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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 191

Published at 30th of April 2020 05:15:05 PM

Chapter 191: 191

Chapter 191 Qin Xiyuan

“This Companion Beast’s name is the Skygod Crane . It was sent here by an Epic expert, Lu Jiuyun . This Skygod Crane’s speed is extremely fast . Furthermore, its Life Providence and Life Soul are pretty good…” Qin Xiyuan held Zhou Wen’s hand as he warmly introduced the Companion Beasts in basement four .

Zhou Wen felt odd . He was clearly here to buy a Speed Crystal, so why did Qin Xiyuan introduce these Companion Beasts to him?

Zhou Wen had tried to emphasize the purpose of his visit several times, but he couldn’t find a chance to interject .

In fact, when Ouyang Lan brought Zhou Wen here, she had already told him everything . However, with Qin Xiyuan’s enthusiasm, Zhou Wen could only patiently listen .

Without realizing it, the two came to the room with the chained silver-haired Companion Beast . After entering the room, Qin Xiyuan suddenly said to Zhou Wen, “Zhou Wen, do you know that you are in danger?”

“Old Master Qin, what do you mean?” Zhou Wen looked at Qin Xiyuan in confusion .

Qin Xiyuan looked outside and saw that Ah Sheng was still guarding the fourth level entrance . He whispered to Zhou Wen, “Everyone in Luoyang City knows that Little Lan married another man, but they don’t know much about that man . At most, they know his surname is Zhou, much less know that he has a son named Zhou Wen . ”

“Then how did you know about me?” Zhou Wen asked Qin Xiyuan .

“It was Ouyang who told me . He said that he thinks highly of you and you are outstanding . If possible, he hopes that you can take over his job in the future,” said Qin Xiyuan .

“What job?” Zhou Wen looked at Qin Xiyuan in confusion .

Qin Xiyuan smiled bitterly and said, “Ouyang is still as cautious as ever . He thought highly of you but didn’t tell you anything?”

“The former principal has indeed praised me for my talent, but that was just a casual remark . Don’t treat it seriously . ” Zhou Wen paused and looked at Qin Xiyuan . “Old Master Qin, doesn’t the former principal study history? I’m not familiar with this area and am not very interested in it . You must have heard wrongly that the former principal asked me to take over his job, right?”

“It can’t be wrong . Ouyang gave you the passcode, right? Did you see the metal slab over there? Enter the code . The items inside were all left by Ouyang . They should be of some help to you,” Qin Xiyuan said as he pointed behind the silver-haired Companion Beast .

What he was referring to was the metal slab with the ship’s anchor emblem engraved on it . The last time Zhou Wen came, he had seen the keypad on it . He guessed that it might be a password lock, but he never expected it to be true .

Despite having those thoughts, Zhou Wen’s expression remained stoic as he feigned surprise . “Old Master Qin, what password are you talking about?”

“Didn’t Ouyang give you the passcode? That’s bad . It’s all the things he left for you . You can’t open without the passcode, so you can only wait for him to return,” Qin Xiyuan said as he stared at Zhou Wen .

“The former principal left something for me? He even wants me to take over his job . Why haven’t I heard him mention it before? I’ll have to ask him when he returns,” Zhou Wen said .

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“Did Ouyang really not tell you anything?” Qin Xiyuan asked in surprise .

“Back when the former principal was still in Guide High School, he often chatted with me, but he didn’t leave anything for me . Also, what was the danger that you mentioned?” Zhou Wen asked Qin Xiyuan .

“The things Ouyang left for you are very important . If others know that you have the items, it will definitely be disadvantageous to you . So you must hide them well and not let anyone see them . ” Qin Xiyuan said sternly .

“What are the things?” The puzzlement on Zhou Wen’s face wasn’t faked . He really didn’t know what the former principal had left him .

“Since you don’t know anything, that can be considered a good thing . Forget it . Since Ouyang didn’t tell you the details, let’s wait until he comes back . ” Qin Xiyuan saw that Zhou Wen didn’t seem to be faking it, so he didn’t say anything else and left the room with the silver-haired Companion Beast .

When Qin Xiyuan closed the door, Zhou Wen glanced at the silver-haired Companion Beast . Just like the last time he came, the Companion Beast was still sitting there with his head lowered . His long silver hair covered his face, masking his appearance .

However, Zhou Wen had a nagging feeling that a pair of eyes were staring at him behind the waterfall-like silver hair . Furthermore, they were smiling at him .

After leaving basement four, Qin Xiyuan got someone to give him the Speed Crystal which Zhou Wen needed . He gave him a very high discount, and eventually, Zhou Wen paid 138,000 for the 21-valued Speed Crystal .

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On the way back, Zhou Wen’s mind wasn’t on the Speed Crystal .

Is the number on the name card really from the former principal? Is that string of numbers really used to open the metal slab? Zhou Wen was extremely puzzled as he felt that something was amiss .

Therefore, when Qin Xiyuan said those words, Zhou Wen only pretended not to understand anything . In fact, he really didn’t quite understand .

Sir, what’s going on? Zhou Wen was filled with doubt .

After Zhou Wen left his store, Qin Xiyuan sat on a chair in his office . He was using the mouse to click on the video and repeatedly replayed the entire conversation he had with Zhou Wen .

After watching for a while, Qin Xiyuan muttered to himself, It looks like I’m overthinking things . This kid really doesn’t know . Who did that old fool Ouyang pass the passcode to? He didn’t even tell his own daughter . Could that old fool have wanted that thing to die together with him?

After returning to his dorm, Zhou Wen took out the 21-valued Speed Crystal and attempted to snap a picture to put it inside the game .

It was very dangerous to directly absorb stat crystals that exceeded one’s level . Although Zhou Wen’s body was powerful, he wasn’t willing to take the risk .

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Furthermore, Zhou Wen was somewhat worried . A Legendary stage definitely had its limits, but he didn’t know what the limit was . A person’s limit was 18 . His was clearly higher than the average person’s, but he had no confidence in reaching 21 points .

The Speed Crystal successfully entered the game, the moment the blood-colored avatar touched it, it immediately transformed into a stream of light that fused into the blood-colored avatar’s body . It made Zhou Wen feel as though a force had fused into his muscles, strengthening them .

The blood-colored avatar’s speed quickly increased by one point and became 19 . Soon, it increased by another point and became 20 .

However, when the Speed Crystal was completely absorbed by the blood-colored avatar, his Speed stat stopped increasing .

Zhou Wen’s heart skipped a beat . He knew what he was most worried about had happened . His Legendary stats hit the limit at 20 points, so he was unable to increase his Speed to 21 points . Unless he advanced to the Epic stage, he wouldn’t be able to learn the Dragon Gate Flying Immortal Skill .

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