Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 194

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Chapter 194: 194

Chapter 194 Car Flying Through The Empty Sky

“F*ck, is that a phoenix?” Li Xuan asked in surprise .

“Don’t speak, don’t move, don’t make any sound,” Ah Sheng said in a low voice .

Zhou Wen and Li Xuan felt a baffling sense of pressure when they saw Ah Sheng being so cautious . They sat in the car without daring to move, but their eyes were focused on the dancing giant bird in the mountains .

The giant bird flew very leisurely, like a golden cloud floating in the middle of a mountain . It leisurely bobbed up and down in the sky, like an elder taking a stroll .

After flying for a while, the giant bird approached Zhou Wen and company . Only then did Zhou Wen and Li Xuan see that behind the giant bird was a row of chicks .

The giant bird was like a golden cloud, but the chicks were about the size of a quail . Although their feathers were also golden, their color was lighter, and they didn’t have such a strong luster . Apparently, their feathers hadn’t fully grown .

Zhou Wen counted and found a total of six chicks followed behind the giant bird . They flapped their wings and tried their best to maintain their flying postures, but it was extremely strenuous . They flew in all directions, as though they could drop at any moment .

The giant bird ignored them and continued flying in front . The six chicks tried their best to follow the giant bird up and down as they flapped their wings with all their might .

This is the true descendant of a dimensional creature! This was the first time Zhou Wen had seen a dimensional creature’s descendant . A Companion Egg wasn’t a real egg, but a form of life crystal .

As they watched, the giant bird flew over with the chicks . When it was a few hundred meters away from the mountain path, Zhou Wen and Li Xuan felt a strong heat blast, as though a scorching wind was hitting them .

The sweat from their bodies intermediately oozed out . In a blink of an eye, their clothes were drenched .

Because of Ah Sheng’s reminder, neither of them dared make a sound . They sat in the car, as though they were in a sauna .

They were still somewhat worried, unsure if the giant bird was coming for them . Zhou Wen even wondered if their firm muscles had caught the fancy of the giant bird, making it decide to feed them to the chicks .

Li Xuan and Zhou Wen looked at Ah Sheng, hoping to ask him what ideas he had . They were no match for such a monstrous creature . If they didn’t flee now, it would be too late .

Ah Sheng sat there without any reaction . He looked at the giant bird without a word, evidently having no intention of escaping .

The two of them could only bite the bullet and sit still . After a while, the giant bird flew past the top of the mountain with the six chicks and ignored them . Clearly, they were only out practicing flying and weren’t intentionally targeting them .

Zhou Wen and Li Xuan secretly heaved a sigh of relief when they saw that the giant bird was about to fly over them .

However, it was at this moment that something unexpected happened .

An exhausted chick fell from the sky . Although it tried its best to flap its wings and control its body, it was unable to muster the required strength . It fell faster and faster .

And coincidentally, the chick fell in the direction of their car .

“What do we do?” Li Xuan and Zhou Wen looked at Ah Sheng .

Ah Sheng obviously hadn’t expected this to happen and the look on his face changed as well . However, he still sat motionlessly in the driver’s seat and even gestured for their silence .

The chick fell too quickly and just as Zhou Wen saw that Ah Sheng wasn’t moving, the chick had already fallen on the roof of the car . With a loud thud, a huge dent was produced on the roof .

Furthermore, a tiny hole had smashed through the roof . The chick’s head and neck drooped down from the tiny hole as it shook in front of Zhou Wen and Li Xuan .

Instantly, the air in the car seemed to freeze . Li Xuan robotically turned his head and exchanged a glance with Zhou Wen, seeing their worry in each other’s eyes .

This chick won’t die here, right? Zhou Wen was very worried . If the chick really died here, would the giant bird vent its anger on them?

Dimension creatures weren’t humans, so they wouldn’t reason with them . They could thank their lucky heavens if they weren’t eaten by them, much less think about being given compensation for the car damage .

Just as Zhou Wen was considering whether he should immediately jump out of the car to flee, he saw the chick’s neck twitch before opening its eyes . It then looked at Zhou Wen and Li Xuan for a few seconds .

Following that, they heard thumping sounds . The car’s roof which was made of special steel alloy had been warped and dented . There were a few more holes, as sharp objects pierced through the steel plate, allowing Zhou Wen and company to see tiny sharp hook-like talons .

Precisely six sounds! Zhou Wen kept count as he listened to the thumping and knew that six chicks had landed on their roof .

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In the next second, before the sound could form an image in Zhou Wen’s mind, the car trembled violently . Outside the shattered car window, a gigantic golden bird claw appeared .

Then, Zhou Wen and company felt the car rapidly rise as it instantly rose into the sky .

How can I be so unlucky… Zhou Wen felt that he never had a smooth trip when he went out . This time, he was ridiculously unlucky .

Li Xuan could no longer hold his tongue, but Ah Sheng made a gesture a step ahead of him, indicating for him to remain silent and continue sitting

Soon, Zhou Wen and Li Xuan could already look down on the mountain . The entire car had been hoisted into the sky by the giant bird’s claw .

The chick exchanged looks with the humans for a few seconds before struggling a few times to pull its head out .

But soon, Zhou Wen heard the piercing sound of steel being torn through . The roof of the car was quickly ripped off by a tiny talon, forming a bigger hole . The chick jumped in

Seeing the chick about to land on him, Zhou Wen thought of the tiny, tender talon that could easily tear apart special steel plates . This gave him the urge to rush from the vehicle to flee .

Ah Sheng, who was in front, gestured for him to hold back . Clearly, he didn’t want Zhou Wen to make any sudden movements .

Zhou Wen hesitated for a moment before the chick landed on his leg . Unlike what he imagined, the chick was very light and was at most half a pound in weight . It didn’t have any strength in its claws .

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Before Zhou Wen could decide on how to deal with the chick, a few more chicks had jumped down from the hole and landed on Zhou Wen and Li Xuan, or into the back row of seats .

Another chick landed on Li Xuan’s head and stood perched there, as though it had no intention of moving .

Li Xuan and Zhou Wen were equally depressed, but they didn’t dare move . They had the urge to cry .

The six chicks jumped around Zhou Wen and company and pecked them from time to time . However, they didn’t really exert any strength, as though they were just curious .

It’s over, it’s over . If this giant bird were to bring us back, we would definitely become their meal . Li Xuan lamented inwardly about his bad luck .

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