Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 216

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Chapter 216: 216

Chapter 216 Trajectory Crystal

There was no concept of north or south, east or west here . Zhou Wen carefully observed his surroundings for a long time, but he failed to discover any differences . All he could do was choose one .

It was no longer within Zhou Wen’s consideration whether he could pass the trial . All he wanted was to leave quickly and leave the Holy Land before getting the League’s authorities to investigate Ah Lai’s origins .

Every person who entered the Holy Land had their information recorded . If he had entered with the rest of them, information about him was definitely available .

If there’s no information about him… The corners of Zhou Wen’s eyes twitched when he thought of this .

The road seemed endless as it extended to the end of the horizon . After more than an hour of walking, the surrounding scenery remained unchanged .

Suddenly, Zhou Wen realized that there was something different in front of him . He quickened his pace and continued proceeding . He discovered that there was another crossroad ahead of him—it didn’t seem different from the one he had set off from . The only difference was that there was another stone statue in the middle of the crossroad .

The stone statue was a three to four meter tall root . The four sides of the stone statue were faces . The face that faced Zhou Wen said, “Congratulations, Human . You have completed the test and can become the representative of the Trajectory Holy Temple in the mortal world . ”

The moment the stone statue said that, Zhou Wen felt a strong sense of aversion from the Sigh of the King . Even his emotions were affected .

Zhou Wen suppressed his emotions and looked at the stone face, saying, “Sorry, I don’t plan on becoming the representative of the Trajectory Holy Temple . I only wanted to get my friend out and accidentally entered . ”

Zhou Wen secretly cursed inwardly . It’s clearly you who forcefully pulled me in . Besides, how is this a trial? It’s a forced selection .

“Since you are already here, why don’t you consider it? As the representative of my Trajectory Holy Temple in the mortal world, not only will you obtain a Trajectory Holy Body, you will also obtain a Mythical Companion Beast that’s compatible with it,” added the stone face .

“Thank you for the offer, but I already have my own goals . The Trajectory Holy Temple isn’t my choice . Please open the door and let us leave this place . ” Zhou Wen increasingly felt that this fellow was up to no good . One who was unreasonably solicitous was definitely hiding evil intentions .

The stone face didn’t say anything else . Its originally expressionless face slowly turned stiff, turning into a lifeless stone statue .

Zhou Wen shouted a few more times, but the stone statue didn’t react at all as though it was just an ordinary stone statue .

Zhou Wen thought for a moment before circling around the stone statue and continuing forward . After walking for some time, another crossroad appeared in front of him . In the middle of the crossroad was the four-faced stone pillar .

Zhou Wen surveyed his surroundings and felt that this was the crossroad that he had previously arrived at . He couldn’t help but frown slightly, but the stone statue remained silent . All he could do was switch directions before continuing forward .

Soon, Zhou Wen realized that no matter where he went, he would ultimately return to the four-faced stone pillar, as though this place was an endless cycle .

“Why are we still here?” Ah Lai, who was on the Mutated Lotus Flower Ant’s back, woke up as he rubbed his eyes .

Zhou Wen looked at Ah Lai and suddenly had a thought . “You previously said that there was a ship inside the Trajectory Holy Temple when you entered?”

“Yes, a ship, one identical to the one my father worked on,” Ah Lai answered .

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“Did you board your father’s ship before?” Zhou Wen asked again .

“I did . On the first day after graduation from high school, my dad took me onto the ship,” answered Ah Lui .

“Then take a careful look . Have you been here before? Have you seen it before?” Zhou Wen pointed at the four-faced stone pillar .

Ah Lai looked at it for a while before answering with certainty, “No, I’ve never seen it . ”

After Zhou Wen heard that, he seemed to understand something as he secretly frowned in thought . Based on Ah Lai’s situation, the people who entered the Trajectory Holy Temple will be trapped in their memories . However, since Ah Lai has never been here before and has never seen the four-faced stone pillars, this might be my memory . However, I’ve never been to such a place before, right?

Guide City, where Zhou Wen was born, was a flat plain . Even if there were large swaths of flat land, they were farmland . It was impossible for there to be such a large grassland . Zhou Wen was certain that he had never been here before .

After a moment of silence, Zhou Wen suddenly drew his Bamboo Blade and slashed at the four-faced stone statue .

The Bamboo Blade was extremely sharp, splitting the stone statue into two upon contact . The broken stone statue vanished with a poof .

The roads and plains around him vanished as well . Zhou Wen couldn’t help but break out into cold sweat when he saw the scene in front of him .

He was indeed standing at a crossroads, but this crossroad was not built on grasslands, but built on a volcano lava pool .

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If Zhou Wen hadn’t walked along the path and stepped onto the plains, he would probably have fallen into the lava pool .

In the middle of the crossroads, there was a stone platform with a black seed floating above it . It was like the condensation of night, emitting a strange and mysterious aura .

This aura was similar to the Sun God Crystal he had previously obtained, but there were differences .

Zhou Wen attempted to grab the seed with his hand, but nothing special happened . He easily removed the black seed .


The moment the black seed was removed by Zhou Wen, the entire temple quaked as the door opened once again . Zhou Wen saw Li Xuan standing outside .

He quickly took Ah Lu out of the temple with him . As expected, a bright light was shining from the Trajectory Holy Temple . The various engravings emitted a strange black fog, a sign that the Trajectory Holy Temple had selected an heir .

From then on, the Trajectory Holy Temple would shut its doors until the Holy Land opened again .

“Old Zhou, don’t you have a body that matches the Sun God Temple? How did you pass the Trajectory Holy Temple’s trial?” Li Xuan looked at Zhou Wen in astonishment .

“I don’t know what’s going on either . I find it a little baffling . ” Zhou Wen looked at the black seed in his hand and felt that something was amiss .

He felt that the black seed had been given to him by the temple itself and not something he had obtained from a real trial . At least, he was not trapped in his memories .

Zhou Wen even suspected that what the four-faced stone statue had said wasn’t a test or an illusion, but to genuinely rope him in .

“Why bother? It’s better to have something than nothing . If the six families learn that you have actually obtained the recognition of two temples, their expressions will be very interesting . ” Li Xuan chuckled .

“There’s nothing to show off about . ” Zhou Wen made Li Xuan watch over Ah Lai as he secretly snapped a picture of the black seed on his cell phone, sending it into the game .

He had a strange feeling that the Trajectory Holy Temple was odd, so he didn’t dare absorb the black seed directly .

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