Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 207

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Chapter 207: 207

Chapter 207 Battle in Front of the Temple

When Zhou Wen and Li Xuan arrived at Sun God Temple, they were somewhat surprised to discover that there wasn’t a single person in front of it . Furthermore, the temple’s main door was open, proving that no one was undergoing a test .

“That’s odd . Is the Sun God Temple that unpopular? Why isn’t anyone here undergoing the test?” Li Xuan looked around in puzzlement . Indeed, there was no one .

“We came rather late after being caught up with matters . Perhaps the people who came here to take the test have already left . ” Zhou Wen walked towards the Sun God Temple’s interior, intending to give it a try . He wanted to know if the Sun God Temple really ostracized the special physiques .

After Zhou Wen entered the temple, the door automatically closed . Li Xuan sat on the stone steps outside and waited for him .

However, just as he sat down, he saw a group of people walk over . When Li Xuan took a glance, his expression changed drastically . His lackadaisical appearance instantly vanished as his expression turned solemn .

The people who approached were all members of the six hero families, so it was obviously not a coincidence that they were here together .

“You are Li Xuan from Luoyang’s Li family?” Nearly fifty people surrounded the temple as Xia Bing sized up Li Xuan .

“I’m Li Xuan . Hello, Miss Xia . ” Li Xuan bowed slightly at Xia Bing .

Li Xuan recognized Xia Bing . Among the six great hero families, the Xia family had its roots in the East District . It was the biggest and wealthiest family there . Even though the Li family was considered a wealthy family in Luoyang, it was nothing compared to the Xia family .

Furthermore, the Li family and the Xia family had business dealings and had many connections . Even the Li family’s Invincible Connate Divine Art was obtained from the Xia family .

“Since you addressed me as Miss Xia, I’ll let you leave on account of your father and second brother . Don’t interact with people like Zhou Wen again . It won’t do you any good,” Xia Bing said as she walked towards the main door .

“Miss Xia, Zhou Wen is undergoing a test inside . You can’t enter now,” Li Xuan said with a smile, but he didn’t make way .

“We are precisely waiting for him to take the test . Does he really think he can obtain the Sun God Body? An Tianzuo failed to obtain it . It will be the same for him . Furthermore, he has to pay the price,” said Pros disdainfully .

“What do you mean?” Li Xuan’s smile deepened, but he realized that something was amiss .

Although Li Xuan didn’t know what they had done, things were definitely not that simple . Logically speaking, outsiders wouldn’t be able to enter the temple during someone’s test, nor would they be able to disturb the people inside .

However, from the way Pros spoke, they clearly had a way of influencing Zhou Wen who was undergoing the trial . They might even be able to deal him some form of damage .

“Cut the crap and get out of my way . ” Xia Bing was already impatient . She was infuriated that her brother had his Primordial Energy sea crippled by Zhou Wen . She couldn’t wait to personally destroy Zhou Wen’s Primordial Energy sea .

“Miss Xia, what are you planning to do?” Li Xuan didn’t move as he continued to block her way .

Xia Bing frowned slightly as she stared at Li Xuan and said, “Li Xuan, do you have a death wish?”

Seeing that he couldn’t get anything out of her, Li Xuan wiped away his smile and looked at Xia Bing . “Miss Xia, I really don’t wish to be enemies with you . However, the person undergoing the test is my friend . I haven’t had friends since I was young, and two of my friends died not long ago . It greatly upset me, so I really do not wish to see my friend get hurt . Can you tell me what you wish to do to Zhou Wen?”

“To have the courage to say such things, Luoyang’s Li family can be considered quite impressive . However, you have to understand your limits, or you might not be able to bear the consequences,” Xia Bing said .

“Cut the crap with him . I’ll finish him off first before destroying Zhou Wen’s trial . ” Without Xia Bing’s patience, Pros threw a punch at Li Xuan . The fist flashed with terrifying lightning, bringing about horrifying beams of light .

Li Xuan raised his fist to receive the punch . When the fists collided, Li Xuan’s body immediately trembled, as though he had been electrocuted, before he was sent flying by Pros’s punch .

Li Xuan’s body slammed into the Sun God Temple’s door and he immediately spat out a mouthful of blood . However, he stumbled to his feet and walked back to Pros with gritted teeth .

“You are courting death . ” With another punch, Pros’s lightning-like punch sent Li Xuan flying once again . It looked like Li Xuan was even more miserable than the last time .

However, Li Xuan still stubbornly walked back . He looked like he was about to lose his footing, as though a gust of wind would topple him .

Pros frowned and said, “Li Xuan, do you really want to die here? Is it worth it for Zhou Wen?”

“I don’t want to see my friend get hurt again . Let him off, please?” Li Xuan muttered .

“Pros, don’t waste any more time . Just cripple him,” said Dugu Chuan .

With a nod, Pros punched Li Xuan again, but this time, he struck Li Xuan’s abdomen .

Typically, when a person cultivated in a Primordial Energy Art, they would need to store their Primordial Energy in one area . This area was the Primordial Energy sea, but the locations varied depending on the Primordial Energy Art .

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Most of the Primordial Energy sea was in the lower dantian, which was where the abdomen was . If the Primordial Energy sea was crippled, Primordial Energy would leak, making it impossible to store any more Primordial Energy . It was equivalent to being crippled .

There were also some Primordial Energy Arts that had Primordial Energy seas not in the lower dantian, and that made it more difficult to find .

Pros didn’t know where Li Xuan’s Primordial Energy sea was, so he first attacked Li Xuan’s abdomen . If his Primordial Energy sea was there, such a terrifying lightning blast could penetrate his Primordial Energy, causing his Primordial Energy to leak and turn him into a cripple .


Li Xuan was sent flying once again . He looked even more miserable than before . He struggled to get up, but he staggered around, unable to even stand properly . Yet, he still attempted to get up and walk back .

Everyone was perturbed . There were not many people in this era who would be so foolish for their friends .

However, Xia Bing suddenly said with an odd expression, “Something’s not right . His body has a jade-like luster, and his eyes are faintly glowing . It’s a sign that he has mastered the Invincible Connate Divine Art . Such injuries are nothing to a Legendary who has cultivated the Invincible Connate Divine Art . Furthermore, his Primordial Energy sea isn’t in his lower dantian . It’s impossible for him to be in such a wretched state . ”

Xia Bing’s words left everyone stunned . When Li Xuan heard Xia Bing’s words, his staggering body also straightened up . Wiping away the blood from his mouth, his entire bearing changed .

“From the looks of it, I can’t hide it from you, Miss Xia . ” Li Xuan sighed slightly . He originally wanted to stall for time, but unfortunately, with Xia Bing, who was familiar with the Invincible Connate Divine Art, there was no use no matter how superb his acting was .

When Pros saw that he had been fooled, he was immediately enraged . The lightning on his body flared as the bolts of lightning around his fist struck Li Xuan like a sun .

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Li Xuan didn’t retreat; instead, he advanced . A heavy sword that was wrapped in lightning appeared in his hand . Lightning flashed on the sword as it headed straight for Pros’s fist .


Two types of lightning exploded in the sky, only to reveal Li Xuan standing proudly on the stone steps with his heavy sword in hand . As for Pros, he had taken a few steps back and spat out a mouthful of blood .

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