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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 220

Published at 12th of May 2020 05:20:05 PM

Chapter 220: 220

Chapter 220 A Person That Fights As Though In A Game

Zhou Wen used the seven stances of the Seven Distribution Palm one by one . They were disjointed with completely different styles . Zhou Wen’s continuous usage made it difficult for his opponent to adapt to such changes in style .

However, Lance acted as though he didn’t feel anything . He blocked and parried all of Zhou Wen’s seven strikes . Furthermore, apart from the first palm, the Ashen Palm’s forces that were secretly included in the Seven Distribution Palm, none of them were able to injure Lance .

When the mild concealed force touched Lance’s palm, it immediately dissipated, unable to enter his body .

After striking seven times, Zhou Wen immediately retracted his hands and said to Lance, “I only know these seven strikes . Since all seven of them were countered by you, I have no choice but to admit defeat . ”

“It’s fine if you want to admit defeat, but you have to satisfy me first . ” Lance didn’t care what Zhou Wen said as he charged forward and struck out with a Wind Lightning Fist .

The Wind Lightning Fist was a relatively common fist-type Primordial Energy Skill in the district where Lance lived in . The punch contained the power of wind and lightning . There was no need for any powerful technique as it used brute strength to subdue the enemy .

Zhou Wen also knew that it was impossible for Lance to let him off so easily . When he saw Lance deliver the punch, he used the Dragon Gate Fairy Skill and circled around him .

After Zhou Wen learned the Transcendent Flying Immortal, the Dragon Gate Fairy Skill hadn’t been replaced . Clearly, the former wasn’t a Primordial Energy Skill . There was still a difference between the two .

Zhou Wen really only knew the seven palm strikes and had no time to learn other techniques .

Upon seeing Zhou Wen dodge, Liz sneered . “Zhou Wen is finished . In front of Lance, retreating is equivalent to losing . ”

It wasn’t just Liz . Everyone who had sparred with Lance, including Xia Bing and Dugu Chuan, knew how scary it was to let Lance take the initiative to attack . No one could remain undefeated under his relentless attacks .

Dugu Chuan’s movement techniques were considered top-notch among his peers, but he managed fewer than twenty of Lance’s strikes .

With just two punches, Zhou Wen could sense the pressure that Lance was exerting on him . His attacks were unique, something that Zhou Wen had never seen before .

Although a fist combo was common as a combat technique, when it came to actual combat, the fist combo was actually of not much use . Unless one could hit the opponent with the first punch and leave the opponent open for more attacks, the subsequent chaining of the fist combos wouldn’t be possible .

However, if the first punch was enough to hit the target, then one should strive to take down one’s opponent with that one punch . What was the point with the remaining punches?

Therefore, the fist combo was just a supplementary measure . What was really effective was the first punch that hit the opponent . How could one connect the first punch? This was the answer everyone wanted to know .

However, Lance’s fist combo was different . He was like a character in a fighting game . His moves were connected without any gaps, giving Zhou Wen no chance to counterattack .

It even made Zhou Wen have the illusion that if he revealed any flaws and allowed him to connect the first strike, then the subsequent attacks from Lance would be like a raging storm that would directly KO him without giving him any chance to react .

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The Dragon Gate Fairy Skill had been pushed to the extreme by Zhou Wen as he constantly dodged . His arms and legs were also fending off the attacks from Lance . Every clash of their limbs made Zhou Wen feel a terrifying force surge at him, causing his bones to protest in pain .

What looked like ordinary punches and kicks produced an effect that resembled an extremely explosive Primordial Energy Skill . It left Zhou Wen very surprised .

Soon, he realized that Lance’s seemingly ordinary punches and kicks were everything but ordinary . It was really some kind of Primordial Energy Art that greatly augmented him in his Strength and in all other aspects .

Every action of Lance’s was supported by different Primordial Energy Skills . This was the first time Zhou Wen had seen someone fight like that .

Zhou Wen had only practiced Primordial Energy Skills with his fists and palms, he had never trained his other parts . All he could do was use the Lotus Flower Buddha Body to protect himself . However, the defensive strength of the Lotus Flower Buddha Body wasn’t enough for Zhou Wen to fight Lance head-on . Every clash of their bodies made Zhou Wen feel like his bones were about to break apart . All he could do was dodge with his movement techniques .

However, there was no way to completely dodge Lance’s crazy attack . Just a dozen punches placed Zhou Wen at an absolute disadvantage .

When Dugu Chuan saw this, he laughed . “Do you want to use your movement technique to dodge the attacks of Lance and hope for him to expend all his Primordial Energy? You’re too naive . This strategy might work on others, but against a person like Lance, it’s useless . That was what I thought back then, but I ended up being pummeled . ”

Xia Bing said faintly, “Back then, in order to act as a character in a combat game, Lance had specially learned a Primordial Energy Art that allows rapid Primordial Energy recovery . Furthermore, in order to reduce the Primordial Energy expenditure, he had found dozens of the most basic Primordial Energy Skill Crystals . Those Primordial Energy Skills themselves used up very little Primordial Energy to begin with . After he learned them, he raised dozens of Mortal stage Primordial Energy Skills from Rank 1 all the way to Legendary Rank 10 . Not only are they extremely powerful, but they also consume very little Primordial Energy . Lance completed something so unthinkable to the average person in just four months . ”

“If I had the talent of Lance, I could be as willful as him . I could also abandon my hero physique and not learn the family’s Primordial Energy Art . I could also play games all day like him,” John said through gritted teeth .

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Although he was known as a saint at Covenant College, he knew very well that he was far inferior to the fellow who gamed all day in school . No matter how hard he worked, he was not even qualified to be his opponent .


When the fists collided, Zhou Wen felt a surge of power penetrate his body . It ran up his arm, making his organs feel like they had suffered a heavy blow . He couldn’t help but take a few steps back .

Lance could actually use concealed forces, but they were just not as strong as Zhou Wen’s Ashen Palm .

The look in Zhou Wen’s eyes gradually turned serious . He had never encountered such an opponent before . Among his peers, no one had ever given him such pressure .

Although An Jing had defeated him with one strike back then, that was an absolute difference in Speed and Strength due to their difference in level . That kind of battle had nothing to do with Zhou Wen’s abilities . Furthermore, Zhou Wen had never learned any combat techniques back then .

This time, it was different . In terms of physical strength at the same level, Zhou Wen felt immense pressure . This was something he had never experienced before .

Jiang Yan is right . Lance is much more terrifying than John . Zhou Wen’s heart gradually burned with passion . Although he knew that beating Lance was not beneficial to him, he still wanted to win; he didn’t want to lose .

After all, Zhou Wen was a seventeen-year-old . He was unable to completely control his young and competitive heart, especially when facing a peer like Lance .

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However, Zhou Wen had spent too much time practicing his Primordial Energy Art in the past . He had an excessively low starting point and had spent his golden years cultivating Ascetic Meditation which ended up being useless . Eventually, it was replaced by the Lost Immortal Sutra .

After that, he continued gaming and grinding instance dungeons . His level and physique had been enhanced, and he had obtained quite a number of Primordial Energy Skills . Fighting ordinary people with these was enough, but against someone like Lance, he was still greatly lacking .

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