creature as a target,” Zhou Wen said .

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“There’s no need to give up . Follow me . I have a way to enter the Binyang Cave,” said Wang Lu with certainty .

“What solutions do you have?” Li Xuan asked Wang Lu in disbelief .

Although Wang Lu had a powerful background, she wasn’t a Luoyang native . Li Xuan refused to believe that she had more say than the Li family that could only enter through the back door .

“Just follow me . You will know when the time comes . ” Wang Lu looked confident .

Zhou Wen, Li Xuan, and Feng Qiuyan had no choice but to follow Wang Lu to the Binyang Cave . Zhou Wen didn’t explain his plan and planned on seeing if Wang Lu could obtain permission to enter the Binyang Cave to kill the tiger . If she couldn’t obtain it, there was no point in explaining it .

Soon, the four of them arrived outside the Binyang Cave . It was not completely sealed off . Only the cave where the baby tiger appeared had the military managing it .

Not long after Li Xuan had brought Zhou Wen and company into the Binyang Cave, they saw a soldier guarding a cave entrance . Beside the cave’s entrance was a wheel of fortune .

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The white wheel of fortune was very eye-catching, but there was a thin red line that looked like a strand of hair . The needle had to hit the red line precisely before the system could automatically determine a jackpot .

Ignoring the fact that it was an electronic wheel of fortune, even if it was manually spun, it would not be easy to hit it .

There was only a red button on the entire wheel . It had pressure sensors that allowed for longer and faster spinning by pressing the button forcefully and a slower and short spin with a gentle press . The only thing that could be controlled was this button .

Zhou Wen wanted to use Truth Listener’s hearing to hear the internal structure of the wheel, but he couldn’t hear anything . He didn’t know what device was installed in it .

“How long would it take to kill that tiger?” Wang Lu asked Zhou Wen .

“If it’s only to kill, it should be fast . If nothing goes wrong, it’s at most half an hour . ” Zhou Wen thought for a moment . He could have the tiger repeatedly appear in-game, but he didn’t know how long it would take for these tigers to burrow through a spatial rift .

Li Xuan said, “I heard that a tiger will appear every two to three days . Furthermore, there is usually only one tiger in the cave at a time . There won’t be multiple tigers appearing together . We have no idea if a tiger has been killed . ”

“Alright, I got it . ” As Wang Lu spoke, she walked towards the wheel of fortune and said to the guard, “I’m going to spin three times . How do I pay?”

“Card, QR code, or bank transfer . ” The soldier smiled .

“Wang Lu, don’t tell me your method is to throw money at it? Then why don’t you just give the money to Zhou Wen so that he can buy a Speed Crystal?” Li Xuan said with widened eyes .

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