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Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 230

Published at 17th of May 2020 05:05:07 PM

Chapter 230: 230

Chapter 230 Ghost King

“Let’s charge in . ” Zhou Wen gritted his teeth when he saw the black-armored, white-haired ghost charging at them . He got up and charged towards the Yin Yang Boundary Stone .

With the Grand Yin Wind clearing the path, the red-dressed female ghosts were sent flying dozens of meters away .

Li Xuan and company also knew that facing the black-armored, white-haired ghost would only lead to death . Without any hesitation, they followed Zhou Wen past the Yin Yang Boundary Stone .

Despite the Grand Yin Wind sending many female ghosts flying dozens of meters away, there were just too many red-dressed female ghosts . Soon, more red-dressed female ghosts surrounded them .

Zhou Wen fanned again, blowing away the female ghost in front of him as he ran desperately inside with the trio .

Not long after the four of them ran in, the black-armored, white-haired ghost charged to the Yin Yang Boundary Stone . However, he didn’t hesitate like the white-robed ghosts and rushed straight in .

The moment he entered, the red-dressed female ghosts seemed to break into a frenzy . All of them began screaming as their hair stood on end . They charged at the black-armored, white-haired ghost fearlessly .

Zhou Wen and company were pleasantly surprised when they saw this .

“Holy sh*t, all hell’s breaking loose!” Li Xuan cried out in pleasant surprise .

However, their pleasant surprise didn’t last long . When the group of red-dressed female ghosts pounced at the black-armored, white-haired ghost, the black gas emitting from the latter suddenly blasted outwards, producing a shockwave . It instantly obliterated all the red-dressed female ghosts within a twenty-meter radius .

The black-armored, white-haired ghost ignored the red-dressed female ghosts and flew towards Zhou Wen and company .

The four of them felt their hearts turn cold . The black-armored, white-haired ghost could kill a group of red-dressed female ghosts without even laying his finger on them . Such strength was a calamity for them .

Although the red-dressed female ghosts continued charging forward fearlessly, they had no effect on the black-armored, white-haired ghost . Just a surge of his black gas evaporated and dissipated them, leaving only a few ghost crystals falling to the ground .

The four of them only managed to run for about a hundred meters before the black-armored, white-haired ghost caught up to them . He extended his ghastly claws and grabbed at Zhou Wen .

The black gas condensed into the shape of a ghastly claw and, despite being more than ten meters away, appeared in front of Zhou Wen instantly and was about to hoist him up .

Zhou Wen held the banana fan and fanned it at the black gaseous claw . The Grand Yin Wind swept over, blowing away all the black gas .

However, before Zhou Wen and company could rejoice, the black-armored, white-haired ghost released another claw . A gigantic ghastly hand, formed from black gases grabbed at Zhou Wen, its speed so fast that it was almost impossible to dodge .

The Grand Yin Wind had just been used and Zhou Wen’s Primordial Energy had yet to recover . Unable to use it again, all he could do was pull out his Bamboo Blade and slash at the black gaseous claw .

Ghost Bride and Truth Listener attacked the black gaseous hand at the same time . The Yin Wind Claw and the golden beam of Truth Listener’s claws almost struck the black gaseous claw simultaneously .


The black gaseous claw was shattered by the two pets, but Zhou Wen felt his hands go numb as his Primordial Energy was nearly drained .

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“Run separately!” Zhou Wen could tell that he was the black-armored, white-haired ghost’s target . He immediately ran in another direction .

The black-armored, white-haired ghost indeed chased after him without any hesitation . The red-dressed female ghosts that approached him were dissipated as though he was a demon king in the flesh .

Zhou Wen felt worse than the black-armored white-haired ghost . By using the Great Yin Wind to rid the red-dressed female ghosts in front of him, there was no way to deal with his pursuer . Furthermore, the black-armored, white-haired ghost was obviously much faster than him . In a blink of an eye, he had caught up to him .

As though he knew that the black gaseous claw was useless against Zhou Wen, the black-armored, white-haired ghost grabbed at him with his hand . It was as fast as an illusion .

Zhou Wen switched his Primordial Energy Art to the Small Perfection of Wisdom Sutra and used the Bamboo Blade to produce Transcendent Flying Immortal .

Instantly, the sky lit up as Zhou Wen’s speed suddenly increased . Like lightning, he slashed at the black-armored, white-haired ghost’s body .

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

Sounds of metal ringing sounded incessantly as the extremely sharp Bamboo Blade struck the black armor of the white-haired ghost . It was unknown what the armor was made of, but it looked like black jade . When the Bamboo Blade struck it, only white scuff marks were left behind, failing to split the armor apart .

The black-armored, white-haired ghost floated in the air, blocking Zhou Wen’s attack without even lifting his palm .

The instant Transcendent Flying Immortal ended, the black-armored, white-haired ghost extended his hand and instantly appeared in front of Zhou Wen, moments from grabbing his neck .

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The difference in speed was too great, so Zhou Wen didn’t even have a chance to dodge .

Truth Listener appeared on Zhou Wen’s shoulder as a golden light flashed across its claws . It was as though it was wearing a mysterious hex seal as it moved towards the black-armored, white-haired ghost’s palm .


Its palm was branded with a golden mark that made him retract his hand as if he had been pricked by a needle . As for Truth Listener, it was sent flying . It tumbled in the air a few times before landing on the head of a red-dressed female ghost . She was so frightened that she didn’t dare move .

Truth Listener didn’t look injured . After baring its teeth and crying out loud, it leaped up once again, rushing towards the black-armored, white-haired ghost .

The ghost shook his hand and immediately, the golden flame-like branding on his palm was drowned by the black gas . Then, he shot out a plume of black gas, immediately sending Truth Listener flying .


Truth Listener was only at the Legendary stage . Despite being struck by the black-armored, white-haired ghost twice, it remained unharmed . However, there was nothing it could do about the black-armored, white-haired ghost . Before it could reach him, it was sent flying by the hand formed by the black gas .

Zhou Wen felt a little depressed . If Truth Listener could advance to the Epic stage, it would probably be able to fight the black-armored, white-haired ghost or even suppress it . Now, it could only be trounced .

The black-armored, white-haired ghost seemed to know that Truth Listener was a nemesis of ghosts, making it difficult to kill . Therefore, he only sent Truth Listener flying before ignoring it . With his body phasing away, he appeared in front of Zhou Wen .

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Zhou Wen was already prepared as he fanned at him, sending the black-armored, white-haired ghost flying back more than a hundred feet .

However, just as he retreated, the white-haired ghost’s figure blinked again . It was so fast that Zhou Wen had no time to recover his Primordial Energy .

It was already too late for Truth Listener and Banana Fairy to save him . Zhou Wen could only use Ghost Bride to ward off his assailant, but Ghost Bride appeared to be extremely afraid of the black-armored, white-haired ghost . She didn’t dare rush forward to help Zhou Wen ward off the disaster .

Zhou Wen immediately cursed inwardly . Typical Companion Beasts were absolutely obedient . They wouldn’t hesitate even if they were ordered to commit suicide .

Only a Mythical pet like Truth Listener and Banana Fairy had a certain level of self-awareness . He never expected Ghost Bride to have her own consciousness and even know fear .

However, with the Ghost Bride’s hesitation, Zhou Wen immediately fell into peril . He watched as the black-armored, white-haired ghost’s palm grabbed at his neck .

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