Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 204

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Chapter 204: 204

Chapter 204 The Goddess of Wind’s Protection

Li Xuan’s eyes lit up when he saw the necklace . He could not help but cry out, “IS that the Goddess of Wind’s Protection?”

“You know what this is?” Zhou Wen asked as he held the necklace .

“I’ve only heard that there are extraordinary treasures in some dimensional zones . Those treasures possess magical powers . The Goddess of Wind’s Protection is one of them . Legend has it that it’s a magical necklace that possesses the power of the wind . Wearing it can give you damage immunity from any wind element . However, according to what I know, the Goddess of Wind’s Protection likely belongs to the Qamar family . Furthermore, it’s unique, so I’ve no idea if it’s real or not,” Li Xuan explained .

“It doesn’t matter if it’s real or fake . ” Zhou Wen stuffed the necklace into his pocket . Since this item could resist the Grand Yin Wind, he naturally didn’t want anyone else to possess it .

When John saw this scene, he was so angry that he vomited blood .

The necklace was indeed the Goddess of Wind’s Protection . In order to counter Zhou Wen’s banana fan, Member of Parliament Cape had paid a huge price to borrow it from the Qamar family . Now, it had been snatched away by Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen ignored John as he walked towards the others with the Bamboo Blade in hand . He ignored their pleas or insults as he stabbed through their Primordial Energy sea . Quite a number of people fainted either from the pain or anger .

“Li Xuan, help me search . They must have bought quite a number of Companion Eggs at the market before they came . Let’s see if they still have any on them . ” As Zhou Wen spoke, he personally pulled away a young man’s clothes and found two Companion Eggs .

Li Xuan didn’t stand on ceremony either as he rummaged through the bodies of the rest . Soon, they had found 14 Companion Eggs which were likely at the Legendary stage . As for what type they were, it wasn’t possible for them to tell immediately .

John and company seethed in anger with clenched teeth . Back then, An Tianzuo had crippled his peers, but he didn’t do anything else . Zhou Wen and Li Xuan were even more ruthless . Not only did he cripple them, he even took everything from them .

“Let’s go . ” After searching, Zhou Wen turned around and left, ignoring John and company .

“Old Zhou, what sort of movement technique was that? It’s way too cool . You actually managed to float in midair like Superman,” Li Xuan asked Zhou Wen as he looked at him enviously . Clearly, he was somewhat tempted .

“That’s not a movement technique . Unless you give up the Invincible Connate Divine Art, you can forget about it,” Zhou Wen told a half-truth .

Even if Li Xuan was willing to give up the Invincible Connate Divine Art, he might not be able to master the Godfiend Era . Zhou Wen’s Godfiend Era was simulated by the Lost Immortal Sutra, not that he had succeeded in cultivating it .

When Li Xuan heard that, he heaved a sigh of relief and said depressingly, “Forget it . Although flying in the air is very cool, I’m not bad either . ”

The two of them headed east . They knew that Connate Holy Temple was in the east from maps drawn by their predecessors . However, the exact location was unclear .

Every time someone entered the Holy Land, the map they drew was different, but the general location of the Holy Temples Temple was never wrong .

There were no dimensional creatures in the Holy Land, so the duo didn’t encounter any danger . After walking for more than half a day, they saw a sea in front of them . On the cliff by the seaside stood an ancient purple building .

“It should be there . ” Li Xuan was delighted as he got Zhou Wen to rush over .

By the time they reached the ancient building, there were already several youths standing in front of the building . Clearly, they were all here to receive the Connate Holy Temple’s test .

When they saw Zhou Wen, they were slightly taken aback . They were somewhat suspicious, as though they were wondering how Zhou Wen had managed to come this far .

From their expressions, Zhou Wen knew that these people definitely knew that John was about to besiege him and Li Xuan .

“Zhou Wen, you sure are lucky . You actually weren’t stopped by John and the rest,” said a black-robed youth coldly .

“My luck has always been pretty good,” Zhou Wen said .

“However, your luck has come to an end . My goal is An Jing . I found it beneath me to fight you, but since she didn’t come and that useless bum, John, failed to stop you, I just can’t let you return whole now that you have come to me yourself . I have to leave some mark on you to show An Tianzuo when you return,” the youth in black said arrogantly .

“What’s with all the nonsense? If you want to attack, hurry up . Don’t delay us from accepting the Connate Holy Temple’s test,” Zhou Wen said casually .

Without another word, the black-robed youth released terrifying black flames from his body . He threw a punch at Zhou Wen like an erupting volcano .

Zhou Wen didn’t use the banana fan . Instead, he switched his Primordial Energy Art to the Ancient Imperial Sutra and struck out with Ashen Palm, meeting the black-robed youth’s fist .

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As their fist and palm met, the youth in black felt a scorching pain in his visceral organs . He opened his mouth and spat out a large pool of blood as his body limply collapsed to the ground .

The smiles on the faces of the youths beside him froze and a chill ran down their spines .

They knew the strength of the black-robed youth very well . He was rather famous among the six hero families and was in no way inferior to John . However, he couldn’t even withstand Zhou Wen’s strike .

Could this be another An Tianzuo? They had an ominous feeling .

In the middle of the mountains, a beautiful butterfly leisurely flew past and, surprisingly, there was a person sitting on its back .

As the butterfly flew, the person revealed a look of surprise . The butterfly changed its direction and landed on a mountain peak .

More than ten people were lying on the mountaintop, moaning in pain . It was John’s group .

“Lance, you’re finally here!” John was overjoyed when he saw the person on the butterfly’s back .

“What happened?” Lance looked at John and the others while asking in surprise .

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“We had our Primordial Energy sea destroyed by Zhou Wen . He even stole our things…” John recounted what had happened through gritted teeth . Finally, he pleaded . “That Zhou Wen has powerful Companion Beasts aiding him and we weren’t his match . Now, you are the only one who can maintain the dignity of our six hero families . Perhaps no one else is his match . ”

“This Zhou Wen is rather interesting, but I’ve already said that I’m not interested in him . Furthermore, you were the ones who went knocking on his door and ended up being crippled by him . You only have yourselves to blame for your lacking skills . ” As Lance spoke, he patted the butterfly beneath him and it immediately rose up and left the mountain .

John and the others were stunned . They didn’t expect that Lance would actually disregard the solidarity between the six hero families .

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