Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 199

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Chapter 199: 199

Chapter 199 Holy City

Holy City was the highest administrative center of the League . It was also the world center that humanity had built after the dimensional storms .

The reason it was named Holy City was that the Six League Heroes had obtained their powerful physiques in Holy Land . With immense power, they had been able to suppress the generation of those times and establish a fixed political system, reducing the suffering that war and disaster brought to humanity .

The trio arrived at Holy City, a new city that was only built after the dimensional storms . The architectural style was different from the old cities like Guide City and Luoyang . It looked modern and there were statues of six heroes everywhere on the streets .

As heroes who saved humanity from the chaos and disaster, they had received the highest honor in the League . All the citizens of the League remembered their names forever .

However, this wasn’t a good thing for Zhou Wen because the descendants of the six heroes were likely to go against him .

Ignoring the grudges between An Tianzuo and the six hero families, just the grudge between Zhou Wen and the Capim family was unlikely to be resolved so easily .

Ah Sheng had booked a room for Zhou Wen and Li Xuan to stay in . After he settled them in, he began handling the administrative matters needed for entering the Holy Land .

As they had been delayed at Qin Mountain for a few days, most of the youths participating in the competition had already arrived . Zhou Wen and Li Xuan were considered the last two .

“Minister, Zhou Wen has arrived in Holy City and has checked into Goth Hotel . ” Liz’s eyes shimmered as she clenched her fists tightly .

Liz could still endure having her Primordial Energy Sea crippled, but John’s humiliation made her wish she could immediately charge over and kill Zhou Wen .

“I already know . With An Sheng by his side, and with them being the League’s invitees at the Holy Land, it’s not appropriate for us to take Zhou Wen into custody so brazenly . Just as we said, contact the youths from the other families who will be participating in the competition and get them to take care of Zhou Wen inside the Holy Land,” Qiao Siyuan said .

“Don’t worry, Minister . Even if I don’t do it, the other families won’t let Zhou Wen off easily . Back then, An Tianzuo crippled six hero families’ generation of youths, and now with Zhou Wen representing the An family, everyone is rubbing their hands in glee . They want to cripple him just like what An Tianzuo did back then,” Liz said .

“Zhou Wen isn’t a simple person . He was able to defeat John despite him using Light of Judgment . With such strength, not many people, including those from the six hero families, would be able to do it . Besides, the An family naturally has some confidence if they dare send him here . It’s best you contact the other families to ensure that nothing goes wrong with this plan . ” Qiao Siyuan wasn’t as optimistic as Liz .

“Don’t worry . I’ve already contacted a few people who are closer to my family to take action with John . There won’t be any problems,” Liz said confidently . “This is the Holy Land, not the An family’s Luoyang . Zhou Wen won’t be able to escape this time . ”

Qiao Siyuan tilted his head and paused before asking, “Have you contacted Lance?”

“No, he has been missing recently . I don’t know where he’s gone . I’m afraid he will not return until the day the Holy Land opens,” Liz said .

“Try your best to contact him . If Lance were to take action, everything would be fine,” Qiao Siyuan said .

With this being his first time in Holy City, Li Xuan went out shopping . He said that he wanted to see how different Holy City was from Luoyang . However, Zhou Wen wasn’t interested and chose to game in his room .

Zhou Wen had used his phone’s camera function to look at the Bamboo Blade and the eggshell shard, but he had failed to discover anything special . Since he couldn’t lock onto the two items, he naturally couldn’t bring them in-game .

Zhou Wen had no choice but to place them in the Chaos Bead’s space . Zhou Wen had originally planned on using the power of the Chaos Bead to raise the First Order of Chaos to the Legendary stage to see what Life Providence he would obtain .

However, the Chaos Bead did not produce any light or text . Zhou Wen had no way of advancing himself .

The chick kept hopping on the table . Zhou Wen had bought some fruits for it, but it didn’t eat much .

Over the past few days, the chick didn’t eat much nor did it drink much water . However, it still looked energetic without showing any signs of frailty .

Zhou Wen originally planned on grinding a few instance dungeons to see if he could raise all his stats to 20, but the chick didn’t sit still . It jumped onto him and kept peeping noisily .

When he ignored it, it jumped onto his head and pecked him on the head with its beak .

“What are you trying to do?” Zhou Wen removed the chick from his head and questioned it gloomily .

Initially, he thought that it was pointless speaking to it since it wouldn’t be able to understand him . To his surprise, the chick actually understood him and jumped onto the table . Using its mouth, it flipped open a magazine to one of the pages, pressing its claw onto it .

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Zhou Wen looked curiously and saw that the chick’s claw was pressing down on an advertisement . The advertisement’s content was actually the auctioning of a Companion Egg .

“You want to eat this?” Zhou Wen asked the chick in shock .

The chick understood his words and immediately nodded .

“I don’t have that, but I do have a Legendary Companion Egg . Make do with it . ” Zhou Wen took out a Legendary Companion Egg and placed it in front of the chick . It was something he had discovered in a damaged car on the stone platform .

Seeing the chick’s look of contempt, Zhou Wen added, “That is a rare Epic Companion Egg . I don’t have the money to buy it for you . Don’t even think about it . Just make do with this one . If you don’t eat it, you won’t even have one . ”

Seeing the number of zeros on the starting bid, Zhou Wen lost all interest . Even he didn’t need such a good Companion Beast, so it was a little too much to let the chick eat it .

The chick glared at Zhou Wen before eventually lowering its head in resignation and pecked at the Companion Egg . It sporadically pecked at it, as though it was very unwilling to eat .

Zhou Wen had no choice . To feed it with a Legendary Companion Egg already pained his heart . It was impossible for him to obtain an Epic stage Companion Egg .

After resting for two days, Ah Sheng took them to the entrance of the Holy Land for registration . When they arrived, many young people had already finished registering .

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When Zhou Wen went to register, the official in charge of confirming the candidate read out ‘Luoyang An family’ . This drew the gazes of all the youths present . A few of them even began cracking their knuckles .

Standing in the crowd, John stared coldly at Zhou Wen as the killing intent flickered in his eyes .

“Old Zhou, it looks like we are very popular . ” Li Xuan also noticed that something was amiss, but he deliberately retorted .

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