Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 229

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Chapter 229: 229

Chapter 229 Yin Yang World

Zhou Wen charged forward as he constantly punched out with his fists, but he could only send two or three ghosts retreating .

Seeing more and more ghosts surrounding them, Zhou Wen and company were unable to move far . They were trapped in their spots . Zhou Wen summoned Banana Fairy and sent a gust of Grand Yin Wind at the ghosts ahead of them .

A strong gust of wind blew past, instantly blowing away the large group of ghosts ahead . However, after the ghosts were blown away, they quickly lunged forward again, not suffering too much damage .

Zhou Wen immediately understood that the power of the Grand Yin Wind was an Yin-elemental wind . As for ghosts, they were of an extreme Yin nature . The wind attribute of the Grand Yin Wind was effective against them, but the Yin attribute wasn’t of much use . All he could do was send them flying, but he couldn’t freeze them .

It’s good enough to send them flying . Zhou Wen gritted his teeth as he charged forward . His Dao body quickly recovered his Primordial Energy, and once he did that, he would fan the back .

Li Xuan blocked most of the ghosts in the rear, but the wounds on his body kept increasing . With Zhou Wen’s fanning, a large number of the ghosts behind them were sent flying, giving Li Xuan some breathing space .

Zhou Wen summoned the Three-Eyed Golden Warrior, the Saber Shield Knight, Demonized General, the Silver-Winged Flying Ant, and the Mutated Lotus Flower Ant, but the effects weren’t that great .

Among them, only the Golden Warrior’s Golden Palm did significant damage to the ghosts . The damage dealt to the ghosts by the other pets’ attacks was very limited and was of not much use .

Soon, Zhou Wen unsummoned them . This was the real world . They died permanently here with no way to revive them . These were excellent-grade Companion Beasts that Zhou Wen had; he couldn’t bear to send them to their deaths .

Zhou Wen summoned the Ghost Bride and saw her figure move erratically . Wherever the pale-white hands with red nails touched, a ghost’s head would be pierced through by her claws . Then, the ghost would be absorbed by her palm, turning her nails even redder like blood .

The Ghost Bride’s wanton killing was much more efficient than Zhou Wen’s . She shared the burden for the four of them .

With the aid of the Banana Fairy, Truth Listener, and Ghost Bride, Zhou Wen and company finally arrived at a spot not far from the Yin Yang Boundary Stone .

From time to time, earth-shattering explosions could be heard from afar, making Zhou Wen and company feel much more at ease . At least they knew that An Sheng was still battling the black-armored, white-haired ghost-he hadn’t been killed .

However, they were also in a daze . An Sheng only wanted them to rush back, but he didn’t tell them what to do . Now that they were about to reach the Yin Yang Boundary Stone, were they to cross it?

There was no way out after being chased by ghosts . If they entered the netherworld again, it could only be worse .

Zhou Wen, who was at the forefront, couldn’t help but look in the direction of the Yin Yang Boundary Stone . When he saw it, his pupils immediately constricted as though he had seen an extremely terrifying scene .

“Holy sh*t!” Li Xuan also looked in the direction of the Boundary Stone and immediately exclaimed when he saw it .

Behind the Boundary Stone was a group of red-dressed female ghosts . Their numbers were in no way lesser than the white-robed ghosts they were facing . At that moment, they were behind the Boundary Stone like a sea of red flowers .

However, the red-dressed female ghosts were somewhat different from Zhou Wen’s Ghost Bride . Although they were dressed in red, they were only dressed in ordinary red robes . They weren’t bridal gowns, nor were there red veils that covered their faces . Their faces could be seen .

The female ghosts didn’t look ugly and were actually rather pretty . However, their faces were pale and looked ghastly . Their fingernails were long and sharp . Although they didn’t look ugly, they appeared extremely frightening .

“Out of the frying pan and into the fire . We are really in big trouble this time,” Li Xuan cried out loudly . His Immortal God of Combat Life Providence and the Invincible Connate Divine Art made him nearly immortal as long as he wasn’t immediately slain . But even so, such a crazy battle was a huge burden on him .

Zhou Wen was also secretly lamenting . The white-robed ghosts had the black-armored, white-haired ghost that even An Sheng was not necessarily able to beat . They definitely couldn’t escape in that direction .

However, the red-dressed female ghosts weren’t to be trifled with either . Furthermore, after entering the dimensional zone, who knew what else was there . Perhaps, there was a large number of black-armored, white-haired ghosts inside . If they charged in, they would only end up dead .

Instantly, the four fell into a dilemma . They could neither advance nor retreat, and could only fight the white-robed ghosts with all their might .

However, there was no way to continue fighting like this . Humans didn’t have inexhaustible stamina . The Dao Body could recover Zhou Wen’s Primordial Energy, but it was impossible for it to completely recover his stamina . Zhou Wen was already beginning to feel exhausted, and he had no idea how long he could last .

Li Xuan’s and Ah Lai’s situation wasn’t any better . The depletion of their stamina wasn’t any less than Zhou Wen’s . Zhang Yuzhi was the worst . She limped as she barely managed to fight . She had already suffered quite a few injuries .

If not for Zhou Wen, Li Xuan, and Ah Lai taking care of her occasionally, she would have long been killed by the ghosts .

“It’s not a solution if this goes on . Instead of dying so pathetically, why don’t we charge back and kill the black-armored, white-haired ghost with Brother Sheng? If we succeed, we can successfully escape . Even if we don’t succeed, we’ll just die gloriously in battle . It’s better than dying here because of being overwhelmed,” Li Xuan said .

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Zhou Wen scanned his surroundings and suddenly said, “Don’t go back yet . Let’s approach the Yin Yang Boundary Stone a little closer . ”

With that said, Zhou Wen had already used the Grand Yin Wind to lead the way as he charged towards the red-dressed female ghosts . However, his Grand Yin Wind was only used to fan the white-robed ghosts away; he didn’t attack the red-dressed female ghosts .

Although they did not know what Zhou Wen was up to, Li Xuan and Ah Lai followed without any hesitation . Soon, they arrived in front of the Boundary Stone .

At that moment, they discovered a strange scene . None of the red-dressed female ghosts standing behind the Boundary Stone charged over .

As for the white-robed ghosts, none of them came close to the Yin Yang Boundary Stone . They gathered on the other side of the Boundary Stone as they bared their fangs and brandished their claws at Zhou Wen and

company .

The white-robed ghosts and the red-dressed female ghosts looked at each other across the Boundary Stone . The ghosts on both sides were eyeing Zhou Wen and company covetously, but none of them charged forward . It made the four who were trapped around the Boundary Stone feel alarmed yet relieved .

After fighting for so long, the four of them were exhausted . They leaned close towards the Yin Yang Boundary Stone but were unable to rest . The white-robed ghosts and red-dressed female ghosts on both sides were less than a meter away from them . The terrifying ghastly claws that were waving around seemed to be able to pierce a few holes into their bodies at any moment .

“Old Zhou, are we saved now?” Li Xuan said with a sullen expression as he looked at the ghastly claw waving in front of him .

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“The food and drinks are all in the car . We are trapped here . Even if these ghosts don’t harm us, we won’t be able to live for long . Do you think we are saved?” Zhou Wen sized up the Yin Yang Boundary Stone . He hoped that he could find a way out .

However, beyond that was ghastly and terrifying . Fog was everywhere, making it impossible to see what was inside .

Suddenly, the potent collisions in the distance vanished as the night turned silent . It made Zhou Wen and company feel their hearts in their throats .

“Did Brother Sheng win?” Li Xuan swallowed his saliva with great difficulty . If An Sheng didn’t win, he probably had been harmed by the black-armored, white-haired ghost . This also spelled doom for them .

Their gazes were fixed on the road . Soon, Zhou Wen and company’s expressions became extremely nasty . They saw the black-armored, white-haired ghost fly over in the sky, its head of white hair fluttering in the wind, like a devil coming into this world .

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