Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 203

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Chapter 203: 203

Chapter 203 A Man Doesn’t Need Wings!

“Zhou Wen, you won’t be able to escape today even if you have wings . I will return the humiliation you made me suffer at Sunset College with interest . ” The Sword of Judgment in John’s hand slashed down .

More than ten Companion Beasts spat out all sorts of light blasts as they worked with the humans to attack the encircled Zhou Wen in the air . From the looks of it, it was impossible for him to escape .

Unperturbed, Zhou Wen continued to rise with Bamboo Blade in hand . At the instant Light of Judgment and the numerous attacks were about to land on him, Zhou Wen exerted strength in his legs as though he had stepped on an invisible staircase in the air . He accelerated rapidly and changed his trajectory to avoid John’s Light of Judgment .

John and company thought they were seeing things . John was right . Zhou Wen was indeed unable to escape if he had wings . Even a real bird would probably not be able to escape the encirclement .

Furthermore, Zhou Wen didn’t have any wings on his back, but he seemed to be walking on flat ground in the air . It was as though he could move as he pleased .

Zhou Wen moved erratically in the sky . In a completely impossible situation, he tore through John and company’s encirclement and, like a ghost, rushed in front of a youth riding on a flying bird .

The youth wasn’t a weakling either . He drew his saber and slashed at Zhou Wen, condensing potent battle aura into a corporeal blade beam .

Zhou Wen spun like an eagle as he dodged the attack, brushing past the bird .

Bamboo Blade instantly unsheathed itself and flashed like a cold beam of light . After Zhou Wen flew several meters away, the bird split into two and blood splattered across the sky .

Instantly, John and company felt their bodies turn cold . It wasn’t as if they had never seen anyone with better movement techniques and saber techniques than Zhou Wen, but in the sky, to be able to fly freely without any external help was terrifying . It would be courting death to fight someone like him in the sky .

Unfortunately, they came to that realization too late . Zhou Wen was like a specter in the sky as his body flashed . He slashed out again and again with Bamboo Blade, aiming for the mounts instead of their owners .

Just as John had said, if one did not have a mount in the sky, death was almost a certainty .

Those who relied on their mounts clearly couldn’t be as agile as Zhou Wen . With the difficulty of dodging plaguing them, they watched their own mounts being killed .

Blood filled the sky, and feathers poured down like snow . The youth whose mount had been sliced apart cried out tragically as he fell to the ground .

“Everyone, return to the ground!” John shouted out loudly, feeling extremely infuriated . He originally thought that killing Zhou Wen in midair was a plan that would be foolproof, but who knew that this would end up becoming their greatest disadvantage?

“Ah!” Tragic screams were heard constantly as people fell onto boulders, fracturing their legs .

Only a few people with backup flying pets and flying equipment were spared .

Fortunately, these fellows were all from the families of the Six League Heroes, and were the children of the League’s wealthiest . They had plenty of good things on them, so they didn’t fall to their deaths . The ones that had been roped in to make up the numbers suffered terribly from the fall .

John tried his best to control his flying lion, hoping to land back on the ground, but Zhou Wen was too agile in the air . He eventually managed to cleave off the head of the flying lion .

John was infuriated as a pair of snow-white wings sprouted from his back . However, he didn’t charge at Zhou Wen and he sped towards the ground .

Even with wings, John didn’t dare fight Zhou Wen in midair . The mobility his wings gave him was on a completely different level from Zhou Wen’s aerial combat ability .

How could Zhou Wen let him off? The saber was like a rainbow as it chopped at John repeatedly . Although it wasn’t able to kill him, it had severed one of his wings .

John lost control of his body and fell to the mountain peak below . He almost broke his bones in the process .

Li Xuan was dumbfounded as he could not help but laugh out loud . “Indeed, you can’t escape even if you have wings . John, you’re really an honest person . ”

Zhou Wen had no intention of letting them off . He charged straight for the mountain peak and landed on it .

The group blamed the terrible loss they suffered for their immobility in the sky . So now that Zhou Wen had dared to land, they didn’t miss this opportunity and immediately surrounded him .

A stocky man held a huge shield with one hand and a huge hammer in the other as he charged straight at Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen didn’t draw his saber . Instead, he struck out with a gust of Grand Yin Wind with the banana fan, sending the man’s hammer and shield flying .

With a loud bang, the man slammed into the mountain like a cannonball, creating a crater in the wall . His hammer and shield flew out of his hand as blood spewed out of his mouth . His hair and brows were covered in a layer of frost .

After struggling a few times, the man was unable to stand up .

As expected . There’s something on John that counters the Grand Yin Wind, preventing him from suffering its effects . After coming to this realization, Zhou Wen had switched his Primordial Energy Art into Dao Sutra . His Life Providence then turned into the Dao Body that could constantly restore his Primordial Energy .

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Seeing a few more people charging at him, Zhou Wen waved his fan again . The few of them were instantly blown away and their bones fractured from the fall . They rolled on the ground screaming .

Seeing that Zhou Wen had taken care of the dozen or so people with a few flaps of the fan, John turned around and tried to escape .

“Didn’t you want to fight me?” Zhou Wen wasn’t willing to let him off as he slashed his Bamboo Blade at John’s back with a cold beam .

John raised his sword to block, one that was transformed from a Legendary Companion Egg . Bamboo Blade immediately snapped it and didn’t stop as it hit John’s armor, leaving a foot-long wound on his armor . Blood immediately gushed out .

John’s expression changed drastically . As he retreated, he summoned his Companion Beast, hoping to fend off Zhou Wen . Unfortunately, he was already in a state of frenzy . He had no intention of using the Companion Beasts to battle Zhou Wen . All he wanted was for them to hold Zhou Wen back so that he could escape .

The Bamboo Blade in Zhou Wen’s hand shimmered as the Legendary Companion Beasts were cleanly sliced through with a single slash . Before John could run far, Zhou Wen’s palm struck his back, sending blood spewing from him as he fell to the ground .

It only took moments to have more than ten people collapsed on the ground . Not a single one of them could get up .

“Kill me if you have the guts!” John shouted angrily when he saw Zhou Wen stepping on his chest .

“Wouldn’t killing you be too easy on you?” Zhou Wen thrust out his Bamboo Blade and pierced through John’s Primordial Energy sea .

“Zhou Wen, this isn’t over . ” John wailed in excruciating pain, eager to rip Zhou Wen to shreds .

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“You aren’t qualified,” Zhou Wen said coldly . He waved his Bamboo Blade once again and tore off John’s armor, revealing a strange necklace around John’s neck .

There was crystal embedded in the necklace, and within the crystal, there seemed to be swirling wind . It formed a vortex within, making it look rather special .

It looks like it was this item that caused Grand Yin Wind to lose its effects . Zhou Wen raised his saber and broke the necklace’s latch, allowing it to fall into his hands .

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