Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 217

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Chapter 217: 217

Chapter 217 It’s You?

Trajectory God Power Crystal: A product of the God of Trajectory’s blood essence . Absorbing it will enhance one’s bloodline .

Seeing that there was no problem with the game’s judgment, Zhou Wen allowed the blood-colored avatar to absorb the Trajectory God Power Crystal .

As the black power was absorbed by the blood-colored avatar, its stats changed once again . His Speed stat also increased to 21 points, and in the end, it revealed the word “Trajectory . ”

The Trajectory Holy Temple really increases Speed . It’s quite a coincidence . Zhou Wen was secretly amused . Although he had previously believed that the Trajectory Holy Temple corresponded to Speed, the situation inside the temple was completely different from what he had imagined . Therefore, Zhou Wen was surprised that the Trajectory God Power Crystal could increase Speed .

Zhou Wen and Li Xuan asked Ah Lai more questions, but the latter really seemed to have forgotten many things . He only remembered that he had come from Langya Town, his father was a sailor, and that he had followed his father onto the ship after he graduated from high school . Later, he encountered a storm at sea, and he couldn’t remember what happened after that .

Zhou Wen had some doubts about Ah Lai and planned on figuring out his origins after taking him out .

However, before that, he had to wait until the end of the Holy Land’s trials .

Zhou Wen had originally wanted to head to the other temples to obtain their God Power Crystals to raise his four stats to 21 points .

But when they arrived at a few other temples, they realized that they had already completely closed . Clearly, the God Power Crystal had been taken away by someone else .

There are indeed hidden dragons and crouching tigers in the League . In just a few days, the God Power Crystals have been snatched away . Zhou Wen was somewhat worried about Li Xuan .

If the Connate Infinite physique was taken away, Li Xuan would have zero hope left .

As he was deep in thought, he suddenly heard the sound of thunder coming from the sky . The wind and clouds stirred as if a hole had collapsed in the sky, forming a huge vortex .

Zhou Wen’s body involuntarily flew towards the vortex . He could see other people flying around the Holy Land and being sucked into the vortex .

Zhou Wen didn’t resist the suction force of the vortex as he allowed himself to fly into it . He even patted Li Xuan’s shoulder .

There was only one possibility of such a situation . The God Power Crystals of the six holy temples had been taken away by others . It was why everything had ended ahead of time, opening up a passageway to leave the Holy Land .

However, Li Xuan didn’t mind . “Since I couldn’t obtain it, it means that I wasn’t destined to get it . It’s no big deal even if I don’t have any special physiques . With my Immortal God of Combat Life Providence, I can still forge my own path . The world is my

oyster . ”

“You’re right . It might not be a bad thing not having a special physique . ” Zhou Wen had a nagging feeling that the six holy temples were somewhat odd .

“Alright, don’t console me . I’ve suffered too much since I was young . Such a trivial matter isn’t enough to make me depressed . ” Li Xuan believed Zhou Wen was consoling him .

Zhou Wen didn’t explain . After all, everyone wanted a special physique, and he didn’t have any evidence and was speculating without any grounds . It was pointless explaining .

Together with Ah Lai, the trio flew towards the vortex and arrived near it . They happened to see Pros being sucked up as well . In turn, he glared at Zhou Wen .

“Zhou Wen, don’t be too happy . This matter isn’t over yet . ” As he spoke, he was sucked into the vortex .

Zhou Wen and company were also sucked in . Soon, they returned to the stone altar from before .

Zhou Wen originally wanted to take Ah Lai elsewhere to check his identity, but he discovered that many young people had yet to leave the altar . Instead, they surrounded it, clearly targeting him and Li Xuan .

“Why are you crowding here? Hurry up and move aside . Do you want to fight here?” Li Xuan said with a twitch of his lips .

They could do whatever they wanted in the Holy Land, but now that they were out, they would be bound by the League’s laws .

Although the six families enjoyed special privileges, they did not have the privilege to openly challenge a representative of the An family here .

“Lance, it’s him . ” No one bothered with Li Xuan . John pointed at Zhou Wen and said to Lance .

“You are Zhou Wen?” Lance looked at Zhou Wen in surprise .

“Your name is Lance?” Zhou Wen was surprised as well . Before coming, Jiang Yan had warned him that the only person he needed to be afraid of was someone named Lance .

“Did you cripple their Primordial Energy seas?” Lance asked Zhou Wen .

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“Yes, but they were the ones who initiated it . ” Zhou Wen originally didn’t plan on explaining, but after taking a glance at Lance, he still decided to explain .

Lance nodded . “Actually, that’s not important . I want to fight with you . Choose the venue and time . ”

“Because I’m the representative of the An family?” Zhou Wen knew that Lance cultivated because of his goal of defeating An Tianzuo .

“Not for anyone else . Just because you are Zhou Wen . Apart from An Tianzuo, you are the second person that has intrigued me . I didn’t plan on taking action back when they asked for my help, but since you are Zhou Wen, I’m interested in fighting you,” said Lance .

“But I don’t wish to fight with you . Fighting is troublesome,” Zhou Wen said as he spread out his hands .

He wasn’t a battle maniac like Feng Qiuyan . He wasn’t interested in a meaningless fight . It was time that Zhou Wen could use to game .

“Fight me . No matter who wins or loses, I’ll ensure that you leave the Holy City safely . If not, you will ultimately be in trouble . Those guys won’t let you off easily . Compared to fighting me, those guys will delay your gaming time more, right?” Lance suddenly came close to Zhou Wen and whispered in his ear with a voice that only he could hear .

“It looks like I can’t reject it, but the time and place is up to me to choose,” Zhou Wen said with a shrug .

Lance’s words were half-truths, but there was one thing he was right about . Those from the six families definitely wouldn’t let this matter rest . Their best chance was in Holy City, so it was impossible for them to allow Zhou Wen to leave so easily .

Although Zhou Wen didn’t expect Lance to really allow him to leave, stalling for time gave Ah Sheng time to prepare .

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“You can choose any time and place in the next two days,” said Lance .

“Lance, two days is way too long…” John turned anxious as he was afraid Zhou Wen would take the opportunity to escape .

However, Lance only smiled and said, “He won’t run, so don’t worry . ”

“There’s no need for two days . Let’s do it tomorrow afternoon . I still want to make an early return after the fight,” Zhou Wen said .

“Alright, where will it be?” Lance asked .

“I’ll inform you when the time comes . ” Zhou Wen didn’t answer directly . He planned on getting Ah Sheng to choose the location . With Ah Sheng’s abilities, he would definitely be able to choose a suitable spot .

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