Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 219

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Chapter 219: 219

Chapter 219 Battling Lance

Little Lin’s Pet Combat Arena was Ah Sheng’s chosen venue for the match .

Many of the younger generation of the six families had come to the arena, including some who were in their twenties or thirties .

Back then, An Tianzuo had suppressed and crippled that generation . Now, another, Zhou Wen had appeared; he had crippled more than thirty members of the six families . This was an absolute humiliation to them .

Xia Bing glanced at Lance who was sitting in the resting area as she said with a complicated expression, “Thankfully, this generation of the six families produced Lance . Otherwise, they would have to swallow their anger as they did back then . ”

She had always wanted to chase up to Lance or even surpass him, but no matter how hard she tried, the distance between her and Lance just grew further and further; so much so that she couldn’t see his back anymore .

Despite Lance not having inherited a hero’s physique and not cultivating his family’s Primordial Energy Art, he was able to steam ahead, making it impossible for others to even have the thought of chasing up to him .

Fortunately, there’s only one Lance in this world . Xia Bing sighed inwardly, unsure if she was feeling happy or sad for herself .

“Here he comes,” Dugu Chuan suddenly said .

Xia Bing looked over and indeed saw Zhou Wen arrive in the arena with Ah Sheng and Li Xuan . The latter two remained in the spectator stands while Zhou Wen walked into the arena alone .

When Lance saw Zhou Wen, he stood up from the bench in the resting area and walked into the arena .

The members of the six families were rather calm . Others might think that Zhou Wen had a chance, but they knew better-Zhou Wen had no chance at all . No one under the Epic stage was Lance’s match . Even someone at the Epic stage might not be his match .

In a corner of the spectator stands sat a man and a woman . Both of them wore hats and sunglasses that covered most of their faces . However, anyone familiar with them would be able to recognize them-Liz and Qiao Siyuan .

“What do you think?” Qiao Siyuan asked as he looked at Zhou Wen and Lance .

Liz replied with a dark expression, “Lance is a talented genius . No peer of his is more outstanding than him . It’s impossible for Zhou Wen to win . ”

Qiao Siyuan said nonchalantly, “Don’t forget that Zhou Wen is someone who has come into contact with Jing Daoxian . If he was really fancied by Jing Daoxian, do you still think that Lance will certainly win?”

“Yes . ” Liz said with certainty, “Minister, you are not from the six families . Perhaps you don’t understand Lance very well . His talent is unparalleled . Unless one has absolute power to crush him, no one can defeat him . ”

Qiao Siyuan only smiled and did not refute Liz’s words . Instead, he asked, “Make another confirmation . Is everyone in place?”

Liz nodded slightly and contacted the personnel of the Special Investigation Bureau around the arena to confirm that they had arrived .

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“Minister, everything is in place . Zhou Wen won’t be able to escape today,” Liz said to Qiao Siyuan .

Qiao Siyuan didn’t say a word . He only looked at Ah Sheng, who was sitting in the spectator stands . Ah Sheng was wearing a trench coat and a hat . He was seriously observing the situation in the arena and had seemingly not placed any attention elsewhere .

With that person around, I’m afraid it won’t be easy to complete this mission . If I had a few people like Ah Sheng aiding me instead of Liz, I wouldn’t need to go through all this trouble . Qiao Siyuan sighed inwardly .

There were too many personnel in the Special Investigation Bureau that entered thanks to nepotism . Everyone in the six families wanted to have their own people in it, but it was hard to determine how capable those people were .

Although the six families did have many outstanding people, their background made many of them overly proud to the point of arrogance . Sometimes, it was difficult for them to truly become good inspectors .

A good inspector isn’t as simple as being strong . However, it can be considered as having pros and cons . Without these people in the bureau, the bureau wouldn’t have obtained such a huge privilege . Qiao Siyuan turned to look at Liz and said, “Get someone to keep an eye on An Sheng at all times . If he shows any abnormality, report it immediately . Even the smallest details have to be reported . ”

In fact, Qiao Siyuan was also looking forward to seeing the people from the six families learn to give up their pride and dignity under his guidance . When that day happened, they might turn out to become the most terrifying . On that day, they might be the most terrifying inspectors .

However, Liz didn’t think much of it . “He’s just An Tianzuo’s adjutant . What else can he do when we’re watching him?”

Qiao Siyuan could only patiently explain, “Don’t underestimate An Sheng . He has been in charge of the An family’s security for the past few years . Every year, countless people set their sights on the An family, but there have never been any problems with the An family . Such a person cannot be underestimated . Do you know another nickname he has in Luoyang’s military? Devil’s Adjutant . His name is a lot more useful in the military than An Tianzuo . ”

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Although Liz felt that the Holy City was their territory and an adjutant that was being watched couldn’t do anything, Qiao Siyuan was her superior after all . Thus, Liz immediately contacted the people responsible for watching An Sheng and exhorted them .

In the arena, Zhou Wen came in front of Lance . He didn’t wield any weapons as he had stowed away the Bamboo Blade in the Chaos space . He had no intention of using it .

Bamboo Blade needed to see blood once it was drawn or it would deal a backlash to its owner . Although Zhou Wen didn’t believe in such things, he didn’t think that there was a need for him to draw his saber because he wasn’t skilled with it . It was fine using the sharp Bamboo Blade to chop up some vegetables, but fighting with Lance would instead become a flaw .

“They said that you have two Mythical pets . Is that true?” Lance asked Zhou Wen .

“Does it matter? I don’t plan on using pets,” Zhou Wen said .

Lance smiled brightly, revealing two rows of snow-white teeth . “I’m starting to look forward to it now . ”

“In that case, hurry up . I’m still planning on returning home to game . ” Zhou Wen took a step forward and struck out with the first stance of the Seven Distribution PalmCompunction Free-at Lance .

Compunction Free was a masculine move that was extremely direct and open . This stance was actually somewhat incompatible with the Ashen Palm’s forces that Zhou Wen had trained in . However, Zhou Wen still managed to fuse the power of the Ashen Palm into this move .

Lance didn’t dodge either . He also struck out with his palm to meet Zhou Wen’s . His palm turned purplish-red, looking like a special Primordial Energy Skill .


Zhou Wen felt a pricking pain in his palm and couldn’t help but retract his palm . However, Lance’s chest quivered violently as he took two steps back .

Zhou Wen glanced at his palm and saw that it was covered with bloody holes that seemed to be a result of countless needles . He couldn’t help but say, “What a vicious Primordial Energy Skill . ”

“Likewise . Your Primordial Energy Skill is also very vicious,” said Lance with a smile .

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