Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 211

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Chapter 211: 211

Chapter 211 Sun God Power Crystal

Zhou Wen was alarmed . As for Dugu Chuan and the others, they were overjoyed . They increased the forces in their hands as all colors of light beams shot towards Zhou Wen .

Pros was already prepared, ready to cast the Myriad Thunder Sky Dungeon at any time to prevent Zhou Wen from escaping through the sky .

Dugu Chuan summoned a strange shield to block Zhou Wen’s sharp Bamboo Blade .

Xia Bing also summoned three Companion Beasts, preparing to restrain Zhou Wen’s Three-Eyed Golden Warrior and Mutated Demonized General .

The others also showcased their full range of abilities, hoping to take down Zhou Wen on the spot, leaving him no room to resist .

However, before Zhou Wen could draw his saber, the chick on his shoulder suddenly spat out resplendent light from its mouth . Golden flames spewed out like a flood, instantly turning the square outside Sun God Temple into an inferno .

Immediately, tragic screams sounded out as everyone was left dumbfounded . They had prepared meticulously for this for so long, having thought of several strategies to use against him . Yet, before those strategies could be used, all of them were burnt to a crisp by the chick on Zhou Wen’s shoulder .

At once, there were endless cries of agony . Many people were screaming as they rolled on the ground, trying to extinguish the flames on them . Some even took off their clothes while running .

Without any hesitation, Zhou Wen drew his saber and charged in . Without throwing any caution to the wind, he mercilessly stabbed their dantians .

Most people had their Primordial Energy sea in their dantians . So with Zhou Wen’s stab, they were practically crippled .

The few who didn’t have Primordial Energy seas at their dantian weren’t any better when they were impaled by Zhou Wen in their abdomens . They writhed on the ground, screaming endlessly .

Zhou Wen tried finding Xia Bing in the chaos, but she was nowhere to be seen . Even Dugu Chuan had disappeared . As for Pros, he had attempted to escape amidst the chaos but was still slashed at by Zhou Wen .

Pros, feeling alarmed and furious, summoned his Companion Beast to block Zhou Wen . He still had full intention of escaping, having no illusions that he could put up a fight .

The chick’s flames had frightened him out of his wits . There were many Legendary Companion Beasts that could spew fire, but to be able to instantly turn an entire square into a sea of flames was something that he had never seen before .

What was even scarier was that those golden flames were clearly not ordinary flames . They could even burn through defensive battle auras . It was appalling .

However, Pros wasn’t as fast as Zhou Wen no matter how fast he fled . Zhou Wen split his Companion Beast into two and slashed his saber at him .

In this perilous situation, Pros turned around and summoned a gigantic ax to meet Zhou Wen’s Bamboo Blade . However, the gigantic ax was cleaved apart upon contact .

In his shock, he didn’t dare fight anymore and retreated as fast as he could .

With a flash, Zhou Wen pierced through Pros’s dantian, causing him to fall to the ground in pain .

Zhou Wen withdrew his saber but didn’t look at him . He brandished his saber and stormed through the crowd . Bamboo Blade sliced through everything it met, be they Primordial Gold weapons or Companion Beast weapons . It was terrifyingly sharp .

To have a single person chase after dozens of people, with the pursuees being members of the six hero family would probably deal a shock to the League if they saw this scene

Fortunately, other than the members of the six families, there were only a few descendants of powerful figures from all over the world . Not many were there to watch .

There was only one spot for all the big shots in the world, unlike the juniors of the six hero families . As long as they were young and strong enough, they could enter the Holy Land .

After they entered, they headed straight for the Holy Land that they had set their sights on . No one wasted time wandering around .

Originally, Xia Bing and company believed that other than Zhou Wen, it was unlikely that descendants of other big shots would choose the Sun God Temple . Therefore, it was unlikely for anyone to see this .

However, to their dismay, this scene was witnessed by someone who had even recorded it .

The incident of An Tianzuo crippling the six hero families has been repeated . That guy is so strong, the person praised as he recorded .

However, he was rather careful . He only hid in the shadows and didn’t expose himself while recording, afraid that the six families would discover him .

By the time the battle ended, the people on the square were all lying on the ground, clutching their abdomens and screaming .

The spider web which bound Li Xuan had been burnt through by the golden flames, protecting him as a result . After escaping, Li Xuan joined the battle without any hesitation . However, he wasn’t beating people, but plundering those who collapsed .

Zhou Wen couldn’t help but feel regretful that he hadn’t found Xia Bing . He wanted to know what the calabash in her hand was .

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After plundering the area with Li Xuan, the two of them left, leaving behind the children from the six family clans screaming in pain .

When they arrived in an uninhabited cave, Zhou Wen and Li Xuan sat down to divide the loot . After all, they didn’t know what breed the Companion Eggs were . Each person got half the pile, allowing Zhou Wen to obtain twenty-six Companion Eggs . They definitely wouldn’t be cheap considering who had purchased them .

Zhou Wen planned on finding a time to use his mysterious phone to check the attributes of the Companion Eggs before choosing to hatch or fuse them .

The worst ones were, of course, a present for the Banana Fairy .

As Zhou Wen was making his plans, the chick flew down from his shoulder and pecked at a Companion Egg . It lowered its head and sucked all the essence in it .

Since the chick had just helped tremendously, eating two Companion Eggs wasn’t a big deal . In a rare instance, Zhou Wen generously gave it another Companion Egg . But to his surprise, it didn’t show any appreciation . It didn’t even look at it as though it was completely uninterested .

“You’re rather picky with food . Even the better if you aren’t eating it . ” Zhou Wen put away the Companion Eggs and ignored the chick .

Compared to a Companion Egg, he was more interested in the sun seed . He wanted to know what it was .

Previously, he had been in a hurry to come out and had taken in the sun seed into his mysterious phone, so he hadn’t had a chance to look at it again . He took out his cell phone to take a look and, seeing that the sun seed was still in the blood-colored avatar’s hand, he heaved a sigh of relief .

Using his phone to check the sun seed’s attributes, he was slightly taken aback .

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Sun God Power Crystal: A product of the Sun God’s blood essence . Absorbing it will improve one’s body .

A choice to absorb or not appeared on the game screen . Zhou Wen didn’t sense any rejection from the Sigh of the King, so he chose to absorb it .

The Sun God Power Crystal immediately transformed into a golden beam that fused into the blood-colored avatar’s body . This made Zhou Wen also feel a burning sensation surge into his body, causing his body to heat up .

When everything returned to normal, Zhou Wen saw that the blood-colored avatar’s Strength stat had already changed to 21 . And behind 21, there was also the word (Sun) .

What does that mean? Zhou Wen was somewhat puzzled .

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