Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 206

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Chapter 206: 206

Chapter 206 Who’s the Real Scion?

That feeling was intense, so intense that Zhou Wen didn’t hesitate to reject it . “Sorry, I only accompanied my friend here to take a look . I don’t wish to obtain anything from the Connate Holy Temple . ”

The wyrm shot Zhou Wen a look again before slowly retreating back to the stone pillar and slowly transforming into a lifeless statue .

Lance looked at Zhou Wen with piqued interest .

Li Xuan sighed and said, “Old Zhou, if you rejected it because of me, I will be touched and also sad . ”

“That’s not it . Connate Infinite physique wasn’t my goal to begin with . Even without you, I would still reject it . ” Zhou Wen was telling the truth .

“That makes me even more depressed,” Li Xuan joked .

“Let’s go and visit the other holy temples . ” Zhou Wen only wanted to visit the other holy temples to take a look .

The Sigh of the King was a result of his own attributes and the Lost Immortal Sutra, but now that the Sigh of the King had ostracized the holy temple, it was likely difficult for Zhou Wen’s original advancement plan to succeed .

If I can’t use a special physique to raise my stats to 21 points, how can I advance to the Epic stage? Zhou Wen was puzzled .

This fellow sure is interesting . Seeing Zhou Wen and Li Xuan leave, Lance turned and entered the Connate Holy Temple .

Zhou Wen and Li Xuan rushed to the Sun God Temple, not because of the Sun Strafe Art, but because it was closest to the Connate Holy Temple .

However, they did not know that the members of the six hero families were already gathered together, discussing how to deal with Zhou Wen .

Previously, when Liz had gone to the various families to seek their cooperation, most of the members of the six hero families thought nothing of it . They felt that there was no need for them to involve themselves in dealing with Zhou Wen since An Jing wasn’t coming .

However, who knew that John would have his Primordial Energy sea crippled by Zhou Wen despite leading more than ten people to teach him a lesson . Even the black-robed youth of the Xia family had been crippled .

Zhou Wen appeared to be another An Tianzuo, making many of the members of the six hero families find it unbearable .

“An Tianzuo has already humiliated our six families . Now, there’s another, Zhou Wen . Such a tendency cannot be encouraged . What do you think?” Xia Bing said coldly .

The black-robed youth that Zhou Wen had robbed of his Primordial Energy sea in front of the Connate Holy Temple, was Xia Bing’s younger brother .

“Originally, I couldn’t be bothered with him, but I never expected him to be so outrageous . We should really teach him a lesson . Otherwise, others will think that we are easily bullied . In the future, anyone will dare to bully us,” Dugu Chuan of the Dugu family added .

“Zhou Wen has to be crippled . However, he has an abnormally powerful Companion Beast on him . It can transform into a fan that can even withstand my Light of Judgment . If we can’t deal with the fan, I’m afraid it will be difficult to subdue him,” John said weakly .

“A Companion Beast Primordial Energy Skill that even the Light of Judgment can’t withstand is something we have to be wary of . If only the Goddess of Wind’s Protection was here . That treasure is most resistant to wind-elemental powers,” said Xia Bing .

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John said with a bitter smile, “I did bring the Goddess of Wind’s Protection, but Zhou Wen snatched it away . However, even with the Goddess of Wind’s Protection, it was useless . After all, that item can only protect one person . The others will still be injured by the fan’s strength . ”

Xia Bing and company were taken aback when they heard that . They never expected John to spend that much . He had even brought the Goddess of Wind’s Protection . It was a pity that Zhou Wen had robbed it from him .

Dugu Chuan pondered for a moment before saying, “Such a Primordial Energy Skill definitely expends a great deal of Primordial Energy . All we need to do is use a tag-team strategy and expend his Primordial Energy . That way, it will be useless even if he has the fan . ”

John hurriedly shook his head and said, “This method won’t work . When we were fighting him previously, he used it six times during the battle . However, he still had plenty of Primordial Energy to use other Primordial Energy Skills . I believe he has some treasure that can rapidly recover his Primordial Energy . ”

“In that case, it’s really a big problem . ” Dugu Chuan frowned .

“It’s not much trouble . Leave that fan to me,” Xia Bing said .

“Xia Bing, are you confident? We can’t fail again . Otherwise, the six hero families will become laughing stocks,” Dugu Chuan said .

“It’s not convenient for me to elaborate on the details, but don’t worry . As long as I confirm that the fan is a manifestation of the wind-elemental Companion Beast, I have a hundred percent chance of making it useless . ” Xia Bing was confident .

“Alright, I’ll leave the fan problem to you . Let’s find Zhou Wen now,” said Dugu Chuan as he stood up .

“Wait,” John called out to him .

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“Is there anything else?” Dugu Chuan frowned .

John coughed lightly and said, “Besides possessing that fan, Zhou Wen is also very skilled in flight . Without using any flying Companion Beasts or mounts, he is able to move freely in the sky, almost like Superman . I wonder what Primordial Energy Skill he cultivates in or what kind of flying treasure he possesses . You have to be constantly on guard when you head over . Don’t let him use his flying abilities to escape . ”

“Is it a wind-elemental flying skill?” Xia Bing asked .

“I don’t think so . I didn’t sense the power of the wind on him . ” John shook his head .

“This is a little troublesome . If it’s not a wind-elemental flying skill, I won’t be able to do anything to him,” Xia Bing said with a frown .

“Leave this problem to me . I promise I won’t let him escape,” said a blonde youth .

When Xia Bing and Dugu Chuan saw that the person who spoke was Pros, they all nodded slightly . They fully trusted his abilities and didn’t say anything else other than prepare to set off .

“Wait,” John called out to them again .

“What else is there?” Xia Bing was getting impatient .

“Zhou Wen still has a saber . It’s extremely sharp . My Legendary Snake of Brilliance was easily chopped apart by it . Also, the flying mounts we used previously were also split into two with a single strike . You have to be careful,” John added .

“What else do you know? Say it all at once . ” Dugu Chuan already had a headache .

A terrifying pet, a powerful flying skill, and an extremely sharp weapon . Any one of these items was enough to make an ordinary person world famous . Yet, Zhou Wen actually had all three at the same time . It was no wonder that even John had been defeated by him . It wasn’t simply because of his incompetence .

“There’s nothing else . By the way, Zhou Wen still has a Companion Beast . Its defensive strength is extremely high, making it difficult for ordinary Legendary weapons to injure it . There’s also a knight pet that has a powerful offensive and destructive power…” John added after some thought .

Dugu Chuan, Xia Bing, and company looked at John as a thought arose in their minds . Who’s the real scion? Aren’t our six hero families the most powerful and rich families in the alliance? Why does it seem like Zhou Wen is richer than us?

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