Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 193

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Chapter 193

Chapter 193 Qin Mountain

When Zhou Wen left, there was a necklace around his neck . Although it was a necklace, it was actually a red string with a bead carved from ivory .

This was given to him by Wang Mingyuan who claimed to have made it personally . He originally planned on giving each of them one after making all four . Since Zhou Wen was leaving for some time, he wanted to give him the completed one first .

The next morning, Ah Sheng came to fetch Zhou Wen and Li Xuan, and Ouyang Lan came over . Before leaving, she specially exhorted Zhou Wen, “Little Wen, I’m not worried about your strength, but I’m afraid that you might be careless . After you reach the Holy Land, you have to be careful of the descendants of the six heroes . The grudge from back then between Tianzuo and the six heroes is so deep, they will definitely target you . Remember, safety first . It’s nice to obtain a special physique, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t . ”

“Sis Lan, I understand . ” Zhou Wen nodded slightly .

If this were in the past, Zhou Wen wouldn’t have taken the special physique to heart, but in order to break through, Zhou Wen had to vie for it .

Zhou Wen originally imagined that they were taking a plane to the Holy City, but to his surprise, Ah Sheng drove them out of Luoyang city without heading to the airport .

“Brother Sheng, isn’t it too slow by car?” Li Xuan didn’t dare call him Ah Sheng, so he called him Brother Sheng .

Previously, Li Xuan had told Zhou Wen that although An Sheng was only picked up by An Tianzuo and was not a true member of the An family, An Tianzuo treated him like a brother .

In the An family, he was Ah Sheng, but outside, An Sheng’s name was frightening .

“This was ordered by Madam . There are many routes to choose from so the roads are safer . Furthermore, there are a few dimensional zones . I want you to visit them before heading to the Holy Land,” answered Ah Sheng .

“Which dimensional zones?” Li Xuan was intrigued .

“The nearest place is in Qin Mountain . I don’t know what the name is,” Ah Sheng answered simply .

However, Li Xuan’s expression changed when he heard the name . “Brother Sheng, don’t tell me you are really letting us enter the dimensional zone at Qin Mountain? I heard that the dimensional zones there are really terrifying . Without being at the Epic stage, entry means death . ”

“It’s not that exaggerated . About 90% die,” Ah Sheng said .

Is there a difference? Li Xuan cursed inwardly .

Zhou Wen didn’t know much about this, so he asked, “Is Qin Mountain terrifying?”

“Is it terrifying? Remove that questioning tone and that’s more like it . That’s where the great horror lies . Have you heard of the legendary Kunlun?” Li Xuan said with a twitch of his lips .

“Didn’t Ah Sheng say he was going to Qin Mountain? What has it got to do with Kunlun?” Zhou Wen was somewhat puzzled .

“The legendary Kunlun of ancient myths refers to Qin Mountain . It doesn’t point to the present-day Kunlun Mountain Range . Qin Mountain is also a dragon vein of East District, basically the best geographical location . The dimensional zones there are extremely terrifying, and there are countless powerful dimensional creatures inside . Humans are nothing there . Even top human experts have to tread carefully inside like they are treading on thin ice . If they aren’t careful, they might perish, much less us Legendaries . ” Li Xuan asked another question after he was done, “Brother Sheng, are you really taking us to the dimensional zone in Qin Mountain?”

“Yes,” Ah Sheng answered simply .

Li Xuan suddenly realized that coming with Zhou Wen was a wrong decision .

It didn’t mean that he was afraid of going to the ruins . No matter how dangerous that place was, Ah Sheng wouldn’t bring them to their deaths .

However, along the way, Ah Sheng drove without saying a word, while Zhou Wen gamed on his phone, leaving him bored out of his wits .

“Is that stupid game really that fun? You’ve been grinding ants the entire journey . How many ants have you killed? Did the ants provoke you? If you really hate it so much, just find a real ant and kill it . Why do you have to seek revenge on it?” Li Xuan said gloomily .

“Yeah,” Zhou Wen replied before continuing grinding

Li Xuan was instantly rendered speechless . He had no way of communicating with Zhou Wen, so all he could do was lean back into his seat and sleep .

Zhou Wen had been trying to kill the Golden Flying Ant or break the white cocoon it was protecting . Unfortunately, the Golden Flying Ant was too fast, so he could do neither .

However, grinding for some Companion Eggs to feed his pets was not a bad choice . He could try his luck at Companion Beast fusion .

The success rate of a fusion was really low . The success rate for the first fusion was the highest . After every fusion, the success rate plummeted . As for how much it decreased, it depended on the pet’s species .

Due to the existence of the Grand Yin Wind skill, Zhou Wen could quickly grind ants . Many ant eggs dropped, so Zhou Wen began to wonder if he could come up with an ant that could both fly and provide defense .

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It would have high speed and high defense .

Therefore, Zhou Wen had been using Companion Eggs of the black-winged flying ants and the red-armored ants all this time . He had succeeded quite a few times, but none of them could satisfy Zhou Wen with their stats and skills .

Red-armored, yellow-armored, blue-armored ants each have a defensive Primordial Energy Skill . I’ll first do fusion until I get an ant with three skills, then I’ll combine it with a black-winged flying ant, allowing it to have the ability to fly . That way, I’ll need at least three fusions . The success rate is just too low . Zhou Wen tried many times . Skills were either lost after the fusion or the fusions failed .

It was especially so for the third fusion . The chances of success were too low . There was only a little more than an 11% chance of success . He had lost count of the number of times he had attempted fusion, but they all failed .

Thankfully, there were many ant eggs . Zhou Wen didn’t have anything else to do on the way, so he slowly fused them .

When the car entered the mountainous region, it was very rare to see people and cars .

In this era, due to the appearance of the dimensional zones, many roads were blocked . Traveling between cities was actually a very difficult matter .

If an ordinary person were to accidentally enter a dimensional zone, the probability of surviving was extremely low .

Currently, there weren’t many civilian operations for the transportation of goods . The main reason was that the League’s military was doing it . Even so, there were still many accidents every year .

Most of the time, people along with their vehicles would disappear . Search and rescue teams didn’t even have a clue where to begin .

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As the car drove along the mountain road, Zhou Wen, who was gaming, suddenly felt his eardrums hurt . The window shattered at the same time as the tires burst . Accompanied by an explosive sound, he heard a strange shriek .

The car lost control and swerved into the railing of the mountain road as it began to spin off the road .

Ah Sheng suddenly wound down the car window, and with one foot on the mountain road, he forcefully stopped the car . It was as if the car had been nailed to the ground, leaving it less than a meter away from the cliff .

Zhou Wen and Li Xuan were given a fright as they subconsciously looked out onto the mountain road . They saw a golden glow dancing in the middle of the mountain range .

On a closer look, it was a giant bird that was as golden as a phoenix . It was dancing through the mountain like a golden sun . The bird’s cry from before came from it .

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