Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 223

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Chapter 223: 223

Chapter 223 Transcendent Flying Immortal

Lance had trained his combat skills to the extreme . If Zhou Wen were to focus on training his combat skills for a few years, he might still have a chance to match Lance . But now, Zhou Wen was unable to fight Lance with pure combat skills .

However, Zhou Wen didn’t waste his time . His combat skills were indeed inferior to Lance’s, but he also had his strengths and unique traits .

Seeing that there was no way to dodge, Zhou Wen suddenly released a stream of power that shot up from his legs that had sunk to the ground . Almost instantly, he shot up into the sky, dodging Lance’s foot .

Lance’s actions weren’t slow either . A terrifying power erupted beneath his feet as he charged towards Zhou Wen, bringing with him numerous afterimages . His entire body was burning with a raging battle aura like a volcano eruption .

“This Lance… is so powerful…” Even Li Xuan had to admit it . Li Xuan would only qualify to be beaten if he went up alone .

Xia Bing, Dugu Chuan, and the others all had smiles on their faces as they waited for the moment Lance won .

Zhou Wen couldn’t dodge Lance’s attack on the ground, much less dodge in the air .

Indeed, there’s no one at the same level who can fight Lance . If Zhou Wen were to use a Companion Beast, he might be able to hold out for a little while longer . To think he wants to engage in melee combat with Lance shows how naive he is . However, Zhou Wen can hold his head high after fighting so well with him, thought Dugu Chuan .

Liz was also feeling delighted . Their operation had completely failed, and they were being threatened . She felt aggrieved, but now that Lance could defeat Zhou Wen, it was the only thing that would cheer her up today . Now, all she wished for was for Lance to cripple Zhou Wen’s Primordial Energy sea, giving him the taste of being crippled .

But in the next second, everyone’s jaws dropped in disbelief .

In the air, Zhou Wen’s figure seemed to be completely free from the limitations of gravity, as though he had transformed into lightning . He streaked across the sky in a zigzag manner and quickly charged forward . His target was Lance who had rushed into the air .

The fighting spirit burned in his eyes as his battle aura flared wantonly . His bodily functions were also pushed to the limit as he twisted his body . He threw a barrage of quick punches to block Zhou Wen’s attacks that appeared like lightning bolts . Due to his actions being too fast, he left behind afterimages, making it seem like he had multiple limbs that could block the lightning-fast phantoms .

However, no matter how fast Lance’s actions were, he was still inferior to Zhou Wen’s lightning-like attacks that criss-crossed like a net . Even with his multi-limbed form, he failed to withstand the unparalleled barrage of attacks . In the end, he was unable to withstand it . After being struck in the chest by a beam of light, his defensive stance instantly crumbled as the criss-crossed figures struck Lance’s body like bolts of lightning that passed through his body .

The final figure fused together to reveal Zhou Wen’s body as he struck Lance’s chest and immediately sent him flying .


Lance fell to the ground and cracked the ground while blood seeped from the corner of his mouth .

The spectator stands fell completely silent . The members of the six families, including Dugu Chuan and Xia Bing, were all in disbelief . They couldn’t believe that Lance would be beaten by someone and even bleed . They had never imagined such a scene .

Furthermore, the person who had defeated Lance was a youth about the same age . The scene of the criss-crossing of lightning bolts left them extremely shocked .

Liz was so infuriated that she nearly vomited blood . She yearned to mobilize the troops to immediately tear Zhou Wen into pieces .

Lance stood up from the ground, ignored the blood trickling down the corner of his mouth, and stared at Zhou Wen . “What was that move called?”

“Transcendent Flying Immortal,” Zhou Wen replied .

“Transcendent Flying Immortal? I’ll remember that . I’m very happy that I’ve finally found a path for me to continue advancing . I hope that you can give me more surprises the next time we fight . ” With that, Lance collapsed to the ground .

His injuries were too severe and he was suffering from internal injuries . To be able to stand up and persist to the end of the conversation with Zhou Wen showed how unparalleled his willpower was .

The medical staff immediately rushed into the arena to save him . Fortunately, Lance had only fainted . Although he was heavily injured, his life wasn’t in danger . With his physical condition, he would make a quick recovery .

Zhou Wen left the battlefield and left Little Lin’s Pet Combat Arena with Li Xuan .

Xia Bing and company watched Zhou Wen leave, but no one stopped them . Their expressions were extremely complicated .

They hadn’t witnessed An Tianzuo’s incident with their own eyes, back then, but now, they had personally experienced everything . The Transcendent Flying Immortal’s name was like that person . It would probably stay on their minds for a very long period of time .

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After leaving the arena, Zhou Wen and company boarded a car and drove out of the Holy City .

The driver was none other than An Sheng . As for the An Sheng sitting beside Zhou Wen, he took off his hat and wiped the disguise from his face . It was Ah Lai .

“Young Master Wen, I’m afraid that your name will be marked by the six families in the future . You must be more careful of where you go,” An Sheng said .

Zhou Wen nodded and didn’t say a word . He thought about his battle with Lance . If he didn’t have Transcendent Flying Immortal, he would definitely have lost . If Lance had learned a Primordial Energy Skill that matched Transcendent Flying Immortal, he would have equally lost .

From the looks of it, although level and Primordial Energy Skills are important, combat techniques can’t be neglected . I’ll have to continue learning from Teacher when I return . Zhou Wen secretly made up his mind . He had to make up for his lacking combat techniques when he returned .

An Sheng originally thought that they would encounter a lot of trouble on their way out of Holy City, but he was puzzled that nothing happened . As a result, many of his preparations were useless .

In the medical ward, Lance was sitting by the bed . Beside him was a long-haired girl peeling an apple .

“Has Zhou Wen and the rest left Holy City?” . asked Lance .

“Don’t worry, everything has been done . The ones from the other families have been stopped . ” The girl passed the peeled apple to Lance .

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“That’s good . I’ll definitely beat him next time . ” Lance took the apple and took a bite .

“If you wanted to win, why didn’t you use your Life Providence?” The girl seemed to think that as long as Lance used his Life Providence, he would definitely have won .

“That would be boring,” said Lance in excitement . “Although I lost this battle, it made me understand something . Previously, I only pursued combat techniques, but I neglected the ultimate attacks found in games . In the past, I could defeat my opponents with ordinary offensive techniques, but a fellow like Zhou Wen couldn’t be defeated so easily by me . Likewise for An Tianzuo, so if I can learn several Primordial Energy Skills like Zhou Wen’s Transcendent Flying Immortal, mixing it with my combat techniques, that would be even more interesting…”

Looking at Lance’s focused and excited expression, the girl by his side listened quietly with a gentle smile .

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