Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 209

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Chapter 209: 209

Chapter 209 The Sun Disc

Outside, Li Xuan had his back against the temple’s door . He brandished the Thundergod Sword crazily, blocking one attack after another .

However, no matter how powerful he was, he couldn’t withstand all the attacks-sword beams, battle aura, flames, ice, and various powers tore through the flaws in his moves, tearing apart the armor he was wearing . Even his Three-Eyed Golden Warrior’s Golden Silk Soft Armor was damaged from the numerous attacks .

A terrifying sword beam directly tore through Li Xuan’s body of flesh and blood . The powerful battle aura made his bones produce cracking sounds, as all kinds of attacks left countless wounds on him .

Li Xuan’s injuries were now in more than a hundred spots . However, he still stood in front of the hall and continued brandishing the Thundergod Sword, as though he was a tireless war machine .

As for the injuries on his body, they healed at an unbelievable speed . Often, wounds that had just been formed would be healed a few seconds later . The wounds seemed to only flow through his body like water, disappearing from a mere flick .

Xia Bing and the others were appalled by the rapid recovery of his injuries .

Although the Invincible Connate Divine Art has powerful recovery abilities, he’s only at the Legendary stage . It can’t have such a powerful effect unless there’s something wrong with his Life Providence . Xia Bing had already guessed the reason, and she couldn’t help but feel envious and jealous .

The Invincible Connate Divine Art was the first Primordial Energy Art the Xia family had obtained . It also corresponded to the Connate Holy Temple . However, the Invincible Connate Divine Art needed a virgin male to cultivate it . Once he wasn’t a virgin, he would become a cripple and it would require cultivating all over again . Therefore, the Xia family would only give up the Invincible Connate Divine Art unwillingly .

Back then, one of the six heroes, a Xia family elder, had turned from an invincible hero to an ordinary person in order to get married and have children . In order to prevent such things from happening again, the Xia family’s elders had sought out several other Primordial Energy Arts to replace the Invincible Connate Divine Art .

However, the Xia family had no intention of handing the Invincible Connate Divine Art over to someone else . The Li family had once helped the Xia family a great deal and suggested using the Invincible Connate Divine Art as an exchange . Although the Xia family had given it to them, it was only a simplified version . It was still far from the true Invincible Connate Divine Art .

Furthermore, without the corresponding Connate Infinite Body, the power one was able to use with the Invincible Connate Divine Art was extremely limited .

However, Li Xuan, who was only practicing a simplified version of the Invincible Connate Divine Art and didn’t even have a Connate Infinite Body, was able to condense a Life Providence that was in no way inferior to the Xia family’s hero . It was truly enviable .

Li Xuan’s Life Providence was clearly different from that of the Xia family’s elders . Xia Bing only knew that of a powerful recovery ability, but she wasn’t too sure of its exact functions .

“This fellow is an unkillable monster . There’s no point in fighting any further . If we don’t quickly enter the Sun God Temple, I’m afraid Zhou Wen will be out soon . All the work we did previously would be for nothing,” said Dugu Chuan .

“I know that too, but what can I do?” Pros pummeled Li Xuan’s chest with his punches, causing it to cave slightly . But in a blink of an eye, his chest bulged once again, as though he had never been injured .

“I do have a Companion Beast that should be useful . Although it won’t kill him, it can control him . However, with this pet down, I’m afraid you’ll have to put in more effort when dealing with Zhou Wen later,” said Dugu Chuan hesitantly .

“Aren’t you aware of the situation? Let’s get rid of this monster first . As long as we destroy Zhou Wen’s trial, he’ll be severely injured . Will it be difficult for us to cripple him when that happens?” Pros said .

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“Alright . ” After some thought, Dugu Chuan agreed that it made sense . Without any hesitation, he summoned a Companion Beast .

It was a huge, snow-white spider with blood-colored patterns on its back . The patterns looked like a woman’s face .

In the next second, the spider transformed into a snow-white pole and landed in Dugu Chuan’s hands . Soon, he found an opportunity and struck Li Xuan with the snow-white pole .

The weapon, that looked like a pole, instantly transformed into a huge net that bound Li Xuan’s body . Dugu Chuan pulled the net with all his might, trying to pull Li Xuan away from the door .

Li Xuan tried using the Thundergod Sword to slice through the net, but it was stuck to the net . The more he struggled, the tighter the net became .

However, Li Xuan was rather powerful . Dugu Chuan alone was unable to pull Li Xuan away .

“Why aren’t you helping?” shouted Dugu Chuan . A few people beside him rushed over to help him pull the net and soon, Li Xuan’s figure was forcibly pulled out .

After Dugu Chuan pulled Li Xuan away, he said to the nearby Pros, “Pros, we’ll hold him back for now . Quickly take action . Don’t let Zhou Wen complete the trial . ”

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“Alright, leave it to me . Don’t worry . ” Without the need for Dugu Chuan to mention it, Pros had already rushed to the door .

Li Xuan wanted to stop him, but there was nothing he could do .

Pros carried an item in his arms—a sun disc . He searched the Sun God Temple’s main door for a while before he placed the sun disc into a groove on the door . The sun disc fitted perfectly with the door, as if they were born together .

The sun disc was left behind by an elder of the Pros family who was also one of the six heroes of the past . The physique he obtained was the Sun God Body .

The sun disc was also an item that the elder had taken out of the Sun God Temple . As the first-generation representative of the Sun God Temple, it gave him authority . If his descendants ever inherited the Sun God Body’s bloodline, then they could bring the sun disc back to the Sun God Temple and use the Sun God Body to activate the Sun God Body’s enhanced trial .

An enhanced trial was specially prepared for people with the Sun God Body, and its difficulty far exceeded that of ordinary trials . Even people with the Sun God Body might not necessarily pass this trial, much less ordinary people .

In the past, someone from the Pros family had attempted the enhanced trial at Sun God Temple with a Sun God Body, but in the end, not only was he unable to pass the trial, he was even seriously injured . He only fully recovered after three to four years of recuperation .

It was quite a coincidence . Xia Bing and Pros knew that the An family had the Sun Strafe Art which was most compatible with the Sun God Temple . They believed that Zhou Wen must have cultivated the Sun Strafe Art and would come to Sun God Temple to take the test . This was why they set up this trap .

Although Zhou Wen didn’t cultivate in the Sun Strafe Art, it was a coincidence that he came to Sun God Temple . It could only be said that Pros and company hit the mark by fluke .

Zhou Wen was just about to reach out to pluck the sun-like seed when he suddenly saw the seed light brighten up, turning abnormally resplendent .

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