Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 189

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Chapter 189: 189

Chapter 189 You Owe Me

“Is this really an Epic creature?” Twenty minutes later, Li Xuan looked in disbelief at the tiger lying in a pool of blood . He found it unbelievable that it was an Epic creature .

In just twenty minutes, they killed the tiger without any injuries . It was so simple that it was unbelievable .

“Is there another tiger beside it?” Zhou Wen asked .

“I know it’s weak, but I never expected it to be so weak . It was like one of the weakest Epic creatures,” Li Xuan said .

However, Feng Qiuyan said in a serious tone, “No, it’s not that the tiger is weak, it’s that Coach’s plan is so targeted . The tiger didn’t have the ability to utilize its potential and was suppressed by us . If it wasn’t for Coach’s plan, it would be questionable if we could have killed it . ”

“Old Feng, you really don’t have any sense of humor . ” Li Xuan curled his lips and said, “Forget it . Old Feng, go take a look and see if there’s anything good in the tiger’s body . It’s best if it can release Speed Crystals, lest we accompany Zhou Wen again next time . ”

Feng Qiuyan didn’t say a word . He walked straight to the tiger’s corpse and dissected it . Soon, he dug out a crystalline white Companion Egg .

“F*ck, Lucky Baby Tiger!” Li Xuan widened his eyes . Their luck was just too good . They had killed a tiger and ended up having a Companion Egg drop . It was unknown how those bigwigs who had killed countless tigers without having a Companion Egg drop would feel .

“How do we split the Companion Egg?” asked Wang Lu .

“I’ve said it before . All I want are Speed Crystals . Whatever else dropped will be yours . ” Zhou Wen was the first to excuse himself . He had already said it before coming, so he naturally wouldn’t go back on his word just because of a Companion Egg .

Although the tiger was precious, and it was difficult for others to obtain it, Zhou Wen could kill it in-game . It wouldn’t be difficult to obtain it in the future .

“I came just to help Zhou Wen . I also said that I wouldn’t take anything,” Li Xuan said .

“I don’t want it . ” Feng Qiuyan was even more straightforward .

“I really want it, but it’s too valuable . It’s not appropriate for me to take it myself . Let’s do it this way . I’ll accept the Companion Egg . Your share will be converted into money or something,” said Wang Lu .

“Are we people who lack money? Rather than money, why don’t you help us enter a few more times in the future? Firstly, we can help Zhou Wen get the Speed Crystals he wants . Secondly, we can also try to see if we can get a few more tigers to drop . When the time comes, we can each bring one out to enjoy the breeze,” Li Xuan said .

“No problem . I’ll be there as you wish . ” Wang Lu also knew that it was indeed difficult to calculate something like a lucky tiger using money . To take it away, she had to owe them favors .

There would only be a second tiger in three days . The four of them had no choice but to head back now and come back three days later .

Zhou Wen felt a little depressed . He had read from a thread that the tiger easily dropped Speed Crystals . Maybe Wang Lu’s luck was so good that it affected the tiger’s drop-rate, resulting in a Companion Egg being dropped .

It’s still three days before we can kill the tiger . It’s too long . I’d better do more research and see if there are any other Epic creatures that can be killed . Just as Zhou Wen was about to begin gaming, he suddenly heard a knock on the door .

When he opened the door, he saw that it was actually An Jing .

“Is there a reason you are looking for me?” Zhou Wen asked curiously .

“Can we talk inside?” An Jing appeared rather calm this time . Her expression did not change at all .

“Sure . ” Zhou Wen let An Jing in and poured her a cup of tea .

An Jing didn’t touch the teacup as she looked at Zhou Wen and asked, “Why did you refuse to participate in the competition for special physiques?”

“Isn’t that what you wanted?” Zhou Wen asked casually .

An Jing looked at Zhou Wen and continued, “Is that why you refused to participate in the competition?”

“It’s part of the reason . Since this is your spot, I’m not interested or have any desires in having it,” Zhou Wen said .

“You should know that there’s no way to change the nomination . I can’t go even if you don’t,” said An Jing .

“I know, but your things are yours . I can’t take your things away just because you don’t need them,” Zhou Wen said .

“I understand . ” An Jing nodded slightly as she pondered for a moment before looking up at Zhou Wen . “Do you still remember that you agreed to owe me a condition when I brought you into the military camp?”

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“Of course I do . You can raise conditions at any time, but it has to be within my abilities, I won’t do anything that harms others . ” Zhou Wen naturally wouldn’t forget the favor he owed .

“It’s fine as long as you recognize the debt . Then prepare yourselves . Ah Sheng will take you to the Holy Land tomorrow,” said An Jing .

“What do you mean?” Zhou Wen was taken aback .

“My condition is for you to represent me in the competition for special physiques . Is that clear enough? Do you understand?” she said indifferently .

“Why do you want me to go? Haven’t you always wanted to prevent me from getting that spot?” Zhou Wen frowned as he looked at An Jing, unsure of her thoughts .

Previously, An Jing had tried her best to stop him . She had even transferred to Guide High School to fight him, but now she was the one forcing him to go .

“On Uncle Feng’s account, it’s not appropriate for me to personally teach you a lesson . However, there are many geniuses in the Holy Land . It would be appropriate to get them to teach you a lesson and help me vent my anger . It will also let my mother and grandfather know that the person they have high hopes for is useless . Only I can help the An family obtain a special physique . ” With that said, An Jing turned to leave Zhou Wen’s dorm . When she reached his door, she stopped and said without turning her head, “Remember, Ah Sheng will pick you up at ten tomorrow . You owe me this . ”

Zhou Wen was momentarily at a loss for words as he watched An Jing leave in a daze .

Should I go or not? Zhou Wen was somewhat hesitant .

He didn’t want to have anything to do with the An siblings, so he would rather have An Jing’s nomination be voided than go .

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However, for some reason, An Jing had used the condition in exchange, forcing him to go to the Holy Land . Zhou Wen didn’t know why An Jing would do that, so he was somewhat hesitant .

After some thought, Zhou Wen took out his ordinary phone and called Ouyang Lan .

“Little Wen, what’s the matter?” Ouyang Lan remained as cordial as ever . Even though Zhou Wen had rejected her the last time, her attitude towards Zhou Wen didn’t change .

“Sis Lan, can’t we switch it to having An Jing head to the Holy Land?” Zhou Wen asked .

“It really can’t be done . If it were any other family, it might still be possible . However, the League has always been wary of the An family . They can’t wait to wipe away the An family’s nomination, so how could they give the An family another chance?” Ouyang Lan paused for a moment before continuing, “You don’t need to feel burdened . If you don’t want to go, so be it . Speaking of which, I was a little selfish . As it’s too dangerous there, I wasn’t willing to let my daughter take the risk . Instead, I pushed you to the forefront . It was my bad . ”

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