Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 222

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Chapter 222: 222

Chapter 222 A Battle Without Limits

“Minister, what happened?” Liz walked over as well . She followed Qiao Siyuan’s gaze and also recognized An Sheng . She took a look but didn’t notice anything abnormal .

“I was too careless . That guy was only wearing a hat . He didn’t lower his cap or wear glasses, he even revealed his entire face so as not to arouse my suspicion . I should have known that An Sheng wouldn’t sit here and watch the competition without doing anything… All personnel is to immediately report their locations…” Qiao Siyuan was no longer in the mood to teach Liz . He directly issued the order to everyone through the comms .

Everyone reported their positions one by one, and Liz could hear them clearly from her earpiece . After all the personnel had finished reporting, she said, “Minister, everyone is at their designated spots . Everything is normal and there’s nothing out of the ordinary . What’s wrong with you?”

Qiao Siyuan’s expression was as cold as ice . Ignoring Liz, Qiao Siyuan directly said on the channel, “An Sheng, I know you’re listening . Answer me . ”

In the monitoring room of the Little Lin’s Pet Combat Arena, An Sheng was sitting on a chair . He was looking at Qiao Siyuan through the surveillance footage . The two inspectors beside him were like puppets sitting there mechanically .

Hearing the voice from the walkie-talkie, An Sheng said calmly, “Go ahead . ”

Liz thought that Qiao Siyuan had gone crazy, but when she heard the voice coming over the comms, her expression immediately turned ugly and she wore a look of incredulity .

Qiao Siyuan took a deep breath and said, “Don’t hurt my people . During this period of time in the Holy Land, the bureau will not do anything . ”

Killing an inspector in Holy City was an extremely serious offense . Most people wouldn’t dare do so, but Qiao Siyuan could not forget An Tianzuo’s words . He also couldn’t forget how An Sheng had crippled Liz without any thought .

The title of Devil’s Adjutant was not just a simple name . As long as An Tianzuo gave the order, An Sheng would do anything . He was a lunatic .

“Calm down . Sit down and drink some water . This match is very exciting . Don’t you want to finish watching it?” An Sheng said as he watched the surveillance camera footage .

“An Sheng, if you dare to harm even a strand of their hair, I will make sure none of you can leave the Holy Land…” Liz said angrily .

“Shut up . ” Qiao Siyuan suppressed his voice and stopped Liz . Then, he sat back down on the spectator stands and surveyed the entire Little Lin’s Pet Combat Arena .

If he found An Sheng’s location before the competition ended, there was still a chance of a comeback .

Suddenly, when he saw a camera in the arena, Qiao Siyuan’s eyes lit up . He got up and prepared to leave his seat, but An Sheng’s voice came through the earpiece again . “Minister Qiao, you better sit there and not move . From now on, one of your inspectors will die with every step you take . I wonder if the lives of these inspectors are enough for you to reach the monitoring room? If there’s enough, you can take your time walking . I’ll be sitting here waiting for you to send me to jail . This is Holy City, so it’s not like I can run, right?”

Qiao Siyuan gritted his teeth and returned to his seat . He said dejectedly, “You won . Don’t hurt them . ”

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“Enjoy this match . It looks like it will be really exciting,” An Sheng said calmly .

In the arena, Lance’s eyes shone as if he had seen a classic game he had long wanted . He couldn’t hide his smile . Visit website our Listnovel . com

“How interesting . It’s indeed interesting to have an opponent in a fighting game,” said Lance as he stopped his attacks .

“Sorry, I’ve already said that I don’t like to play fighting games . I don’t understand what that feeling is,” Zhou Wen said .

However, Lance ignored Zhou Wen’s words as he continued, “Do you know why I like to play games? It’s because, in reality, I can’t find a match, so I can only find joy in games . The rules and skills in the game restrict my performance, which makes me feel a sense of difficulty . Unfortunately, a game is still a game after all . There are still rules that can be found . No matter how the mechanism is adjusted, once one knows the rules, after playing for some time, one can easily defeat them . This is also why I do not wish to know anything about An Tianzuo before meeting him . I’m afraid that I will discover a pattern . That will make defeating him boring . ”

“Then you can try leveling up games . There will always be a stronger boss waiting for you,” Zhou Wen said .

“So what if it’s an even stronger boss? It’s just tweaked strength and skills to make it stronger . In essence, it’s no different from those ordinary monsters . Powerful bosses are identical in every way, but an interesting soul has a different charm to it . ” Lance stared at Zhou Wen with a fervent gaze . “It’s been a long time since I had such a great battle . You are the one who has made me reacquire the joy of combat . I originally imagined I would find it again on the day I meet An Tianzuo . ”

“To be honest, I prefer to hunt those soulless bosses,” Zhou Wen said as he shrugged .

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“No, you aren’t that kind of person . You are just like me deep down . You thirst for battle,” said Lance as he relaxed his body . As he walked towards Zhou Wen, he said, “Let me see what your limit is . ”

With that said, Lance suddenly moved . However, this time, he didn’t use his continuous combo attacks like a game . At the instant he moved, his speed left behind images that instantly appeared in front of Zhou Wen .

Zhou Wen tapped his toes on the ground as he rapidly retreated . However, in the next second, the Lance in front of him turned blurry . The real Lance appeared above Zhou Wen’s head like a god that had descended to the mortal world . Along with it came his fist that crashed down with a terrifying battle aura .

Even the Dragon Gate Fairy Skill, after its evolution, couldn’t dodge the punch . Zhou Wen gathered strength for Golden Palm and used the Seven Distribution Palm’s Sky-Supporting Pillar to meet Lance’s fist .


The battle aura blasted out as terrifying forces caused Zhou Wen’s legs to sink into the specially-made rubber ground .

With the clash of powers, Lance’s figure strangely used the force in the air as leverage . He turned blurry once again, leaving behind an afterimage . His true body had already plummeted to the ground like a meteor, shattering the ground through the quaking . At the same time, he sent another punch straight at Zhou Wen .

With Zhou Wen’s legs sinking into the ground, it was already impossible for him to dodge . He switched the Primordial Energy Art to a Dao Body and used Astral Suction Palm at the same time . He sucked and guided Lance’s fist, causing it to tilt to the side as his body brushed past Zhou Wen .

However, Lance’s reaction was too fast . In the split second, he passed him by, he leveraged the momentum from the charge to twist his body and kicked Zhou Wen like a sweeping blade .

His actions happened in one swift motion . It was unworldly .

His Primordial Energy Skill… seems to have broken through the rules of a Legendary stage’s rank… Xia Bing looked at Lance as she felt mixed feelings .

Dugu Chuan also smiled bitterly to himself . Lance had gone even further than they had imagined . He had never been serious in their previous battles .

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