Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 214

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Chapter 214: 214

Chapter 214 Unable to Tell the Truth

Xia Bing, Dugu Chuan, and the others were gathered together, their expressions not looking very good .

More than thirty people from the six families that had entered the Holy Land had been crippled by Zhou Wen . This was only thanks to some people’s Primordial Energy sea not being located at the lower dantian; otherwise, there would have been even more .

“Zhou Wen is another An Tianzuo . If we were to let him leave the Holy Land, the reputation of our six families will be destroyed . ” John’s face was pale, but he was flushed red from agitation .

“So what if you don’t let him leave? Which one of you has the means to restrain his Companion Beast?” Xia Bing said coldly .

“I’m not afraid of that kind of flame, but I’m no match for Zhou Wen alone . This fellow’s Companion Beast is just too powerful . The An family has been in charge of the Primordial Gold mine for so many years that they are filthy rich . In terms of wealth, they aren’t much inferior to our six families put together . From the looks of it, they went all out this time to smack us in the face,” Dugu Chuan said with a sigh . He imagined that Zhou Wen was a result of the An family’s arrangements .

“If I had known this would happen, I would have made more preparations . In terms of Companion Beasts, our family won’t lose to them in terms of quantity . It’s not impossible for us to incubate a few Epic Companion Beasts . At most, we would have to pay a tiny price . ” Pros was feeling both angry and hateful .

His Primordial Energy sea was not in his lower dantian, so he wasn’t crippled . However, he didn’t feel good after being stabbed in his abdomen .

“What’s the point of all this hindsight? If I had known, I would’ve cried like a woman and thrown a tantrum . I would’ve taken the Mythical Companion Egg from my aunt and wouldn’t have allowed Zhou Wen to be so arrogant,” said Dugu Chuan gloomily .

Many of the six families’ members had special physiques, ones that allowed them to explore certain special dimensional zones . If they had a certain affinity, they would be able to obtain a Mythical Companion Egg like Zhou Wen in Small Buddha Temple .

A few of them had previously obtained Mythical Companion Eggs . However, they were only at the Mortal stage when they hatched . They needed to be fed for growth . As for whether they could advance to the Mythical stage, it was still an unknown .

After all these years, it was rare for one to actually raise a Companion Egg to the Mythical stage . It was rare even in the six families .

Ever since Dugu Chuan inherited his family’s Body of Trajectory, he had a chance to incubate a Mythical pet . However, it wasn’t safe enough . Therefore, Dugu Chuan’s aunt hadn’t given him the Mythical egg she had single-handedly obtained in the dimensional zone .

Pros glanced at Xia Bing and said, “You have foresight . That calabash should be a Mythical Companion Beast, right?”

“Now isn’t the time to talk about this . Let’s think about how to deal with Zhou Wen first,” Xia Bing said indifferently without answering the question .

“What else is there? We don’t have any powerful Companion Beasts that can fight Zhou Wen . It’s useless no matter what ideas we come up with . In this Holy Land, only one person from our six families can defeat Zhou Wen,” John said .

“You mean Lance?” Xia Bing frowned .

“He’s the only one . ” John nodded .

“But didn’t you say earlier that Lance has already rejected the request? With his personality, he won’t do a thing,” Xia Bing said .

“Now, things are different . People from his family have also been crippled by Zhou Wen . Even if Lance doesn’t help us, is he going to ignore kinship?” John asked .

Xia Bing and the others looked at each other, realizing that what John said made sense .

“Although what you said is true, you know Lance’s personality too . He’s very strange and it’s not necessarily possible . Let’s go find Lance first . ” As Dugu Chuan spoke, he prepared to get up .

“Hold on . Tell Lance that Zhou Wen has two Mythical pets after you find him,” John suddenly said .

Dugu Chuan and company were slightly taken aback . Although Zhou Wen’s Companion Beasts were powerful, they didn’t think in the direction of the Mythical Beast . They only believed that Zhou Wen had used some special method to hatch an Epic Companion Egg .

Due to the lack of special physiques, it was impossible for him to obtain a Mythical Companion Egg, much less incubate it . Zhou Wen didn’t have the bloodline of the six families, so it was impossible for him to have inherited a special physique . How could he have a Mythical Beast?

Therefore, they believed that Zhou Wen’s Companion Beasts only had high levels and powerful techniques .

“Zhou Wen’s bird and fan are Mythical Companion Beasts?” asked Dugu Chuan as he stared at John .

“Is it really that important? As long as it intrigues Lance, no?” John said with a smile .

Dugu Chuan immediately understood and nodded slightly . “Alright then . Those two pets indeed have extraordinary qualities and look like mythical pets . ”

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When Dugu Chuan took his guys to look for Lance, Zhou Wen and Li Xuan were sitting in front of the Trajectory Holy Temple’s entrance, waiting .

That blind madman had actually charged into the Trajectory Holy Temple again . They wanted to wait for the lunatic to come out before reassessing the situation .

“Old Zhou, do you think that lunatic’s words are reliable? If it’s really as he said, wouldn’t the power inside the Trajectory Holy Temple be something that can’t be seen?” Li Xuan said casually as he was bored .

“I don’t know . You’ll need to enter to know . ” Zhou Wen stared at the temple’s door . He was already tempted, but he didn’t want to take the risk .

Earlier on, he had searched the surroundings of the Trajectory Holy Temple, but he hadn’t found any sign of the tiny palm, preventing him from downloading this place into his phone .

Strange, why don’t the dimensional zones in the Holy Land have tiny palm symbols? Zhou Wen was somewhat depressed . If he could download them onto his cell phone, he could enter all the Holy Land without any scruples .

“If I must say, he’s a lunatic . He’s definitely spouting nonsense . Think about it . Although the League controls the entire Earth in name, it doesn’t dare head into the sea, nor do they dare go out to sea . That lunatic is only the same age as us . He’s definitely still a student . How can he head out to sea on a ship at such a young age? Therefore, what he said must be illusions he saw in the Trajectory Holy Temple,” Li theorized .

Li Xuan’s words reminded Zhou Wen that going on a cruise was probably something that had happened before the dimensional storms came . After the dimensional storms, even an aircraft carrier wouldn’t return once it set off, much less an ordinary cruise ship .

It was impossible for an ordinary person to board a ship to head out into the sea . Just like them, this lunatic was a young man who was participating in the trials . At his age, even if his elders had the ability to go out to sea, they wouldn’t dare take him along .

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Could it be that the power in the Trajectory Holy Temple is just an illusion? Zhou Wen felt that something was amiss .

The anchor symbol on the lunatic’s arm still bothered him . Moreover, that lunatic had also said that he wanted to use the power of the Trajectory Holy Temple to see what had happened in the past .

From the looks of it, I’ll only know if that lunatic’s words are true after I enter the Trajectory Holy Temple and take a look . As Zhou Wen pondered, the temple’s door slowly opened .

The madman was lying in front of the door with one hand on the sill, motionless . They couldn’t tell if he was dead or unconscious .

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