Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 190

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Chapter 190: 190

Chapter 190 Crystal Purchase

“Sis Lan, can you give me the information about the Holy Land?” Zhou Wen thought for a moment . Since he didn’t wish to owe the An family any favors, he was prepared to make a trip to the Holy Land regardless of An Jing’s motives as payment .

“You really don’t have to force yourself . It’s fine if you don’t go,” Ouyang Lan said .

“I wish to take a look,” Zhou Wen said .

“Alright then . I’ll send you the information on the Holy Land . ” Ouyang Lan paused before continuing, “Look through the information first . If you aren’t confident, don’t go . If anything happens to you, I won’t be able to answer Lingfeng . ”

“Alright, Sis Lan, send me the information first,” Zhou Wen said vaguely .

Ouyang Lan sent the information of the Holy Land to Zhou Wen . Only after seeing it did he realize that the Holy Land was actually a large dimensional zone .

Unlike ordinary dimensional zones, there were extremely powerful creatures in it . These creatures were actually willing to give human special bloodlines to change their physiques .

However, powerful creatures would not casually bestow human bloodlines . They had to pass their tests to obtain their bloodlines .

Currently, the known bloodlines were those of the six heroes . Previously, John’s Holy Emperor Body was one of them . However, the bloodline John had inherited naturally couldn’t be compared to the first generation’s Holy Emperor Body .

Zhou Wen had seen the Holy Emperor Body before . The other five types of physiques were all unique . The most detailed description was a body known as the Sun God Body . It was an extremely masculine type that needed one to cultivate an extreme Yang-elemental Primordial Energy Art to pass the test .

Without a doubt, the Sun Strafe Art was prepared for the Sun God Body, but unfortunately, Zhou Wen didn’t cultivate the Sun Strafe Art . It was hard to tell if he could obtain the Sun God Body when the time came .

“Sis Lan, I’ve already thought about it . I want to go to the Holy Land . ” Zhou Wen felt that there was no harm in making a trip there . He could return the favor he owed An Jing and also attempt to download the Holy Land into his phone .

If possible, he might be able to use the Lost Immortal Sutra to obtain many special physiques in the Holy Land .

“I thought about it carefully and felt that it was best if you don’t go,” Ouyang Lan suddenly said .

“Why?” Zhou Wen asked in puzzlement .

Ouyang Lan said with a wry smile, “Back when Tianzuo was young, he went once . However, no one received any special physiques during the trip . ”

“Why?” Zhou Wen was even more puzzled .

“Ahem . When he went there, there was some unhappiness between him and the other youths who went . It devolved into an armed melee . That’s why the other contestants from other families were rather unfriendly to our An family . If you represent the An family, they will target you . It will be very troublesome when the time comes, so it’s best you don’t go,” Ouyang Lan said .

“Those that can enter the Holy Land are at most at the Legendary stage, right?” Zhou Wen asked after some thought .

“Yes, the Holy Land has restrictions . One cannot enter if they surpass the Legendary stage,” Ouyang Lan said .

“I’ll go,” Zhou Wen said through gritted teeth . Perhaps it was as An Jing had said . There would be many elites waiting to teach him a lesson, but since he had agreed to return the favor, there was no reason for him to shrink back now .

Ouyang Lan added some things to take note of and got Zhou Wen to be careful . Having a chance to obtain a special physique was the best, but it didn’t matter if he didn’t get it . Safety was the priority .

Why are the mother’s and daughter’s temperament so different? If it wasn’t for the fact that An Jing had a unique appearance like Ouyang Lan, Zhou Wen really would suspect that An Jing wasn’t Ouyang Lan’s biological daughter .

Although Zhou Wen had decided on heading to the Holy Land, he had to raise his speed to 21 points first . He could head there after refining the Mutated Fairy Primordial Energy Skill Crystal .

It’s definitely too late to kill the tiger now . Ignoring the fact that there aren’t any tigers in Binyang Cave, even if there are, killing it might not necessarily result in a Speed Crystal . After some thought, Zhou Wen realized that there was only one path he could take . He had to buy a 21-valued Speed Crystal from a crystal shop .

Epic grade crystals weren’t cheap . Fortunately, a 21-valued Speed Crystal was considered one of the lowest grade crystals at the Epic stage, so the price wasn’t too ridiculous .

However, even so, the price wasn’t something an ordinary person could accept . If it wasn’t for the urgency of the matter, Zhou Wen wouldn’t have chosen to spend money to buy it . After all, he lacked money .

Zhou Wen requested Ah Sheng’s help to settle the administrative procedures for his suspension at school . Since he was going to the Holy Land tomorrow, he definitely wouldn’t be able to return in half a month . A day or two didn’t matter .

He got Ah Sheng to drive him to the Xiyuan Crystal Shop . This time, there were many customers there, unlike the last time, when it was only Zhou Wen and Ouyang Lan .

When he passed by the code lockers, Zhou Wen took another look and couldn’t help but recall the numbers on the name card .

Unfortunately, Zhou Wen didn’t know what those numbers meant and wasn’t sure if it was the passcode for a locker .

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“Young Master Wen, what kind of stat crystal do you want to buy?” Ah Sheng asked when he saw Zhou Wen walk to the crystal cabinet .

“I want to buy an Epic Speed Crystal . Just 21 points would do,” Zhou Wen said .

“Young Master Wen, you haven’t advanced to the Epic stage yet . It’s too dangerous to absorb an Epic stage crystal right now . If you need higher valued Legendary crystals, I can prepare them for you,” Ah Sheng said .

“There’s no need . ” Zhou Wen shook his head in rejection . The crystals Ah Sheng had brought were naturally given to him by the An family .

“Ah Sheng, what brings you here today?” Zhou Wen was looking at the crystal when he suddenly heard an elder’s voice . He turned his head and saw that the person speaking was an old man with a sickly look .

“Old Master Qin, I’m here to accompany Young Master Wen to buy crystals,” Ah Wen replied respectfully .

Only then did Zhou Wen realize that the sickly old man in front of him was likely the owner of Xiyuan Crystal Shop, Qin Xiyuan .

Qin Xiyuan appeared somewhat surprised as he looked at Zhou Wen and said, “Lad, you’re Zhou Wen?”

“Old Master Qin, you know me?” Zhou Wen was somewhat surprised .

Qin Xiyuan said with a smile, “Of course I know . There’s probably no one in Luoyang City who doesn’t know about Little Lan’s marriage with your father . ”

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With that said, Qin Xiyuan pulled Zhou Wen’s hand and walked him deeper into the store . As he walked, he said, “The things outside are just to fool ordinary people . You are one of Little Lan’s . Come to my treasury and take a look . ”

“Old Master, I just want to buy an Epic Speed Crystal . Just an ordinary one would do,” Zhou Wen said .

“It doesn’t matter if you are buying . Take a look first,” Qin Xiyuan said with a chuckle as he pulled Zhou Wen into the elevator .

Qin Xiyuan led him straight to the fourth floor . After exiting the elevator, he said to Ah Sheng, “Ah Sheng, stay here and watch . Don’t let anyone disturb us . ”

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