Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 208

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Chapter 208: 208

Chapter 208 Sun God Temple

Everyone was astonished . Even among the six hero families, Pros was rather famous . It was truly shocking that he had been defeated by Li Xuan .

“Isn’t that Thundergod General? The one he bought at the trading market actually had the Thundergod Augmentation skill . How lucky . ” Immediately, someone recognized the Thundergod Sword in Li Xuan’s hand .

“He’s really lucky . He bought a Thundergod General with Thundergod Augmentation for only two million . This punk is really lucky,” someone said jealously .

Back at the trading market, Li Xuan’s spending of two million to buy a Thundergod Companion Egg had made him the target of mockery . It was a Companion Egg that could be bought for four to five hundred thousand outside; yet, he chose to spend two million here . It was an act of a fool .

However, when they saw Thundergod General with Thundergod Augmentation, many of them turned green with envy .

The Thundergod General was the best offensive pet among Legendaries . Even a fellow like Pros, who was adept at lightning-elemental forces, suffered quite a bit .

“So Pros, who claims to be the son of lightning, is nothing much after all . He can’t even defeat the lightning forces of a Companion Beast . How disappointing . ” Li Xuan wanted to infuriate Pros and make him fight him alone . That way, he could delay things .

“Pros, he’s deliberately trying to provoke you to stall for time,” Xia Bing said .

Pros nodded slightly as lightning flickered in his golden pupils . He stared at Li Xuan and said, “You’ve successfully provoked me, so die . ”

However, he wasn’t the only one who made a move . A few members of the six hero families attacked Li Xuan in a bid to finish him off in the fastest time possible before destroying Zhou Wen’s trial .

“I’ve been unknown for sixteen years . Today, I’m fighting the masses with one sword . I don’t seek a place in history, only an eternal name . ” Li Xuan held the Thundergod Sword in hand and stood proudly in front of the Sun God Temple . This was the first time he had looked this serious .

The sword struck out like lightning, causing ripples to form as it surged towards the attacks of his assailants .

When Zhou Wen walked into the temple, he originally thought of it as merely a palace, but after entering it, he realized that the inside of the temple was a void .

In this void, there was a sun hanging high above . It emitted an extremely resplendent divine light, as though it was the center of this empty universe .

At Zhou Wen’s feet were a stone staircase floating in the void, one that extended towards the sun .

“Path seeker, step on the stone steps and walk towards the sun . The closer you are to the sun, the more likely it is for you to obtain the God of the Sun’s power . ” An ethereal voice sounded in the void .

Zhou Wen didn’t sense any abnormal reaction from the Sigh of the King as he walked towards the stone steps ahead . After taking a few steps, he felt the temperature around him increase significantly .

The temperature had risen quickly . After walking more than ten steps, Zhou Wen felt as though he had walked into a furnace .

On the other hand, the chick on his shoulder looked like it was enjoying itself as if this heat made it very comfortable .

Before Zhou Wen entered the hall, he had switched the Primordial Energy Art to the Ancient Imperial Sutra . The Ancient Imperial Sutra also seemed to have a portion of the power of fire, but it was completely different from the power of the Sun God Temple .

Zhou Wen originally believed that Ancient Imperial Sutra’s powers of a similar trait would allow him to take advantage of the situation, but now, he realized that that wasn’t the case . Despite using all his strength to resist the sun’s mighty splendor, he was already covered in sweat after taking about twenty steps . If he continued walking another ten steps, he might end up dehydrated by the sun .

With no other choice, Zhou Wen had no choice but to activate his Lotus Flower Buddha Body Primordial Energy Skill to resist the Sun God’s splendor . But even so, he only managed to take a few more steps; he was still a long way from the sun in the void .

From the looks of it, ordinary people can’t withstand the power of the Sun God Temple . Unless they cultivate in a corresponding Primordial Energy Art and receive the recognition of the temple; otherwise, even an Epic expert wouldn’t be able to walk to the front of the sun . Zhou Wen already had the intention to retreat .

He was only here to seek out a way to break through, not to risk his life . Since he knew that there was no possibility, there was no need to continue .

Just as Zhou Wen was about to retreat, the Ancient Imperial Sutra inside him automatically changed back into the Lost Immortal Sutra . The Lost Immortal Sutra slowly circulated as the originally ethereal Lost Immortal Sutra gradually turned warm .

As the Lost Immortal Sutra heated up his Primordial Energy, the Sun God’s splendor around Zhou Wen’s body no longer seemed to be as hot as before . Zhou Wen immediately felt energized .

The Lost Immortal Sutra has finally shown its effects . Could it be that there’s hope of advancing this time? Zhou Wen was delighted as he dispelled the thought of retreating and continued proceeding .

After the Lost Immortal Sutra showed its effects, the effects of the Sun God’s splendor on him grew less and less . When it shone on Zhou Wen, he found it comfortably warm . It wasn’t anything like the scorching heat from before .

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If I were to cultivate in the Sun Strafe Art, the effect would probably be like this if I came to the Sun God Temple, right? Zhou Wen thought to himself as he walked towards the sun .

The sun that seemed to be far away also seemed to become much closer . With every step Zhou Wen took, he could sense that he was rapidly approaching the sun .

How is this a test? It’s clearly a selection . Those who are selected by the temple would be able to get close with a casual stroll, but those who aren’t selected will not be able to succeed no matter how hard they try . If not for the fact that the Lost Immortal Sutra is able to fool the terrifying existence here, even if I had advanced to the Epic stage, I wouldn’t have been able to reach the sun . Indeed, nothing in the world is fair . It’s the same for the miraculous Sun God Temple .

As he pondered, Zhou Wen was getting closer and closer to the sun . The sun was no longer as blinding as before, allowing him to see it clearly .

It turned out that it wasn’t a sun, but a golden seed . It looked like a pine nut, and its entire body was like a golden crystal .

The seed emitted light and heat, making it look like a sun .

Zhou Wen glanced at the chick on his shoulder and was surprised to see it still looking relaxed . It didn’t seem to be affected by the sun’s temperature at all .

He had the Lost Immortal Sutra that played the role of confusing the Sun God Temple’s mechanism; therefore, he wasn’t suppressed by the power of the Sun God Temple . This was how he had managed to reach this point .

However, the chick didn’t have the Lost Immortal Sutra . The fact that it relied on its body to withstand the forces made it rather terrifying

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I wonder what level this chick’s mother is . From its appearance, it’s unlikely that its mother is as simple as an Epic creature . Zhou Wen proceeded forward step by step, approaching the seed without suffering any effects .

Finally, when Zhou Wen was on the last stone step, the seed floated inches away from him . All he needed to do was stretch out his hand to obtain the sun-like seed .

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