Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 195

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Chapter 195: 195

Chapter 195 Tree Halfway Up the Mountain

The six chicks happily bounced around in the car . They pecked here and there, looking around with curiosity .

Zhou Wen and Li Xuan clearly weren’t as relaxed as they were . They sat there motionless, afraid that they would anger them and incur the giant bird’s wrath .

At the same time, they were afraid that these chicks would suddenly think of trying to test the hardness of their beaks .

“Bam!” Just as they were in thought, a chick suddenly threw a tantrum and pecked heavily at the car door .

The car was bulletproof . A normal bomb couldn’t even blast open the door, but the chick easily bore through a hole .

Zhou Wen and Li Xuan’s cold sweat instantly poured, mixing with the warm sweat that they were already soaked in . It was quite an indescribable feeling .

Thankfully, the chicks didn’t try their beaks on them . Zhou Wen was fine, but Li Xuan was a little unlucky . The chick that was standing above him actually pooped . Although it wasn’t much, it made Li Xuan feel like dying .

With another loud crash, the car shook violently . The golden bird’s giant claw had vanished, and the car had apparently landed on the ground .

However, when Zhou Wen looked outside, he immediately realized that he was wrong . They hadn’t landed on the ground at all . This was a mountain halfway up the mountain . The car had landed on a stone platform on the mountainside . It was neither up nor down . Unless their car could fly, it was impossible to drive away .

Being able to drive away was secondary . Most importantly, it was whether they could return alive .

Zhou Wen was considering how to survive when Li Xuan furtively tugged at the corner of his shirt and pointed outside the window .

Zhou Wen looked in the direction he was pointing and was immediately alarmed .

They were on the mountainside of a lone mountain peak, at least 700 to 800 meters off the ground . However, from Li Xuan’s side, he could see the crown of a tree .

A tree crown can be seen here? How tall is that tree? Zhou Wen found it unimaginable . Although there were many mutated plants in this era, Zhou Wen had never seen a tree that was 700-800 meters tall .

If the height was converted into a building, it would be about 200 to 300 stories tall .

The phoenix-like bird landed on the crown of the tree and let out a bird’s cry . It made Zhou Wen feel like his ears were numb, buzzing so much that he couldn’t hear anything .

When the six chicks heard the giant bird’s cry, they bounced out of the window and approached the giant bird on the tree crown .

Only then did Zhou Wen realize that the huge bird didn’t live on the mountain peak . Its nest was on the large tree .

On the mountain’s stone platform, besides their car, there were also several other cars . There were SUVs and trucks too, and many things were scattered around them .

There was a box of beverages, as well as some timber from a vehicle . All sorts of things were scattered on the platform, but no one could be seen .

From the looks of it, it’s not the first time that the giant bird has brought cars up here, but why isn’t there anyone around? Where did the people in those cars go? Did they escape or have they already found themselves in the giant bird’s stomach? Zhou Wen guessed .

While Zhou Wen was contemplating, the giant bird had already led the six chicks into a tree hole . At that moment, Ah Sheng lowered his voice and said, “That giant bird is too terrifying . We are no match for it, so make sure not to anger it . ”

“Brother Sheng, there are Epic creatures you can’t deal with?” Li Xuan asked with a sliver of hope .

“I may have means to deal with an Epic creature, but it’s hard to tell whether that’s an Epic creature or not,” Ah Sheng said calmly .

Li Xuan was immediately alarmed when he heard that . “That can’t be? Could it really be the mythical phoenix?”

“I don’t know if it’s a phoenix, but that tree should be the legendary parasol tree,” Ah Sheng said as he looked at the giant tree outside .

“The tree outside is the parasol tree? There’s the saying that a phoenix nests in a parasol tree . Does that mean that the giant bird is really a phoenix?” Li Xuan was even more alarmed .

“That’s not necessarily the case . I once fought in the dimensional zones with the Overseer and have previously seen parasol trees slightly smaller than this one elsewhere . It was an Azure Luan which was just half a step short of being a Mythical creature . We suffered heavy losses in that battle and even the Overseer suffered serious injuries . That’s why we killed the Azure Luan and chopped down the parasol tree,” Ah Sheng said .

“Brother Sheng, what should we do now? Why don’t we sneak down the mountain and escape at night?” Upon hearing Ah Sheng’s words, Li Xuan felt even more afraid .

“Forget about these terrifying dimensional creatures . Even ordinary birds have better eyesight than humans . Daytime or nighttime doesn’t make a difference to them . ” Ah Sheng scanned his surroundings and saw the cars and the things strewn on the ground .

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“You guys wait here . I’ll go out and take a look . ” Ah Sheng then quietly got out of the car . He crawled forward like a snake, so quiet that he didn’t even make a sound .

In a short while, Ah Sheng returned with many things tucked under his arms .

“These drinks still have half a year of shelf life . From the looks of it, their owners weren’t brought here too long ago . Now, there’s no one here . If they haven’t escaped, they are most likely in the giant bird’s stomach . ” Ah Sheng handed the cans in his hand to Zhou Wen and Li Xuan . “Only after eating will we have the strength to flee . We don’t have much time left . There are still a few dimensional zones to go . We also need to arrive in the Holy Land on time . We can’t delay any further . ”

Considering how the giant bird wasn’t likely to exit the tree hole moments after returning, they decided to leave immediately .

After drinking some of the beverages and eating some snacks to fill their stomachs, the three of them immediately got up and quietly headed for the edge of the cliff to take a look .

ot only was the mountain steep, but the stone wall was also as smooth as a mirror . There was almost no place to rest one’s feet .

“It’s too steep here . If I don’t use my flying pets, I’m afraid I won’t be able to get down,” Li Xuan said with a sullen expression .

“You can’t use Companion Beasts . Dimension creatures are very territorial . If you use a Companion Beast, you will be making an enemy out of the giant bird, infuriating it in the process .

“Young Master Wen, can you go down by yourself?” Ah Sheng asked Zhou Wen .

“Yes . ” It wasn’t difficult for Zhou Wen to head down .

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“Alright, then I’ll carry Li Xuan . Let’s head down together . ” After Ah Sheng said that, he crouched down and waited for Li Xuan to get on his back .

“Brother Sheng, there’s no need . There’s really no need . I should be able to give it a try myself . There won’t be much of a problem . ” Li Xuan hurriedly rejected Ah Sheng’s good intentions .

The three of them climbed down together . Their ascension of the mountain was abrupt, but their descent was dangerous . With Dragon Gate Fairy Skill, Zhou Wen was barely able to maintain his balance while descending

Zhou Wen crawled for a while and saw Li Xuan sweating profusely . However, it seemed as though he could still hang on .

He subconsciously turned his head to look in the direction of the tree hole . What he saw left Zhou Wen in a state of shock . He had no idea that the giant bird was standing at the tree hole’s entrance . Its eyes were coldly staring at him .

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