Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 218

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Chapter 218: 218

Chapter 218 Soundless

In the hotel room, Ah Sheng looked at Zhou Wen with an odd expression .

“That’s what happened . Is there a problem?” Zhou Wen recounted his experience in the Holy Land .

“Not at all . Don’t worry, leave the rest to me,” Ah Sheng said without any hesitation .

“Alright then . I’ll go back and prepare . ” As Zhou Wen spoke, he prepared to return to his room and absorb the Mutated Fairy’s Primordial Energy Skill Crystal .

Due to the earlier stat requirements, Zhou Wen wasn’t able to master it . Now that his Speed had increased to 21, he had reached the requirement . He could then battle Lance after practicing it .

“Young Master Wen, you have to be careful of Lance . Although he’s not as famous as John, those who truly are in the know of the six families know that Lance is the most terrifying person of this generation,” Ah Sheng said .

“I know . ” Even if Ah Sheng hadn’t said anything, Zhou Wen could sense it .

“He also has a nickname, Soundless . ” Ah Sheng continued .

“Why Soundless? Is the Primordial Energy Art he cultivates related to sound?” Zhou Wen asked curiously .

Ah Sheng said, “There are all kinds of sounds in this world . Every sound has its own unique rhythm and charm . Every life has the right to make its own voice, proving that they are part of this world . However, there are some voices that are loud enough and some sound softer . ”

Ah Sheng didn’t directly mention the reason behind Lance’s nickname, but Zhou Wen already understood why . The meaning behind it was that when Lance made a sound, the entire world would quieten down . There wouldn’t be any other noise except for his sounds .

Returning to his room, Zhou Wen took out the Mutated Fairy Primordial Energy Skill Crystal and took a picture and took it in-game .

The blood-colored avatar held the Mutated Fairy Crystal and chose to absorb it, but Zhou Wen was notified that it couldn’t absorb it .

Zhou Wen switched his Primordial Energy Art to the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra before the notification was removed . The crystal immediately transformed into strands of black and white auras that fused into the blood-colored avatar’s body .

Zhou Wen felt as though there was a faint immortal aura flowing within him, making his body float up like a hydrogen balloon .

After a while, the feeling gradually disappeared until it returned to normal . Only then did the system in the game give a new hint .

‘Absorbed the Mutated Fairy Crystal . Attained Transcendent Flying Immortal . ’

Zhou Wen took a look at the blood-colored avatar’s information . Indeed, there was an additional skill, Transcendent Flying Immortal, not the Dragon Gate Flying Immortal technique that Zhou Wen knew of .

Is this Transcendent Flying Immortal a Primordial Energy Skill that only Mutated Fairies possess? Could it be a mutated version of the Dragon Gate Flying Immortal Skill? Zhou Wen hurriedly took a look at the introduction of Transcendent Flying Immortal .

Although the other techniques of a Mutated Fairy were powerful, what Zhou Wen wanted the most was the Dragon Gate Flying Immortal Skill . There were countless Primordial Energy Skills in the world, and there were countless powerful Primordial Energy Skills, but they only had one effectto defeat or kill the enemy .

However, Zhou Wen didn’t like to kill, and he cherished his life greatly . The Dragon Gate’s Flying Immortal Skill was undoubtedly the best life-saving technique . If he couldn’t beat his adversary, he could run, preventing them from catching up to him . It was useless even if his opponent was strong .

Transcendent Flying Immortal: Ascension Technique for Other Realm Immortals

The information was very vague, but it was likely a Primordial Energy Skill similar to the Dragon Gate Fairy Skill . When Zhou Wen carefully sensed the information he had obtained from the Transcendent Flying Immortal, he looked even more pleasantly surprised .

The next morning when he woke up for breakfast, Zhou Wen saw Li Xuan and Ah Lai sitting at the table chatting .

Zhou Wen originally wanted to investigate Ah Lai’s origins, but with the hoo-ha caused by the six families yesterday, he had ended up delaying the matter . Ah Lai had also followed them back to the hotel .

Zhou Wen had recalled the matter on the way back . He originally wanted to take Ah Lai to the officials to investigate the identity the latter had used to enter, but after informing Ah Sheng, Ah Sheng told him that there was no need for him to go . There was no such person on the Holy Land list . Ah Sheng was very certain-if it was a person on the name list, there was no way he had never seen him before .

This left Zhou Wen very puzzled . If Ah Lai wasn’t part of the batch of people who had entered the Holy Land, where did he come from? How did he end up within the Trajectory Holy Temple?

“Ah Lai, what plans do you have for the future? Are you interested in hanging out with us? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with following me . I guarantee you that you’ll live in the lap of luxury . There will be endless beautiful girls . ” Li Xuan seemed to be trying to seduce him .

Ah Lai said with an odd expression, “How did the world become like this?”

“It doesn’t matter what the world turns into . A good man treats the four corners of the world as his home . What difference does the place make? If you follow me in the future, I guarantee you that you will have a brighter future than being a sailor,” Li Xuan said as he patted Ah Lai on the shoulder .

Zhou Wen found it odd . Although Li Xuan wasn’t a bad person, he wasn’t that good enough to be a philanthropist . It didn’t seem like his personality at all .

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Ah Lai didn’t reply . When he saw Zhou Wen walk over, he said, “Zhou Wen, you said that I came from inside the Trajectory Holy Temple and you also entered the Trajectory Holy Temple . Do you know why I was there?”

“It seems like you entered the Trajectory Holy Temple because you wanted to investigate what happened to your father’s ship . I don’t know anything else, have you completely forgotten?” Zhou Wen asked .

Ah Lai shook his head . “I only remember that my father’s ship encountered a storm . I can’t remember what happened afterward . ”

“There’s no rush . You can think about it slowly . Li Xuan isn’t a bad person . If you have nowhere to go, why don’t you bunk with him for now? After all, he’s rich . He’s not afraid of being bankrupted,” Zhou Wen said .

“That’s right, that’s right . I’ll definitely make sure everything is the best . ” Li Xuan did not retort at all, making Zhou Wen find it even odder .

After breakfast, Ah Lai went out for a walk, claiming he wanted to know what the world looked like; hence, he went out alone .

When Zhou Wen saw Ah Lai leave, he asked Li Xuan, “Why are you so enthusiastic and nice? This isn’t like you . Tell me honestly, what are you planning?”

“Heavens, haven’t you noticed?” Li Xuan said in an exaggerated manner .

“What?” Zhou Wen asked with a frown .

“Ah Lai is very strong . ” Li Xuan seemed to find this description insufficient as he added, “He’s especially strong . At least he’s stronger than us . ”

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“Why do you say that?” Zhou Wen asked in puzzlement . Ah Lai didn’t seem to show any special combat ability .

“Didn’t I use a rope to tie him to my Companion Beast’s back? That rope was formed from a legendary nine-scaled serpent . If I were tied up by it, there’s no way I could break free . As for Ah Lai, he easily broke through it in a seemingly trivial manner . ”

Li Xuan said, “Now that this fellow has lost his memory and there’s nowhere for him to go, isn’t it a perfect win-win situation for me to take him in while he helps me with certain matters?”

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