Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 226

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Chapter 226: 226

Chapter 226 Breaking Out of the Seal

However, Zhou Wen only felt a little creeped out . He didn’t really turn around to run . He knew that even if she was a ghost bride, she was only a dimensional creature .

He now possessed the strength of a Legendary stage, so there was no need for him to be afraid of any ghost brides .

Li Xuan seemed to have shared the same thoughts as he grew bolder . He ordered his black-eyed leopard to once again pounce at the ghost bride .

The ghost bride also rushed towards the black-eyed leopard . Their bodies met in mid-air, and the black-eyed leopard once again passed through the ghost bride’s body, unable to hurt her at all .

However, when the black-eyed leopard landed, it let out a tragic whimper as it staggered to the ground . There was a bloody hole in its chest, as though someone had dug its heart out .

Companion Beasts were manifestations of life crystals, so they naturally didn’t have a real heart . However, such an injury caused the black-eyed leopard’s body to collapse . A Legendary pet was gone just like that .

From the way the black-eyed leopard died, it looked almost identical to the white ape from before .

After the ghost bride killed the black-eyed leopard, she stood behind the Boundary Stone and looked at Zhou Wen and company without any intention of rushing over .

“She doesn’t dare to cross the Boundary Stone!” Upon realizing this, Li Xuan immediately became emboldened . He summoned another Legendary pet and had it charge at the ghost bride .

Previously, he and Zhou Wen had robbed quite a number of Legendary Companion Eggs in the Holy Land . He had obtained quite a number from the splitting of the spoils, so he had hatched a few out of boredom on the way . Now, it was a good opportunity to use them .

A snake-shaped Legendary pet rushed in front of the ghost bride and spat out a mouthful of venom . However, the venom didn’t manage to touch the ghost bride’s body . After passing through it, it landed on the ground .

The snake lunged at her and attempted to coil itself around her . However, it was useless . The ghost bride was a ghost that couldn’t be touched .

In turn, the snake pet’s body had an additional five claw holes that caused it to die .

Li Xuan was enraged . He was just about to summon another Companion Beast to fight the ghost bride but was stopped by An Sheng .

“Don’t waste your Companion Beasts . That should be a dimensional creature that’s a ghost type . Ordinary physical attacks are ineffective against ghost-type dimensional creatures,” said An Sheng as he summoned a Companion Beast .

Zhou Wen and company didn’t even see what the Companion Beast looked like as it transformed into a wooden fish-one that a monk often used—that fell into An Sheng’s hands .

An Sheng struck the wooden fish a few times . Zhou Wen and company didn’t find anything special about the sound it produced, but the ghost bride’s body trembled as though her body had been punched .

An Sheng kept striking the wooden fish, but the ghost bride’s body stopped trembling . The sound of the wooden fish seemed to have lost its effect on her .

An Sheng frowned slightly . “This Buddhist wooden fish is considered an excellent-grade item among the Legendary stage . It is effective against ghost-type dimensional creatures; yet, it can’t injure this ghost bride . From the looks of it, her level isn’t low . ”

“Then, do you have any other Companion Beasts that are effective against her?” asked Li Xuan .

“I don’t have any . Not all Buddhist Companion Beasts can restrain ghosts . I only obtained this Buddhist wooden fish by chance . I’ve never used it before . ” With a pause, An Sheng added, “From the looks of it, this place has indeed formed a new dimensional zone . Furthermore, it’s a dimensional zone that is filled with ghost-type dimensional creatures . Thankfully, Young Master Wen was meticulous and discovered the Yin Yang Boundary Stone . If we had rushed in, we could have died inside without any Companion Beasts that are effective against ghost-type dimensional creatures . ”

Zhou Wen secretly felt ashamed . If he hadn’t seen the palm symbol, he wouldn’t have noticed that there was something amiss with the Boundary Stone .

“I don’t believe it . I don’t believe that there’s no Companion Beast that can deal with her . ” Li Xuan refused to believe it as he summoned a few more Companion Beasts . However, all of them were killed by the ghost bride without exception . Furthermore, they couldn’t even touch the ghost bride’s body . Li Xuan was so infuriated that he nearly vomited blood .

However, Li Xuan only relied on his numerous Companion Beasts . He wouldn’t dare fight the ghost bride himself .

Humans usually relied on their Companion Beasts to open up a path in new dimensional zones . Even so, deaths were frequent . For example, if Zhou Wen and company had entered the Yin Yang World by mistake, it would have been very easy for them to be killed by ghosts even if they had many Companion Beasts .

The few Companion Beasts that Li Xuan had hatched had been killed by the ghost bride . He still had a few other Companion Beasts, but they were all excellent-grade ones he had specially selected . He couldn’t bear to use the Companion Beasts like the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior and Thundergod General . If they were to be killed by the ghost bride, his heart would ache terribly .

Although Li Xuan couldn’t accept this outcome, he gave up on attacking her .

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But at this moment, the ghost bride drifted out from behind the Yin Yang Boundary Stone .

“No good, she’s a creature that has broken out . Get in the car and leave immediately . ” An Sheng’s expression changed . He rushed in front of everyone and shouted at the same time .

They didn’t dare to delay any further . They ignored the tent and went straight into the car . However, they realized that the car couldn’t be started .

The color of the bonfire lit turned from yellow to blood red . It made them reel with anxiety .

The ghost bride ignored An Sheng, who was standing in front of her, and floated over to Zhou Wen and company . A cold glint flashed in An Sheng’s eyes as he struck the ghost bride’s body with his palm that had produced lightning . Instantly, the ghost bride retreated dozens of feet and floated far away . Read more chapters at Listnovel . com

“Brother Sheng, why didn’t you say earlier that lightning is effective against ghosts? Let me help you . ” Li Xuan was delighted when he saw this . He hurriedly summoned his Thundergod General and transformed him into the Thundergod Sword . As he held it in his hand, he slashed at the ghost bride .

When the Thundergod Sword slashed at the ghost bride with lightning bolts, the ghost bride stretched out a pale hand and grabbed the Thundergod Sword . Then, with a strong swing, she threw Li Xuan and the sword out together .


Li Xuan’s body slammed into the mountain wall and immediately, his face was swollen . Even his bridge of his nose was fractured .

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“The power of the lightning element deals a certain level of damage to ghosts, but the effects are still greatly reduced . When I used the power of an Epic-stage lightning bolt to hit her, it only achieved about 10-20% of its effect . What’s the use of that bit of lightning power of yours?” As An Sheng spoke, he struck out with another palm of lightning, sending the ghost bride flying again .

However, it was only enough to send her flying . He was still unable to seriously injure the ghost bride .

The ghost bride was forced back by An Sheng time and time again, but she pounced forward again and again . The situation was tense .

“We don’t have the strength or Companion Beasts that are effective against ghosts . It’s very difficult to kill her . I’ll hold her back . You guys leave first . We’ll rendezvous at Dadong Town,” said An Sheng .

Zhou Wen’s heart stirred when he heard An Sheng’s words . He summoned Truth Listener . This fellow was a Mythical pet from Small Buddha Temple . Furthermore, the legendary Truth Listener was a soul-suppressing beast of hell . Perhaps it was possible that it had the ability to counter ghosts .

Just as Truth Listener was summoned, its eyes flashed with golden light as it stared intently at the ghost bride . In the next second, Truth Listener transformed into a golden beam of light that tore towards the ghost bride .

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