Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 221

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Chapter 221: 221

Chapter 221 Flying Immortal Skill

Zhou Wen calmed down . The more he was placed in such situations, the calmer he became .

He had pushed the Dragon Gate Fairy Skill to its limits as he dodged like a ghost and attacked Lance from time to time .

It’s still not enough . If my movement technique could be a little faster, and if this transition move of mine in midair could be a little more sudden, and the angle a little smaller… Zhou Wen constantly gained insight into the battle, and his Raising a Weighted Feather realm had become increasingly proficient as he used it .

“Fifteen punches, and he still isn’t using a Companion Beast?” Dugu Chuan was somewhat astonished . Zhou Wen’s dodging and ducking had allowed him to withstand fifteen of Lance’s punches .

“It should be soon . In less than ten punches, Zhou Wen will definitely use his Companion Beast . Otherwise, defeat is the only outcome for him . ” Xia Bing could tell that Zhou Wen was about to reach his limit .

Lance’s attacks became more and more incisive, making Zhou Wen feel like he wasn’t facing a single person, but a massive tsunami . He had the feeling that he was powerless to resist .

Under such terrifying attacks, Zhou Wen could keep pushing himself and make his every move simpler and more efficient, just as Lance had done .

It was impossible for him to be able to use all sorts of Primordial Energy Skills like Lance . Therefore, he could only bet everything on his movement technique-to make it faster, stronger, and more efficient .

Even if it was just a millimeter, he had to try his best to shave as much as he could, so that his body wouldn’t produce any additional movements to squeeze out every bit of potential and possibility .

The countless deaths he had experienced in-game now played a tremendous role . This was because Zhou Wen experienced the same thing when the blood-colored avatar faced death . Therefore, even in such a disadvantageous situation, he could still maintain his clarity of mind and focus, allowing him to devote himself to battle without any distractions . It was a talent of his .

Gradually, Zhou Wen’s movement technique exceeded the limits of Dragon Gate Fairy Skill and fused with his unique style .

Suddenly, Zhou Wen felt that Lance’s attack wasn’t as difficult to resist as his motion trajectories seemed to be able to keep up with Lance’s attack . Even if he didn’t use his palm to block, just using his movement techniques allowed him to slowly dodge Lance’s continuous attacks .

How can that be! Dugu Chuan widened his eyes as he looked at Zhou Wen . As a person who was proficient in all kinds of movement techniques, he had naturally studied a famous Primordial Energy Skill like the Dragon Gate Fairy Skill . He even knew it himself . Furthermore, his Dragon Gate Fairy Skill was not inferior to Zhou Wen’s in terms of ranks .

However, Dugu Chuan had better movement techniques, so he rarely used Dragon Gate Fairy Skill .

Back when Zhou Wen used Dragon Gate Fairy Skill, and the way he kept switching between styles left Dugu Chuan somewhat impressed . However, it was only praise attributing to Zhou Wen’s ingenious way of using such a method to push the Dragon Gate Fairy Skill to Rank 10 .

However, it was just a compliment . He also had Rank 10 movement skills that were even more outstanding than Dragon Gate Fairy Skill . However, he hadn’t lasted more than twenty blows under Lance’s barrage of attacks .

Zhou Wen’s current movement technique clearly exceeded the realm of Dragon Gate Fairy Skill, but it had the foundation of the Dragon Gate Fairy Skill . Dugu Chuan had also seen similar movement techniques—the Dragon Gate Flying Immortal Skill possessed by the Epic dimensional creature, Fairy .

Although the difference between the Dragon Gate Fairy Skill and the Dragon Gate Flying Immortal Skill seemed to be just in its name, the two were worlds apart .

The Dragon Gate Fairy Skill came from a Fairy Monkey, but the Dragon Gate Flying Immortal Skill came from a real branch of the Fairy . There was an insurmountable difference in quality between the two .

Zhou Wen was at the Legendary stage, so it was impossible for him to master the Dragon Gate’s Flying Immortal Skill now . Furthermore, Zhou Wen’s movement technique previously indicated that he had indeed never learned it before .

However, Zhou Wen’s movement technique had hints of the Dragon Gate Flying Immortal Skill .

Did he raise the Dragon Gate Fairy Skill to the Epic stage without using Primordial Energy Crystals, having only relied on his battle experience and insight? Dugu Chuan’s expression was capricious .

If one’s comprehension of a Primordial Energy Skill reached Rank 10, it was something only a genius was capable of . But to directly raise the Primordial Energy Skill to a whole new level, especially if one hadn’t reached that level, would be too terrifying .

Although Dugu Chuan didn’t wish to believe that Zhou Wen could reach such a level, his movement techniques were becoming more and more pronounced with the bearing of the Dragon Gate’s Flying Immortal Skill . That poise and elegance was something the Dragon Gate Fairy Skill didn’t possess .

This person seems a little scary . Dugu Chuan suddenly had such a feeling .

Xia Bing also looked at Zhou Wen in astonishment . She wasn’t an expert with movement techniques like Dugu Chuan, but she could tell that Zhou Wen was dodging more easily . It was as though Lance’s attacks were increasingly unable to force him to block with his body .

Zhou Wen’s body was like a flying immortal . When Lance threw a punch, his fist remained three inches away from Zhou Wen’s body, preventing him from hitting him .

It felt like Zhou Wen was using the wind generated by the first to gracefully float back in the air .

Although Dugu Chuan was right, he wasn’t completely right . Zhou Wen’s movement technique had indeed imitated the Fairy’s movement technique, but it wasn’t an ordinary Fairy’s movement technique, but a mutated Fairy’s .

He had infused the Mutated Fairy’s movement technique he had seen into the Dragon Gate Fairy Skill, causing it to gradually transform, forming a brand new movement technique .

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“Old Zhou’s movement skills are getting more and more impressive, but why does this fellow like movement techniques so much? Isn’t it better to fight head-on? Don’t you think so?” Li Xuan clearly didn’t appreciate Zhou Wen’s style; he still preferred to attack directly .

An Sheng, who was sitting beside Li Xuan, remained silent as he continued watching the battle .

Qiao Siyuan would occasionally look at the duo, and when he saw this scene, he couldn’t help but frown slightly .

After some thought, Qiao Siyuan asked Liz beside him, “Ask the guy monitoring Ah Sheng . Is there anything abnormal there?”

Liz was in a bad mood when she saw that Zhou Wen had managed to dodge Lance’s attack . She said, “It should be fine . If there’s anything, they should report it . ”

“So should I hand over the post of minister to you then?” Qiao Siyuan’s voice turned cold .

When Liz met Qiao Siyuan’s cold gaze, her heart turned cold and she hurriedly said, “I’m sorry, Minister . I’ll ask immediately . ”

Liz didn’t dare to be negligent . She immediately contacted the surveillance personnel and only after confirming it repeatedly did she tell Qiao Siyuan, “An Sheng hasn’t done anything out of the ordinary . He’s been watching the competition the entire time . ”

“Something’s wrong… But what…” Qiao Siyuan’s expression did not change because of what Liz had said .

Just as Liz was about to say something, Qiao Siyuan suddenly stood up, quickly left his spot, and walked to the other side of the spectator stand . It was right across from Li Xuan and Ah Sheng .

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Qiao Siyuan stared at An Sheng like an eagle . He kept sizing up his face, and the more he looked at him, the worse his expression became .

An Sheng was wearing a trench coat and a hat, but he didn’t deliberately lower his hat or wear sunglasses . He looked like Ah Sheng, but Qiao Siyuan was certain that it wasn’t him .

Qiao Siyuan’s heart turned cold immediately .

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