Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 188

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Chapter 188: 188

Chapter 188 The Spinning Wheel

“Just watch . ” As Wang Lu said that, she scanned the QR code to make payment and walked to the wheel of fortune . After being checked by the military, she pressed a red button .

The wheel started spinning, stopping only after a while .

Tick! Tick! Tick! Tick!

When the wheel stopped moving, Zhou Wen, Li Xuan, and Feng Qiuyan’s eyes widened as they looked incredulously at the wheel of fortune .

He saw that the needle had stopped at the red line that was as thin as a hair strand . The light on the wheel of fortune lit up, accompanied by a jackpot sound .

“D*mn, what kind of dog sh*t luck did you get? You actually hit it in one shot!” Li Xuan’s eyes widened .

An officer walked over but did not congratulate Wang Lu for winning the prize . Instead, he carefully checked the wheel of fortune and tried spinning it a few more times . After confirming that everything was normal, he said to Wang Lu, “Miss, you are really lucky . Congratulations on obtaining twenty-four hours . You may enter now . ”

“Hold on, I still have two more chances,” Wang Lu said as she pressed her palm on the red button again, making the wheel spin again .

When the wheel stopped, Li Xuan, Zhou Xuan, and Feng Qiuyan widened their mouths as they looked at Wang Lu and the wheel as though they were watching an alien .

All that could be seen was flashing lights and music fanfare playing . Wang Lu had hit the jackpot again .

The officer’s expression changed and he quickly checked the machine again . In the end, everything was still normal . He tried many times but failed to get it . Clearly, there was no problem with the wheel of fortune .

“Miss, congratulations on obtaining another 24 hours . There’s still one more chance . Are you still spinning?” The officer stared at Wang Lu and asked . Clearly, he suspected that there was something wrong with Wang Lu .

“Why not? I did spend the money,” Wang Lu said as she pressed her palm onto the red button .

This time, the officer stared intently at Wang Lu the entire time . He wanted to know if she had used any powers to interfere with the wheel of fortune . He was in charge of this area and had special abilities . If powers affected the wheel, it would be impossible for him not to notice .

However, despite staring at Wang Lu from beginning to end, he realized that she hadn’t used any powers to cheat, but when the needle stopped, the wheel of fortune’s light lit up again .

A cold sweat broke out on the officer’s forehead . He didn’t believe that a Legendary student could cheat in front of him . However, surely it was impossible for her to hit the jackpot three times in a row . It was virtually impossible . The wheel’s program didn’t allow for such a high probability of hitting the jackpot .

“72 hours . That should be enough, right?” Wang Lu returned to Zhou Wen and company .

“Enough… Enough…” Li Xuan and company subconsciously nodded in response .

The officer and soldiers looked at her as though she was a monster as the four entered the cave together .

“Wang Lu, how did you do it? I’m willing to pay to buy your method . ” When they arrived at an uninhabited spot, Li Xuan hurriedly asked Wang Lu . He believed that Wang Lu had definitely cheated, but they just couldn’t tell .

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Wang Lu smiled and said, “There’s no method . I just pressed the button a few times and hit the jackpot . ”

“Tch, forget it if you don’t want to say . ” Li Xuan naturally refused to believe it .

Seeing that he didn’t believe her, Wang Lu added, “I don’t have anything that stands out, but my luck is a little better than the average person’s . I heard from my dad that before I learned how to walk, he took me out for a stroll . I climbed out of the pram myself and picked up a piece of paper on the grass . Who knew that it was actually a lottery ticket . It even won the first prize that day . It was only seven or eight million . I can’t remember . When I was in kindergarten, I bought a second-hand hair clip for three bucks, but to my surprise, there was a high-valued crystal embedded in it . When I was in middle school…”

“Are you kidding me?” Li Xuan refused to believe that such a lucky person existed in this world . After all, he had never won the lottery before, much less picked a winning ticket from the ground . What Wang Lu said was basically spinning tales .

“Do you have any coins on you?” Wang Lu said with a smile .

“Yes, you want to do a coin flip?” Li Xuan said as he took out a coin .

“I’ll buy ten heads . Flip it,” said Wang Lu .

“Tch, I really don’t believe it . ” Li Xuan threw his coin into the air, but when it landed, it was really heads .

After ten consecutive flips, Li Xuan looked at Wang Lu as though he had seen a ghost .

“Sister Lu, can I call you sister? You are the humanoid version of the lucky baby tiger . Are you free tomorrow? The two of us can make a trip to the rich…” When Li Xuan jolted to his senses, he nearly pounced forward to hug Wang Lu’s thigh .

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“I’m not free . ” Wang Lu mercilessly rejected Li Xuan .

“Alright, stop fooling around . I’ll discuss the detailed plan first . In a while, you must listen to my instructions and not make any mistakes . Although that tiger isn’t a very strong Epic creature, it’s still at the Epic stage . Any tiny mistake could kill us . ” Zhou Wen repeatedly exhorted them not to be careless .

The tiger was just relatively weak compared to an Epic stage powerhouse . When compared to Legendaries like them, it was undoubtedly a super big boss to them .

“Don’t worry . We aren’t fools . We know that it’s very dangerous . But Old Zhou, you haven’t killed a tiger before . Where did this strategy come from?” Li Xuan asked .

“I watched videos on the Internet,” Zhou Wen said .

“Damn, can you be any more reliable? Those videos are experts at the Epic stage fighting . We are far inferior to them,” Li Xuan said .

“If you don’t make a mistake, it will be very reliable . ” Zhou Wen was very certain that his plan wasn’t problematic . He had already tried it countless times, but he was lacking in strength, so he couldn’t put his plan into action .

He explained the detailed plan to the three of them, especially their positioning and cooperation . Zhou Wen had them practice it several times and only after seeing that they were familiar with the positioning did he confirm that there was no problem . He then led them deep into the cave .

“Zhou Wen, can you change this plan? Let Wang Lu deliver the final blow to the tiger?” Li Xuan asked Zhou Wen .

“Sure,” Zhou Wen agreed readily .

Based on Wang Lu’s nearly sick luck, killing the tiger would definitely result in something dropping .

Tigers were so rare . If it didn’t drop anything, they would have to wait a few more days before they could try their luck again .

However, to their surprise, Wang Lu shook her head and said, “I don’t like killing . It’s best you do it yourselves . ”

After passing through a few caves, they suddenly saw a tiger covered in white fur and black stripes lying on a boulder in front of them . The tiger also noticed Zhou Wen and company . With a roar, it pounced down from the rock and attacked them .

“Xuan, left; Feng, right; Lu, back . ” In order to reduce the troubles while giving commands, Zhou Wen only said one word in their names .

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