Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 192

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Chapter 192

Chapter 192 Hope of Breaking Through

At the Mortal stage, the Lost Immortal Sutra simulated four types of Primordial Energy Arts to boost my stats to 11 points . But now, those Primordial Energy Arts have already reached the Legendary stage, but it hasn’t increased my stats . How do I have my stats break through to 21 points? Zhou Wen frowned in thought .

“Zhou Wen, I heard you are representing the An family and will be heading to the Holy Land?” Li Xuan ran over and sized up Zhou Wen .

“Yes, I just decided to go yesterday . How did you know?” Zhou Wen asked .

“It’s almost time to enter the Holy Land, so the League has already released the list with your name on it . The An family sure treats you well . They actually gave you this spot . ” Li Xuan was very surprised . He never expected the An family to give the spot to Zhou Wen .

If I didn’t have to go, I really wouldn’t have gone, Zhou Wen thought to himself, but there was no point in saying that now . Therefore, Zhou Wen only asked, “Does that mean you are going too?”

Li Xuan curled his lips and said, “If Brother were to talk to me nicely, I might have even given it to him . However, with what he has done, I’ll definitely not let him get his wish . ”

“By the way, how are you getting to the Holy Land? Let’s go together? We can join forces and forge a path of blood together . Each of us will obtain a special physique and return . Later, we will then have a mythical pet . ” Li Xuan rattled on . “Have you thought about which type of physique you will be vying for? Different physiques have different Primordial Energy Art requirements . You have to cultivate the corresponding Primordial Energy Art to have a possibility of passing . ”

Just as Zhou Wen was about to answer, his eyes suddenly lit up as he thought to himself, That’s right . Why didn’t I think of it? Although the Lost Immortal Sutra has the power to confuse Immortals and Buddhas, making those Immortals and Buddhas think that I have a special physique, I actually do not have one . Could the special physiques in the Holy Land allow my body to exceed the limits of the Legendary stage?

With this in mind, Zhou Wen suddenly felt that his trip wasn’t necessarily a bad thing .

“Hey, what are you doing? I’m asking you a question,” Li Xuan said as he waved his hand at Zhou Wen when he saw him looking down in a daze .

“Ah Sheng will be taking me there . ” Zhou Wen snapped out of his daze and explained .

“Then tell Ah Sheng to take one more person . I’ll go with you for company,” Li Xuan said .

“It shouldn’t be a problem . I’ll inform him later, but there will be trouble plaguing me . If you come with me, I’m afraid it won’t be too peaceful,” Zhou Wen said .

“People live in this world to resolve all kinds of trouble . There’s no point fearing it . Alright, I’ll head back to pack up . ” Li Xuan bade farewell and left .

Zhou Wen called Ah Sheng, but he never expected Ah Sheng to say, “Young Master Wen, it’s best if you don’t go with Li Xuan . ”

“Why?” Zhou Wen asked in puzzlement .

“There are some internal problems with the Li family . I’m afraid that it won’t be safe on our trip . ” Ah Sheng wasn’t too direct, but Zhou Wen knew that the problem he was referring to was probably Li Xuan’s second brother, Li Mobai .

“I’m also in trouble . Li Xuan isn’t afraid of trouble, so what’s there for me to be afraid of?” Zhou Wen said with a smile .

After hanging up, Zhou Wen went to Old Dragon Cave . Ah Sheng could help him apply for a leave of absence, but Zhou Wen still wanted to inform Wang Mingyuan and company before he left .

When Zhou Wen arrived at the laboratory, he saw the rare sight of Zhong Ziya, Hui Haifeng, and Jiang Yan there . Furthermore, Zhong Ziya wasn’t sleeping and Jiang Yan wasn’t reading . The three of them were playing cards .

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Not seeing Wang Mingyuan, Zhou Wen asked, “Where’s Teacher?”

“He’s down Dragon’s Well . He should be back soon,” Hui Haifeng answered .

Zhou Wen couldn’t help but worry when he heard that Wang Mingyuan had gone into Dragon’s Well again .

Hui Haifeng and company had never seen the dragon at the bottom of Dragon’s Well, but Zhou Wen had experienced it deeply . Although Wang Mingyuan was at the Epic stage, he might not be a match for the dragon .

Sitting by the side and watching the trio play cards, he felt that something was amiss .

Zhou Wen couldn’t figure out how the trio was playing, despite watching for quite some time .

Zhong Ziya had thrown a 7, and Hui Haifeng had thrown an 8, but Jiang Guan threw a 5 . No matter how he thought about it, 5 wasn’t bigger than 8 .

“What kind of game are you playing?” Zhou Wen asked in puzzlement .

“Just a random game,” Hui Haifeng said with a smile .

Zhong Ziya continued, “There’s no point in playing a proper game of cards . This is called Reverse . We’ll select one person to play cards in reverse while the other two play normally . ”

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This was the first time Zhou Wen saw that cards could be played this way .

He found it more interesting as he watched . A clearly big card was used as a small card in Jiang Yan’s hand, while his smallest 3 to 5s all became the biggest cards .

However, playing cards in such a way made it prone to confusion, especially for an ordinary person . However, the three of them played with relish and never made any mistakes .

After waiting for more than an hour, Wang Mingyuan came out of Dragon’s Well . Zhou Wen recounted how he was going to the Holy Land .

“I didn’t expect the An family to give you the nomination . If you really want to go, you have to be careful . ” Hui Haifeng spoke up first .

Seeing Zhou Wen’s puzzled expression, Hui Haifeng said with a smile, “Back when An Tianzuo was about the same age as us, he went to the Holy Land . He didn’t obtain any special physiques, but he beat the descendants of the six heroes who went to the Holy Land one after another . He caused all the descendants of the six heroes to fall out and none of them obtained any special physiques . This resulted in a great feud . As a representative of the An family, you will likely be targeted . ”

Zhou Wen was dumbfounded when he heard that . Only then did he know that the trouble Ouyang Lan mentioned was really troublesome .

“Why did An Tianzuo do that?” Zhou Wen asked .

“Rumor has it that An Tianzuo was too arrogant . He said that it was meaningless for the descendants of the Six Hero families to get the special physiques every time, so he beat them to a pulp and made them have to quit . But this is just a rumor . Only the real people involved know the truth,” Hui Haifeng said .

“If you don’t have to go, it’s best you don’t go . A special physique might not necessarily be good,” Zhong Ziya said with a twitch of his lips .

“I’ve already promised the An family,” Zhou Wen said .

“You’ll have to go if you have promised, but after you get there, you must take note of someone called Lance,” said Jiang Yan .

“What’s so special about that person?” Zhou Wen asked .

“Lance is also a descendant of the six heroes . Although his fame isn’t as great as John’s, he’s thousands of times more terrifying than John . With your abilities and Companion Beasts, it won’t be difficult for you to deal with the descendants of the other six heroes, but if you encounter this person, you have to be careful . ” Jiang Yan said very seriously without any intention of joking .

“Lance, I’ll remember him . ” Zhou Wen repeated the name Jiang Yan mentioned and silently memorized it .

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