Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 210

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Chapter 210: 210

Chapter 210 Getting the Seed

As the seed’s temperature rose abnormally, the surrounding temperature also increased abruptly . Terrifying golden flames burned in the entire Sun God Temple, instantly filling the void .

The seed was like a piece of golden glass with golden symbols shimmering within .

Zhou Wen jumped in fright as his clothes ignited . He immediately knew that something was amiss . The Lost Immortal Sutra was only masquerading his physique after all . He didn’t really possess a Sun God Body, so if he was consumed by the flames, he would definitely be burnt to ashes .

With the golden flames about to engulf him, Zhou Wen was just about to use his summoned banana fan when a cold sensation emanated from his neck as the flames on his body automatically extinguished .

Zhou Wen was slightly taken aback as he looked down and realized that the coolness had come from a pendant hanging around his neck . It was the ivory pendant Wang Mingyuan had given him before he left .

The pendant that Teacher gave me isn’t an ordinary item? Zhou Wen was secretly alarmed .

Without any time to think, Zhou Wen held the banana fan and attempted to rush out of Sun God Temple . As for the seed, even though he wanted to attempt taking it, he didn’t dare to do so . The temperature on it was terrifyingly high, so even metal would melt upon contact .

Suddenly, the chick on Zhou Wen’s shoulder opened its beak and inhaled . The golden flames surrounding Zhou Wen immediately gushed towards the chick’s mouth like a breach of a dam .

Zhou Wen watched as the golden flames that filled the sky surged like a heavenly river into the chick’s tiny mouth . Its tiny body seemed like a bottomless abyss . All the golden flames -no matter how many were there-were gone the moment they were sucked in .

As the golden flames were swallowed, the pale yellow feathers on the chick’s body began to show a luster . Its feathers looked fuller with a faint golden glow .

The more golden flames it absorbed, the more vibrant its feathers became . It even seemed to have grown bigger in size .

Zhou Wen watched as the golden flames in the void were completely absorbed by the chick . The terrifying heat also vanished, leaving the seed glowing like a miniature sun .

At that moment, the chick’s body had grown to the size of a pigeon . Its feathers were pale gold and looked like a pigeon with a somewhat special color .

“It’s all thanks to you this time . ” Zhou Wen patted the chick’s head and stowed away the banana fan .

Although the banana fan’s Grand Yin Wind could suppress the golden flames here, Zhou Wen’s Primordial Energy was limited after all . With his Dao body’s recovery abilities, it was impossible for him to continuously use the Grand Yin Wind . He would have suffered no matter what .

With the flames extinguished, Zhou Wen looked at the golden seed and frowned slightly . The golden symbol in the seed was still coruscating, allowing him to sense the extreme temperatures of the seed .

He tried to grab it with his hand, but before his fingers could touch the seed, he felt as though he was scalded by the terrifying heat .

Seeing that there was no way for him to obtain the seed, Zhou Wen had an idea . He took out his mysterious phone and aimed at the seed . Indeed, the camera had successfully locked onto the seed . With a snap, the seed immediately vanished and was stored into his phone .

Zhou Wen couldn’t help but be overjoyed . He hurriedly put away his phone and turned to leave .

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With the abrupt turn of events happening inside the Sun God Temple, Zhou Wen suspected that something had happened outside .

Outside Sun God Temple, Pros and company were waiting for Zhou Wen to come out . Although there were others who wished for him to die there, they knew that he wouldn’t die so easily . However, it was likely that he would be severely injured .

Facing a heavily injured Zhou Wen would most likely be a lot easier for them .

If John hadn’t described Zhou Wen as he had, they wouldn’t have come up with such a plan . If this were any other time, they would have directly approached Zhou Wen and suppressed him with force .


Finally, the door to the Sun God Temple opened . All of them hurriedly prepared their respective Companion Beasts and Primordial Energy Skills . They planned on taking Zhou Wen down when he rushed out .

However, when they saw the situation inside the Sun God Temple’s main door, they were stunned .

At the moment the divine palace opened, the carvings and patterns on it began to emit a holy glow . The stone palace that looked ancient was now resplendent in divine light, as though it was a palace found in myths .

The portrait of the sun at the highest point of the palace emitted unparalleled light, as though it was announcing something to the world .

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“Why would there be a phenomenon at the Sun God Temple now? Isn’t this a phenomenon that will only happen after ten days? We are still days away before the trial ends . Why is it now…” The more Pros spoke, the softer his voice became and the nastier his expression became .

He had already understood the only reason for such a situation to take place—someone had already walked up to the sun seed and taken it away .

However, the result of his guess was something that even Pros found unbelievable .

Ignoring the fact that using the sun disc could enhance the difficulty of the trial, few people could walk to the sun seed and take it away in an ordinary Sun God Temple trial .

Even in their families, only two people had done so after all these years . One of them was a first-generation hero, and the other was a person who had inherited the Sun God Body bloodline . The latter had obtained the sun seed by undergoing the ordinary trial .

As for the enhanced trial, even if one had the Sun God Body, no one had ever obtained the sun seed . Zhou Wen naturally didn’t have the Sun God Body . Pros refused to believe that Zhou Wen was able to obtain it in the enhanced trial .

However, no matter how much he refused to believe it, the truth was already in front of him . Zhou Wen had walked out unharmed; even the pigeon on his shoulder was unharmed .

“Pros, what’s going on? Didn’t you say that no one can pass the enhanced trial? That without the Sun God Body, it’s unknown if one can even survive??” Seeing Zhou Wen unscathed, Dugu Chuan couldn’t help but question him .

“How would I know!” Pros was also furious . He too wanted to know what was going on . This was completely different from what he imagined

“Now’s not the time to talk about this . Let’s take down Zhou Wen first and act according to plan . Even if he wasn’t injured in the temple, we can still cripple him,” Xia Bing said as she drew her sword and attacked Zhou Wen .

“You guys sure don’t know when to quit . ” Zhou Wen turned his gaze and saw Li Xuan bound in a white net like a fish . He immediately relaxed when he realized that he wasn’t in a terrible state .

With Xia Bing and the others surrounding him, Zhou Wen held the banana fan and fanned them, sweeping out the Grand Yin Wind .

However, to Zhou Wen’s surprise, Xia Bing held a calabash in her hand as she directed it at the Grand Yin Wind and sucked it in . The strong wind was sucked into the calabash, leaving nothing behind .

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