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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 200

Published at 2nd of May 2020 05:45:05 PM

Chapter 200: 200

Chapter 200 Thundergod General

“Indeed . I’m just afraid that their passion will be unbearable when the time comes,” Zhou Wen said indifferently .

“The An family actually didn’t send An Jing . What’s the meaning behind sending an outsider? Are they afraid?” a stern-looking youth in black asked .

“The An family is smart . They didn’t send one of their own out of fear and got an outsider to let us vent our anger . ” Another handsome young man with blonde hair wore a look of disdain .

“It looks like apart from An Tianzuo, there aren’t many talents in the An family . They actually found an outsider to enter the Holy Land . I feel sorry for the An family . ”

Zhou Wen could tell from the number of youths speaking that he was in trouble this time .

“Young Master Wen, if you don’t wish to participate, it’s still not too late for you to quit . Madam has said that you should act according to the circumstances and don’t force it,” Ah Sheng whispered to Zhou Wen

“Since I’ve agreed to come, I can only take the challenge even if there’s a sea of fire ahead of me . There’s no reason for me to return now . ” Although Zhou Wen spoke beautifully, he really didn’t wish to get involved if not for his attempt to see if the special physiques could enhance his physical stats .

Of course, he had to return the favor he owed . No matter what, he had to enter the Holy Land to take a look .

Ignoring the mockery and sarcasm of those people, Zhou Wen’s gaze constantly observed the so-called Holy Land, hoping to find the tiny palm symbol .

The so-called Holy Land was different from what Zhou Wen imagined . It didn’t have any magnificent ancient buildings or immortal-like paradises .

In a desolate desert, there was an ancient and worn-out stone platform . The stone platform was hexagonal and every edge had a stone pillar .

The six stone pillars had different symbols engraved on them . Even the carving techniques and styles were different, as though they were made by six different kinds of craftsmen .

Unfortunately, Zhou Wen failed to see any tiny palm symbol despite using Truth Listener to observe his surroundings for quite a while .

“Shut up . This isn’t a wet market . Whoever spouts any more nonsense will be disqualified . ” The official coldly stopped everyone and continued, “Before coming here, your family has already informed you of the rules of the Holy Land . However, I still have to repeat them one more time . Everyone who enters the Holy Land does so voluntarily . If any mishaps happen in the Holy Land, it has nothing to do with the organizers of this trial . In other words, even if you die inside, no one will be responsible for it . ”

With that said, the official looked at Zhou Wen and continued, “If anyone wishes to quit now, they can immediately make the request to not enter the Holy Land . However, once anyone enters the Holy Land, they need to be responsible for their actions . Good luck to them . ”

Everyone knew very well that the official’s words were directed at Zhou Wen . With so many people targeting him, Zhou Wen probably wouldn’t have a good time after entering the Holy Land . The chances of death were much higher than the others .

Seeing that Zhou Wen had no intention of backing out, the official continued, “Since no one plans on quitting, this year’s Holy Battle will officially begin . In a while, the Companion Egg Market will begin business . If anyone needs a Companion Egg, you can purchase it . For the next twenty-four hours, you can enter the Holy Land at any time . As for whether you can leave the Holy Land alive, it will depend on your fate . ”

After the official spoke, the trading market opened for business . Many merchants had set up stalls . On the stalls were various Companion Eggs . They were basically at the Legendary stage .

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Zhou Wen saw a few brands he was familiar with . They were all famous Companion Eggs retailers in the League .

“Young Master Wen, feel free to choose any Companion Egg you need . Madam has already prepared sufficient funds . It should be enough to buy all the Companion Eggs you need . Therefore, you don’t have to worry about money,” said Ah Sheng .

“There’s no need . I’ll just use my Companion Beasts,” Zhou Wen said .

Although the Companion Beasts that a person could obtain were unlimited, having a large number of them would be difficult to command in battle . It would be fine if a Companion Beast had high intelligence, but most Companion Beasts had low intelligence . If they were left to attack on their own, they would be a bunch of disorderly mobsters . They might not be able to use their powers and might even hinder each other .

Therefore, most people focused on training a few Companion Beasts, ones that they could use with the greatest ease .

Zhou Wen was already very adept at using his Companion Beasts . Furthermore, they were considered top-notch existences at the Legendary stage . It was enough .

“Madam was right . Indeed, you aren’t willing to buy Companion Eggs . ” As Ah Sheng spoke, he took out a box and handed it to Zhou Wen . At the same time, he solemnly said, “Before I left, I was specifically instructed to hand it to you . Madam said that you can choose not to have any other Companion Egg, but this one was personally obtained by her in a dimensional zone . She said that you have to accept it no matter what . Otherwise, she will make you accompany her for meals daily when you return . Miss Jing will also join the meals . ”

“Sis Lan sure is thoughtful . ” Zhou Wen didn’t reject the offer and took the box .

He didn’t like the An siblings, but he wasn’t averse to Ouyang Lan . Since Ouyang Lan had said so, Zhou Wen didn’t reject the item .

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When he opened it, he saw a black Companion Egg the size of a fist inside . It looked like metal, but it also had the luster of jade .

“What kind of Companion Egg is this?” Zhou Wen looked inside the box, but there was no information card .

“Madam didn’t tell me . She only said that you would know after you hatch it,” Ah Sheng said .

Zhou Wen nodded but didn’t immediately incubate it . He stored it away in his backpack and said to Ah Sheng, “I’ll accept the Companion Egg . I’ll find an opportunity to hatch it in the future . Don’t worry . ”

Zhou Wen had a Dao Body and his Primordial Energy recovery speed was extremely fast . He could incubate Legendary Companion Eggs at any time, so he didn’t have to worry about the danger of expending too much of his Primordial Energy .

“Alright, now that your matters have been resolved, and since you aren’t buying Companion Eggs, why don’t you accompany me to take a look . I don’t have as many excellent-grade Companion Eggs as you do . This is a good opportunity for me . Who knows, I might be able to obtain a few . ” Li Xuan pulled Zhou Wen towards the market .

Li Xuan’s words weren’t wild fantasy . In fact, as long as he had enough money, he could buy Legendary Companion Beasts that were usually rarely seen .

In order to leave an impression on these young people who could lead a future generation, many of the excellent-grade Companion Eggs were put on sale here .

Zhou Wen couldn’t help but be astonished when he followed Li Xuan around . He had never heard of many of the Companion Eggs here, but from their introductions, many of them had very useful abilities . They were in no way inferior to the Mutated Demonized General before it underwent a fusion .

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The Companion Eggs here were basically at that level . The prices were also astronomical and were at least twice the price of a typical Companion Egg shop .

Even so, many young people who were prepared to enter the Holy Land spent a huge sum of money to buy Companion Eggs . Their expressions remained stoic as though what they were spending wasn’t money .

“Thundergod General… There’s actually a Thundergod General here…” Suddenly, a voice sounded, attracting the attention of many .

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