Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 228

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Chapter 228: 228

Chapter 228 Ghost Tide

Zhou Wen and company’s faces turned grim . There were countless ghosts in front of the mountain path . They were carrying a coffin, like a funeral procession .

When they were about a hundred meters away from Zhou Wen and company, the ghosts that carried the coffin stopped . However, it was a momentary pause . In the next second, the ghosts roared and charged forward like a tidal wave .

“There’s no other way . We can only storm through . ” An Sheng summoned a dagger and opened the door to get down .

Zhou Wen, Li Xuan, Ah Lai, and Zhang Yuzhi got out of the car . Zhang Yuzhi’s face was pale, but she was already prepared for battle . Clearly, she knew that it was useless no matter how afraid she was . She had to storm through .

“You guys follow behind me . ” An Sheng took charge and stared at the approaching ghosts . When they were about five meters away from him, the dagger in his hand finally moved .

The dagger brought with it a beam of light that resembled a blade . The blade beam slashed at the surging ghosts, instantly cleaving through the first row of ghosts that were leading the charge . The few ghosts behind were struck by the impact, and their bodies were sent flying backward .

Although the might of one strike appeared powerful, Zhou Wen couldn’t help but frown . If An Sheng’s blade beam was facing ordinary Legendary creatures, it would probably have killed a large number of them .

However, this strike only managed to kill the first four ghosts, and they were only ordinary Legendary ghosts . Clearly, the effect of An Sheng’s strength was limited when dealing damage to a ghost .

In an instant, the legion of ghosts inundated Zhou Wen and company as they attacked from all directions .

An Sheng was in charge of leading the charge while Ah Lai and Li Xuan defended the flanks . Zhou Wen stood at the back while the injured Zhang Yuzhi, who had lost all her pets, remained in the middle to guard against the occasional one that slipped through their defenses .

An Sheng’s gaze was cold as he constantly brandished his dagger . Wherever the blade beam hit, even ghosts were forcibly cut through . A path of destruction emerged from the sea of ghosts as he charged forward with Zhou Wen and company .

Although the Thundergod Sword in Li Xuan’s hand was limited in effect against the Ghost Bride, it was still effective against ordinary ghosts .

Furthermore, his Invincible Connate Divine Art seemed to have a certain effect on them . Although he wasn’t capable of slaying the ghosts like An Sheng, he still caused the ghosts beside him to howl in pain .

Ah Lai’s situation was somewhat odd . He was clearly a little afraid and had apparently not cultivated any specialized combat techniques . It did not seem like he had been augmented by any Primordial Energy Skills, but when his fists struck the ghosts, he was able to send them flying . A few ghosts were nearly blasted apart by him .

“Li Xuan is right . Ah Lai does indeed possess immense power . ” Zhou Wen was relatively relaxed . Truth Listener was right in front of him . When ghosts charged at him, Truth Listener would charge out like a stream of light, dissipating a ghost with a single swipe of its paw .

Zhou Wen switched his Primordial Energy Art to the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra . The ghosts that slipped through the cracks would suffer a strike of his palm . He discovered that with the augmentation of the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra, hitting a ghost was no different from hitting a living creature . It directly shattered the ghost’s head .

The Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra does have the ability to restrain ghosts . Zhou Wen felt a lot more at ease . According to their current situation, if they were only blocked by this legion of ghosts, they should be able to tear through the obstacle .

However, Zhou Wen had an ominous feeling when his gaze landed on the red-painted coffin that emitted black gas .

An Sheng led the group all the way forward, killing countless ghosts along the way . There were many ghost crystals that dropped on the ground, but none of them had the time to pick them up .

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Truth Listener seemed to enjoy the crystals of these ghosts as it charged forward like lightning and devoured them . It reveled in the killing and, without waiting for Zhou Wen’s instructions, he took the initiative to kill the nearby ghosts .

It was very effective against ghosts . Legendary ghosts basically just needed one swipe of its claw . Those ghosts had no ability to resist it at all .

The five of them continued their relentless assaults in the midst of the ghost tide, almost closing in on the coffin .

Perhaps due to the agitation caused by the group’s slaying of ghosts, the red-painted coffin that emitted black gas began to shake violently . Just as Zhou Wen and company were less than ten meters away from it, the lid suddenly opened and a hand extended out, pressing it to the side of the coffin .

It was as pale as snow with long, slender fingers . They looked like bones wrapped in skin, but the nails were silver, long and sharp, like sharp blades .

And there seemed to be a faint black gas emitting from that hand .

Zhou Wen’s heart sank as An Sheng’s expression turned solemn . They continued charging forward without a word .

The ghost hand pressed down hard on the coffin, and a figure slowly stood up . It was a person with white hair and black armor . There was even a ferocious ghost mask on its face and a faint black gas emitted from its body-one that exuded a sinister charm .

The black-armored, white-haired ghost slowly floated up from the coffin as it stared at Truth Listener and An Sheng . The next moment, it seemed to teleport and appeared in front of An Sheng . It thrust its silver fingernails at An Sheng’s head like five sharp daggers .

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An Sheng quickly reacted as he whipped his dagger upwards and slashed at the ghost’s hand like a streak of light, giving it a great impulse .

“Retreat,” An Sheng said with a solemn expression .

Zhou Wen and Li Xuan knew that something was amiss . Behind them was the Yin Yang Boundary Stone . If they retreated, they would retreat into the Yin Yang world .

An Sheng clearly knew that this was the case; yet, he still got them to retreat . Clearly, they had encountered a very serious problem . Even he was not confident about defeating the black-armored, white-haired ghost .

Without another word, Zhou Wen charged back with Truth Listener . Li Xuan, Ah Lai, and Zhang Yuzhi followed closely behind .

However, An Sheng didn’t retreat . He held onto the dagger and stared at the black-armored, white-haired ghost intently .

The black-armored, white-haired ghost also looked at An Sheng as the black aura around it became more obvious . As for the other ghosts, they appeared to not see An Sheng at all . They no longer attacked him and instead charged at the escaping Zhou Wen and company .

An Sheng’s aura grew stronger as a strange light rose up from his body as if a demon had possessed him . The purple light seemed to dye his body purple . Boom!

Zhou Wen only heard a terrifying explosion from An Sheng when he saw ghostly auras rise up . It was mixed with a strange purple hue . Countless ghosts had been dispersed .

However, there were just too many ghosts, and countless ghosts were still rushing at them . Without An Sheng holding back most of the ghosts, their situation immediately became dire .

Although Truth Listener was effective against ghosts, it was a Legendary pet after all . It could only kill one ghost at a time without a mass attack . With it only killing one ghost, more ghosts would lunge at them .

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